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Powermaster Logo Powermaster Alternator
Powermaster Alternator

85 Plus Amps At Top End/55 Plus Amps At Idle. Early OEM/Retro Look. Great Upgrade To Replace Lower Amp Units. Individually Dyno Tested with Proof of Performance Guarantee. One Unit For 1 Or 3 Wire Operation.

Priced From $103.98
Powermaster Logo Powermaster Starter
Powermaster Starter

12 Position Rotation. Clears Most Headers and Oil Pans. Hitachi Style PSL100 Replacement. Lightweight. Permanent Magnet for High efficiency. Supplied With Bolt and Shim Kit.

Priced From $116.98
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Start on Demand with Powermaster Starters and Alternators

Powermaster sits highly atop its summit as the most trusted manufacturer of high-performance alternators. Whether you need a new electrical system, a new starter, or just a top-of-the-line alternator kit, Powermaster has you covered.

All Powermaster products and accessories come crafted with excellence, backed by the manufacturer's dedication to bringing reliable, high-quality part replacements to their customer's vehicles.

Engines and their components play the most vital role in your vehicle's performance and lifespan. Please do not wait to replace your starter or alternator when it becomes faulty; when you need a high-amp device that can deliver quality results across your car's lifetime, look no further than Powermaster.

Want to do a little drag racing? Powermaster Motorsports has everything you need to get your vehicle ready for competition use. Whether you drive a powerful Chevy truck or a speedy, lightweight sedan, Powermaster's high-quality, high-amp engine products will have your car running as if it had just left the factory.

Treat your car to performance--see why every customer swears by the manufacturer's results-driven business model.

How Powermaster Can Make Your Car Run Like New

Regardless of your car's make or model, Powermaster has the inventory to get your ship running like new.

These starters come loaded with the latest developments research and technology have to offer, meaning you buy a product built with precision and longevity in mind. If your car is having trouble starting, do not wait; turn to Powermaster before you put yourself in a dangerous situation.

When shopping for the right unit, you should consider if your vehicle needs a high-torque starter or one with a lower rating. Then, you want to make sure the starter type works with your vehicle's engine hull. For example, Chevy models have varying block sizes and many engine components that take up space, making it integral that you find a starter that will fit just right.

Powermaster starters are designed to be both lightweight and high-impact. You will never have to sacrifice torque for your starter--your car will only use the torque it needs, so there is no risk buying a more powerful starter.

Sort through every starter category on our page to get a better sense of what Powermaster can offer your car. When you are ready, create an account and pick the best products for your vehicle.

Replace Your Faulty Alternator With Powermaster

Do not play around with a faulty alternator. Unlike many parts of a car, the alternator should be replaced quickly as soon as it shows signs of slowing down. Otherwise, you could risk your vehicle locking up in the middle of the freeway.

What is an alternator in a car? An alternator controls your car's electrical power and recharges its battery. It goes without saying that a faulty alternator is nothing to mess around with; when you find yourself in need of a quality alternator, look toward Powermaster.

If you notice dimming lights inside your vehicle or if your car is having a hard time starting, consider a new alternator. These alternators are high-performance and come in a variety of makes and types. Choosing Powermaster gives you the peace-of-mind that your vehicle's performance will remain consistent.

An alternator will give you up to 220 amps of output. But if you desire something more efficient, check out the Powermax alternator. This baby boasts 6 times more charging power than a stock alternator, giving you an unmatched charging capacity.

With an internal regulator like those offered with Powermaster parts, you can rest assured your car's new alternator will display consistent performance for years. The brands high-amp alternators are ideal for Chevy trucks and other vehicles running on diesel engines. Overall, Powermaster delivers the best results for engines of all types.

High-Performance Accessories and Engine Applications

PartsGeek is your one-stop-shop for engine components.

For serious motorheads, you may want to dress your engine up and give it some style. If that is the case, turn to Powermaster pulley covers.

These pulley covers come ready to install, plated with steel or billet aluminum. They give your hull a shine that shows you care, perfect for showing off at the car show or even between rounds at the track. Each pulley cover is easy to install and goes a long way in giving your vehicle more stage presence.

If you want to clean up your hull in ways other than overt style, consider Powermaster oil filters. These filters keep engines clean of oil and whatever debris the road throws at them. If you care about your vehicle, you know that cleanliness goes a long way--even in places you do not see every time you go for a drive.

Shop PartsGeek for All Your Powermaster Products

Powermaster reigns supreme in the realm of engines and applications. They have everything you would ever dream of installing inside your hull with functional and aesthetic items alike. Get better torque, style, and results with these top-notch parts.

Use our filters to sort by part, price, make, model, and many more categories. Once you have the part you need, put it in your cart and prepare to enjoy some of the best car parts manufacturing has to offer. Use our site to compare prices and make sure you get the best product for your money.

Please create an account using your email to view your product's shipping information and track it as it makes its way from our facilities to your door step. We ship everywhere inside of the United States.

If you have any additional questions, contact our customer support service via email or give us a call at 1-800-541-9352.Like our Facebook page to be alerted every time our store has a sale--you will not want to miss out on our deals.

Powermaster delivers excellence across all categories. If you need new engine applications, start your search with us, one of the most reliable auto parts suppliers in the business.

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