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Old Man Emu 4x4 Suspension Parts

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1997-2004 Toyota Tacoma<br>Old Man Emu<br>CS046RB

1997-2004 Toyota Tacoma
Old Man Emu
1997-2004 Toyota Tacoma<br>Old Man Emu<br>CS046RA

1997-2004 Toyota Tacoma
Old Man Emu
2007-2018 Toyota Tundra<br>Old Man Emu<br>CS055R

2007-2018 Toyota Tundra
Old Man Emu
1995-2015 Toyota Tacoma<br>Old Man Emu<br>FK29

1995-2015 Toyota Tacoma
Old Man Emu
1985-1995 Suzuki Samurai<br>Old Man Emu<br>CS012FA

1985-1995 Suzuki Samurai
Old Man Emu

Shock Absorber.

Priced From $101.85

Sport Strut.

Priced From $158.11
with FREE Shipping

Durable Powder Coat Finish. End Configurations Designed To Exact Specification. Perfect Fitment To Your Vehicle Guaranteed. Scragging Before And After Shot Peening To Prevent Sagging. Springs Are Formed On Precision Mandrels.

Priced From $174.60
with FREE Shipping

15mm Piston Rod Is Stronger Than The Original. 9 Stage Coil Spring Valving For Optimum Performance. Multi Lip Seal Prevents Oil Loss. Steel Stone Guard Protects Against Stone Damage.

Priced From $86.33

Leaf Spring.

Priced From $70.81

Spring Bushing Kit.

Priced From $17.46

Caster Kit.

Priced From $126.10
with FREE Shipping


Priced From $8.72

Trim Packer Fitting Kit.

Priced From $8.90

Exhaust Bracket.

Priced From $13.58

Designed To Provide Added Safety. Draw Tapered And Diamond Cut. Flat Axle Seat Area Allows A Positive And Safe Axle Mount. Fully Scragged And Load Tested. Increased Ride Quality. Reduces High Stresses That Develop At Leaf Ends. Reduces Spring Stress and Increases Spring Life. Regreasable Nylon Interleaf Liners Reduce Friction.

Priced From $28.13

Smooth and Fast-Old Man Emu Suspension Parts

Does accelerating over rough terrain have you bouncing on your tailbone with your teeth slamming together and your hands tightly clutching your vehicle's steering wheel? ARB will provide noticeable improvements to your vehicle's overall performance, including load-carrying capacity expansion. Harsh terrain and broken roads will not rattle you anymore with ARB Old Man Emu suspension parts.

Parts Geek proudly offers discounted suspension systems from Old Man Emu, a leader in the suspension industry. Known for making substantial improvements to a vehicle including load-carrying capacity and control characteristics, OME products are designed for superior performance across all terrain. An Old Man Emu suspension system keeps your vehicle running smoothly when off-roading, mudding, or embarking on cross-country road trips.

Parts Geek has a wide 4x4 suspension product range to choose from. Please pick up the phone and give us a call at 1-800-541-9352 today! You can also browse our website page,, to conveniently fill up your online shopping cart right from home.

Old Man Emu Items

Parts Geek is delighted to provide OME's quality items at a cost-effective price. Build your comprehensive suspension kit with our Old Man Emu coil springs, Old Man Emu shocks, and Old Man Emu leaf springs. If you require assistance, OME's Suspension Selector recommends a range of kits that will provide noticeable improvements in your vehicle.

An Old Man Emu suspension upgrade by ARB provides your vehicle with stability and increases its performance, including load- carrying capacity and overall ease while driving. Fulfill your need for speed without sacrificing safety or comfort by gifting yourself a suspension upgrade today! Parts Geek supplies a wide selection of OME vehicle accessories, including:

  • Shock absorbers

  • U-bolts

  • Offroad struts

  • Steering dampers

  • Old Man Emu lift kit

  • A customized camper trailer for full size/mid-size trucks and flatbed models

  • OME suspension kits

  • Jeep lift kit

  • All of our items are designed for superior performance and are backed by a three-year unlimited kilometers warranty. Finding the ideal OME product for your vehicle is as easy as placing a phone call at 1-800-541-9352 or by clicking the product into your virtual cart at our online page:

    The History of Old Man Emu Suspension Company

    The Australian outback: an acrid enormous desert with crippling heat, rife with wild animals and tangled brush. This inhospitable setting is the unlikely muse of Old Man Emu, a suspension company that launched in Australia and creates its products to withstand the most relentless environments on Earth. The Old Man Emu brand began in 1976 and was purchased by ARB in 1988, but the overall mission stays the same; providing suspension solutions and superior vehicle performance, including load-carrying capacity and control components.

    Similar to a feathered emu's perfect stability when zipping across uneven terrain, an Old Man Emu product is built with speed and control in mind. Our selection of OME 4X4 suspension kits, lifts, and U-bolts keep your vehicle steady while off-road racing for competition purposes or recreational fun. If you want stellar performance across all terrain, an OME product is the perfect pick for you!

    Old Man Emu- a Leader in the Suspension Industry

    Old Man Emu products are rigorously tested and engineered to survive and thrive in harsh environments, like the infamous Australian outback. The OME suspension system is often used for competition purposes since it is designed for superior performance across any mountain range, icy tundra, swampy wetland, forest biome, or sand-swept desert you can drive over.

    Unlike its competitors which offer a compilation of parts, Old Man Emu specifically creates finely tuned and matched integrated systems that are specialized for your vehicle’s needs. As Australia's leading 4x4 suspension brand, OME stresses the importance of quality suspensions for an even excursion over rough roads. ARB will provide noticeable upgrades for your vehicle, including an increase in your load carrying capacity and control components.

    Enhance your worn-out suspension system with a suspension upgrade by ARB today! Whether you need new lift kits, a camper trailer, or a 4x4 suspension system, Parts Geek is ready to supply your suspension upgrade by ARB and provide noticeable improvements for your next road trip.

    Old Man Emu Suspension and Steering Parts

    Turn the key in the ignition and press on the gas pedal. The sound of gravel spinning under your tires underscores the experience as you ignore the road less traveled in favor of no road at all. Forge your own path while off-roading with the industry's premier suspension brand, Old Man Emu.

    Depressions in the ground and towing heft loads wear down your vehicle's suspensions over time. At Parts Geek, we emphasize the importance of comfort and safety on your drives, no matter the terrain. An OME product promises evident improvements to a vehicle, resulting in the driver being overwhelmingly thrilled with the outcome!

    Start searching for an Old Man Emu Suspension upgrade when:

  • Riding in your vehicle feels like you are stuck in a bounce house

  • Stopping your vehicle results in the nose of your car dipping down

  • Steering is stiff and unstable

  • Turning your vehicle gives you the sensation of drifting sideways

  • Your tires are visibly uneven or have bald spots

  • Your car is lacking adequate load-bearing capacity and control characteristics

  • Oil is leaking from your shocks

  • ARB will provide noticeable enhancements for your driving experience and correct these common deficiencies. Designed for superior performance across all terrain, an Old Man Emu suspension upgrade comes complete with increased weight capacity and control characteristics that are suitable for 4WD vehicles. Whether you are racing through the outback for competition purposes or making use of a long weekend away from the city, Parts Geek has the OME system you need to make the drive great.

    At Parts Geek, we provide fast shipping within the United States on products such as lifts, coil springs, spring bushing kits, alignment caster camper kits, exhaust brackets, and more! Making improvements to a vehicle is as easy as clicking add to cart. Use our site to order discount auto parts or customer service team at 1-800-541-9352 today!

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    Very Satisfied
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