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Pop & Lock Tailgate Lock

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Pop and Lock Vehicle Security Solutions

For the past 20 years, Pop & Lock (sometimes stylized as Pop Lock or PopLock) has been one of the biggest truck security companies on the market. They manufacture truck caps and tonneau covers in addition to their most popular product, the tailgate lock.

The company is based in Wisconsin and distributes its parts all across North America. They have many manufacturing locations in Michigan as well. PartsGeek is proud to offer these tailgate locks to protect your off-road vehicle from theft.

The brand's experience and reach mean that they have had ample time to innovate new ways to keep your vehicle safe. They constantly are working to improve upon old designs and move forward with the changing vehicle market. If you want to support a brand that knows the latest trends in off-road driving (and therefore understands what truck drivers need), Pop & Lock has you covered.

Because Pop & Lock offers tailgate security solutions for a wide variety of vehicle types, you can select the perfect one that's custom-made to fit your vehicle. You can find the right lock for you by entering the exact make, model, and year of your vehicle in our vehicle selector tool. Once you click on it, you will be shown the perfect tailgate lock for your individual needs.

Pop and Lock Tailgate Locks

When it comes to their core product, Pop & Lock doesn't take any chances. They perform extensive testing to ensure that each part is durable, long-lasting, and nearly impenetrable before sending it to distribution centers.

Their manual tailgate locks each include two cut keys that are 100% necessary for opening the trunk. As long as you keep these in a secure location, you never will need to worry about an unauthorized person entering your vehicle. The shape of the keyhole is unique to your tailgate lock and therefore no one will be able to open it without your specific keys.

You also do not need to sacrifice easy DIY installation for quality security. All tailgate locks are made to be installed by the user upon receiving them. When you order off of PartsGeek, you can have your tailgate lock delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the US (as well as to some international locations).

This means that you don't need to go out of the way to pick your lock up or have it installed professionally. You can save yourself this costly and time-consuming process and ultimately understand the lock better. After all, DIY installation is the perfect opportunity to learn precisely how the mechanism works.

Dedication to Quality Craftsmanship

Besides the individual make and unique keys, you likely are wondering why Pop & Lock's security solutions are so effective. The answer to this question lies simultaneously in the materials and make of your lock.

The body casings to these locks are made from a thick tamper-resistant plastic that will not break even when a seasoned thief tries to take a tool to them or your tailgate handle. The plastic does not break when smashed with even large rocks and it cannot be sawed through by even heavy-duty power tools.

This also assumes that a thief would be dedicated enough to take these tools to the lock, which they almost certainly would not. Chances are, those who want to steal a tailgate will ignore a car that has a lock on it and choose an easier mark.

In any case, the metal rods and keyhole are rust-resistant, stainless, and unlikely to corrode in extreme weather conditions or while driving off-road. You also can rest easy with their one-year warranty that provides replacements for faulty parts.

Another aspect of quality craftsmanship is the aesthetic of your tailgate lock. The hard, black coating on each Pop & Lock piece is specifically designed to blend seamlessly in with your tailgate cover. You can ensure that your truck looks as sleek as possible when you move cargo, which is important for both professional applications and car enthusiast's pride.

Since the locks are also coated with corrosion-proof coatings and paint, you also don't need to worry about exposure to the elements wearing them down. This serves a practical purpose, of course, but it also stops the part from rusting or staining even when driving in muddy and uneven off-road conditions.

Secure Your Cargo with Pop & Lock

Now that you know why Pop & Lock tailgates are the right choice for your pickup truck or other off-road vehicles, it's time to learn more about these solutions.

Call our customer service team at 1-800-541-9352 with any remaining questions that you might have about preventing tailgate theft and keeping your automobile secure. Our experts are happy to help you find the perfect custom tailgate lock for your vehicle, so feel free to reach out whenever you like.

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Great transaction, super fast shipment - arrived sooner than expected, and the price was excellent. Thanks! - irishred5

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8/13/10 03:55 PM - USA

PartsGeek has some of the best prices out there, especially if you're like me and keep having to buy replacement parts for an older model Mercedes. Parts Geek has really saved me some big bucks on... - npalm