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Improved Ignition Performance with NGK

Spark plugs are automotive products that many people do not think about until they stop working. However, replacing your built-in spark plugs with high-quality NGK spark plugs is an excellent way to improve your vehicle's gas mileage, prevent harm to your catalytic converter, and add power to your transmission and engine.

NGK is a leading manufacturer of spark plug technology. The company first began in 1936, and since then, it has continually improved the construction, durability, and innovation behind its spark plugs and ignition products.

With headquarters in Japan, NGK has ten group companies along with two production plants in Europe and South Africa. The brand also has a national presence in the United States.

Today, NGK manufactures the best spark plugs and ignition components for passenger cars, racing vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, and any small engine application. NGK spark plugs offer superior performance through advanced technology and durable materials, and you can find these impressive spark plug products for an affordable price on Parts Geek.

Advanced Technology with NGK Sparkplugs

NGK spark plugs use the best technology to optimize quality, durability, and engine speed.

NGK spark plugs use V-Power technology to create a grooved center electrode, which forces the spark to the outside edge of the ground spark, closer to the air/fuel mixture. As a result, these spark plugs create a hotter spark and better combustion for your engine.

NGK also use V-Groove technology to create a cleaner, more controlled burn, producing fewer carbon emissions from your engine. Each NGK spark plug utilizes a highly ignitable tip to transfer heat more smoothly from the plug to your ignition, resulting in a more reliable start every time.

Additionally, most NGK spark plugs come pre-gapped, so you do not have to worry about creating a specific spark plug gap during installation. As a result, you can rely on NGK spark plugs to work safely and efficiently once you install them in your racing or passenger vehicle.

Superior Performance with the Best NGK Spark Plugs

NGK manufactures several spark plug versions with varying characteristics to suit your needs. To determine the ideal spark plugs for your vehicle, consider what benefits you are looking for or what problems with your ignition you are trying to solve.

NGK iridium spark plugs are some of the company's best sellers. These NGK spark plugs feature a fine iridium tip, a material that has an incredibly high melting point. The spark plugs' iridium construction makes them ideal for modern high-temperature engines.

The iridium NGK spark plugs also include metal plating to prevent corrosion and seizing, malfunctions that often lead spark plugs to stop working. As a result of their fine craftsmanship, these NGK spark plugs offer superior acceleration, fuel efficiency, and durability.

NGK ruthenium spark plugs use a double-fine electrode (DFE) tip design, maximizing ignitability in the tip and to the rest of the spark plug. These NGK spark plugs also have enhanced oxidation resistance and anti-peeling properties, allowing them to outlast other spark plugs on the market.

The ruthenium NGK spark plugs use exterior insulators from high-quality ceramics to limit heat outside the ignition. These NGK spark plugs are ideal for high-heat engines, though they reduce emissions for low-heat engines as well.

NGK also sells OE-style standard series spark plugs as replacements for traditionally manufactured spark plugs.

What does NGK stand for?

NGK stands for Nihon Gaishi Kabushikigaisha, which is the Japanese name of NGK spark plugs.

NGK spark plug number meaning

NGK spark plugs use a unique numbering and lettering system to help drivers identify the right spark plugs for their vehicles. The characters in the spark plugs' numbering system represent the shell, construction, heat range, reach, firing end construction, thread size, and gap of each NGK spark plug.

Entering your vehicle information into Parts Geek will allow you to find the perfect NGK spark plugs and ignition products for your racing or passenger vehicle. You can also search by the NGK spark plug part number or name to find the exact spark plugs you are looking for.

NGK Spark Plug Resistor Caps, Spark Plug Wires, and More

Along with its superior NGK spark plugs, NGK also sells various automotive accessories for motorcycles, passenger cars, trucks, and race cars. NGK ignition parts and vehicle electronics provide additional power to your engine and ignition mechanisms.

NGK spark plug wires meet OEM specifications, so you can be confident that they will fit your car perfectly. These spark plug wires offer superior conductivity, noise suppression, and durability to increase power to your engine safely.

NGK resistor caps use top-quality ceramic construction to allow them to endure high temperatures and prevent interior flashover. Pairing these devices with NGK spark plugs effectively suppresses engine noise in loud vehicles, such as motorcycles.

NGK also offers a line of oxygen sensors that pair well with your spark plug purchase. These products feature a high-tech sensor that measures the oxygen content in your exhaust and adjusts your fuel and ignition accordingly.

Additionally, NGK sells air/fuel ratio monitor kits compatible with 99% of vehicles on the road. These kits give accurate lambda and stoichiometric read-outs on an LED screen, so you can make sure you determine the precise ratio for your motorcycle or car.

You can find each of these unique NGK accessories for the lowest prices on the market through PartsGeek.

Shop NGK Spark Plug Products with Parts Geek

Upgrading your vehicle's spark plugs is a practical, affordable way to optimize your ignition process.

NGK spark plugs offer impressive durability, conductivity, and power, allowing you to feel confident that your vehicle will start up quickly every time you turn the key. The best place to order affordable and authentic products is PartsGeek, the lowest-price supplier of NGK ignition products.

PartsGeek offers a wide range of spark plugs, resistor caps, spark plug wires, and other automotive accessories to optimize your vehicle. To find the perfect spark plugs for your needs, you can search by the part number, name, brand, ratings, or product type.

If you need assistance finding a specific spark plug or part, you can contact our friendly customer service team at 1-800-541-9352 for additional information. Our fast delivery and excellent customer service make it easy to order your parts straight to your door, and because NGK spark plugs feature easy installation, you can begin using them in no time.

Shop our selection of NGK spark plugs today to begin the process of improving your gas mileage and adding power to your ignition.

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