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Pacesetter Logo Pacesetter Catalytic Converter
Pacesetter Catalytic Converter

Priced From $127.98
Pacesetter Logo Pacesetter Exhaust Pipe
Pacesetter Exhaust Pipe

Priced From $57.98
Pacesetter Logo Pacesetter Exhaust Header Kit
Pacesetter Exhaust Header Kit

Priced From $98.98
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Flow Better with Pacesetter

Pacesetter began its operations over 45 years ago. They specialize in performance headers, exhaust systems, and catalytic converters so that drivers can feel more secure while driving.

This brand understands that each vehicle has unique specifications and therefore requires performance parts made for its precise needs. As a result, they offer a complete line of headers for both foreign and domestic light cars so that commuters can get to work more quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly.

For muscle car enthusiasts, they also offer exhaust systems for Jeeps, SUVs, and more semis that have 4 and 6 cylinder engines. If you like to drive off-road, these exhaust systems and headers ensure that your vehicle can operate in all conditions. Whether you are driving through mud or propelling through the rain, Pacesetter has you covered.

Pacesetter's developers are constantly surveilling each part that they develop and finding things to improve upon. Therefore, when you choose to drive with them, you're ensuring that you get the latest technological advancements on the market.

Exhaust Pipes and Catalytic Converters

As a car enthusiast, you already know that exhaust pipes are essential to guiding exhaust gases away from controlled combustion within your engine. It increases the power of your engine and ensures that it remains clean and unencumbered.

The catalytic converter controls harmful emissions from your vehicle. When your exhaust pipes take chemicals away from your engine, they would emit them into the air rather than into your internal combustion engine. Catalytic converters oxidize and reduce these gases to minimize both environmental impact and danger to both drivers and passengers.

Since these parts are essential to driving safely, you definitely need to purchase top-of-the-line models!

Pacesetter exhausts include both of these parts and are made to maximize the performance of your vehicle to the fullest. It uses mandrel-bent tubing on all pipes, which allow for better gas flow than stock products do.

Since stock products lose 30% of their diameter every time the tube bends, they are unable to fully minimize the gases that go to the engine. Pacesetter products are 100% even and therefore do not have this problem.

Additionally, Pacesetter exhaust systems (including catalytic converters) are made from durable resistant aluminized pipe. This minimizes the risk of it bending, denting, or succumbing to water damage. Because each part is also covered with a black paint finish, it is more corrosion-resistant than ever before.

Pacesetter Headers

Pacesetter headers are just as durable as their exhaust systems. They use durable and high-end materials to make it easier for the engine to push exhaust gases out of the pipe cylinders.

Pacesetter uses the same mandrel-bent tubing as they use in other exhaust parts as well as high-gauge flanges made from ground steel. At PartsGeek, you can purchase one of these high-quality exhaust headers for under $100, making it a veritable bargain. You can also have these high-quality materials shipped right to your doorstep with PartsGeek.

DIY installation of a Pacesetter header is simple as well. You can find detailed directions online. Every DIY enthusiast can snap on exhaust headers or wire exhaust accessories into your car's inner workings- it's an incredibly accessible process.

You can choose to have them coated with a ceramic finish. This prevents them from rusting and discoloring and therefore has both practical and aesthetic benefits. By choosing this coating, you can keep your hardware shining for many years to come.

Do Exhaust Headers Add Horsepower?

Exhaust headers add quite a bit of horsepower to any vehicle. You likely will get an increase of around 10-20 horsepower, and a Pacesetter long tube header tends to lean toward the higher end of the scale. You also are likely to see a fuel mileage increase when you choose the right exhaust headers.

Reach Performance Level

At this point, you likely already see how Pacesetter parts can help you to reach the highest levels of automotive performance. Their durable materials, innovative design, and longevity make them the perfect way to spruce up your ride.

Each part is made with the most up-to-date manufacturing strategies. Human experts oversee their creation while CNC machines work with durable metals as precisely as possible. This ensures that each part is made consistently and can be used by all car enthusiasts.

Each metal exhaust pipe (and every bend that it features) are checked meticulously by expert designers. These knowledgeable professionals make sure that the parts will stop engine gas buildup and that this gas will not be trapped within the cylinders. They undergo rigorous examination and testing before ever being put on the market.

Shop the Best Priced Pacesetter Headers

While there are many exhaust brands on the market, none can match up to the quality benchmarks that Pacesetter has set. That's why it's critical that you learn more about their products.

Now that you know why Pacesetter headers are a worthwhile investment, it's time to begin renovating your vehicle to boost its performance. Contact us at 1-800-541-9352 with any remaining questions about how you can make your exhaust system function more efficiently. We're committed to helping you increase the horsepower of your vehicle!

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Quick delivery, easy to use web site, prompt reply for a partial return. Over all a great experience for my first time order from Parts Geek. Prices are fair, easy to determine shipping charges and... - Wrose2006