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PowerStop Brakes: The World's Most Superior Braking Technology

In the quest for better performance, vehicle owners often look for ways to get more horsepower. But every car, whether a daily driver or track-day monster, needs good stopping power. This is one area where high performance also means more safety, and Power Stop brakes are the Number One choice for performance.

At Parts Geek, we are proud to recommend and sell the PowerStop products. We hope you will search our inventory on our site for items by make, model, and part number to find the best PowerStop brake calipers or PowerStop rotors for your vehicle on the results page. If you have any questions about any product or about your account, our Customer Service team is here to help you from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day. Our phone number is 1-800-541-9352.

Superior Braking Technology

PowerStop brakes deliver superior braking performance by using drilled holes and slots in their brake rotors and reinforcing ceramic brake pads with carbon fiber. The combination of cross-drilled and slotted rotors provides the best cooling and water runoff so that PowerStop rotors can run as much as 200 degrees cooler than OEM rotors. Every PowerStop brake pad product uses a special combination of premium materials to dissipate heat, run quietly, and virtually eliminate brake dust.

Since 1997, PowerStop has been a leader in performance brake systems and power stop 1 click brakes. With applications for 98% of vehicles on the road today, you can definitely find a product that fits your vehicle.

PowerStop rotors start their lives as G3000-grade castings with higher carbon content. They are precision-drilled, chamfered, slotted, and mill-balanced on a CNC machine, then double-disk-ground to eliminate runout and taper. The result is performance brake rotors that also look great behind your wheels.

For the best braking performance, match your brake rotors with long-wearing brake pads. PowerStop manufactures carbon fiber-ceramic pads that resist high-temperature fade better than OEM brake pads. They also run much cleaner and quieter, virtually eliminating brake dust and squeaking. PowerStop brake pads come with all the necessary shims and hardware for your installation. This is a superior product.

PowerStop also produces brake calipers for many applications. Powerstop remanufactures brake calipers in its Chicago area facility and powder-coats these products for excellent looks and corrosion resistance, then fits them with all-new seals, boots, and hardware.

They make brake upgrades easy with its revolutionary 1-click brake kits, which contain everything you need to upgrade your braking system. You can find a PowerStop 1-click brake kit for almost every make/model vehicle available. To get started, just select your vehicle to see which kits are available.

PowerStop brake kits are available with or without calipers, depending on your braking needs. Every brake kit has all the parts needed for installation and requires no special tools. Rotors, pads, and calipers come perfectly matched to each other and to your vehicle.

Perfect Choice for Daily Driver or Extreme Performance

Whether you use your vehicle for commuting, travel, or sport driving, you can find a PowerStop 1-click brake kit with everything you need to add ultimate stopping power to your vehicle.

The Z23 Evolution Sport is the perfect brake kit to upgrade your daily driver. The carbon fiber-ceramic brake pads provide dust and noise-free braking. Mated with the signature PowerStop drilled and slotted brake rotors, these performance brakes ensure a smooth, cool, and quiet ride.

If you drive a European vehicle, you will appreciate the PowerStop Euro-Stop brake kit. The components are engineered to meet the European Union's strict ECE-R90 standards, allowing you to match OE performance and quality without spending the big Euro price. The kits even include electronic brake-wear sensors where applicable.

For performance street drivers, the PowerStop 1-click Z26 Street Warrior brake kit provides better stopping power for your muscle car or high-performance vehicle. Rotors are silver-zinc-plated to resist corrosion and enhance the cooling properties of the precision cross-drilled ventilation holes and slots. Along with the performance pads and stainless steel hardware, this product is one bolt-on upgrade that will exceed your expectations.

PowerStop even offers a Track Day brake kit for performance driving events. Specially engineered and tested in extreme conditions, the company designs these pads and rotors for fade resistance and low thermal conductivity. They have a consistent pedal feel, whether it's the first lap or the last of the day.

Towing and Hauling Applications

Carrying or towing heavy loads means more strain on your brakes, sometimes more than the stock brake system was designed to handle. PowerStop Z36 Truck & Tow brake upgrade kit offers the outstanding performance to stop even the most heavily loaded vehicle. The low-dust CF-reinforced brake pads pair with zinc-plated, drilled, slotted rotors that keep brake temperatures down, even on long mountain descents.

If you have a Jeep with oversized wheels, such as a lifted off-road vehicle, Power Stop offers the Big Brake Conversion Kit to handle the increased braking power you need. Featuring extended caliper brackets to accommodate the 20% larger drilled and slotted brake rotors, this kit has everything you need to upgrade your heavy overland vehicle's brake system. When you need to stop a large vehicle quickly, Power Stop rotors will get the job done.

Keep Stopping Faster for Longer

Founded in 1997 in Southern California, PowerStop Brakes is now headquartered in the Chicago metro area. Since its inception, Power Stop has provided high-performance products at everyday prices. Where are Power Stop brakes made? The company manufactures some parts at the Chicago-area facility in the United States and brings in the rest from manufacturing partners overseas.

All Power Stop brake pads, rotors, calipers, and associated parts receive extensive testing during both the engineering and manufacturing processes. Not only that, the company subjects them to the "Los Angeles traffic test," just like auto manufacturers do when designing new vehicles. Every brake pad, brake rotor, and caliper comes backed by a 3-year, 36,000-mile guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Speaking of testing, Power Stop Brakes is the official brake supplier of the Bob Bondurant Racing School, a partnership that ensures even more extreme testing for its products. This data that comes from constantly driving a fleet of cars to their limits adds to the wealth of experience that Power Stop already brings to the brake products market.

PowerStop brakes aren't only about performance--they're also ecologically responsible. PowerStop is committed to producing top-performing brake pads that are 100% copper-free, far in advance of the timeline set out in legislation. You can rest assured knowing that your vehicle has everything it needs to stop safely in more ways than one.

Using the vehicle selector tool at the top of the page, enter your vehicle information or search by part number to find the best priced Power Stop 1 click brakes and more. When you shop with us you can always keep the quality high and the price low.

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