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Mr Gasket Engine Gaskets and Parts: Brand Overview

Mr Gasket is an auto part company with a history that spans back to 1964. At this point in time, Joe Hrudka- a passionate drag racer- begin to create gaskets that withstood the heat generated by racing automobiles.

Because the gaskets are made to withstand punishingly extreme temperatures that the average consumer vehicle or truck engine never makes it to, you know that the company's gaskets will never fail you while on the road.

Over the course of their more than 50 years of operation, Mr Gasket has expanded to offer more than just gaskets. They also offer dress kits, fasteners, interior accessories, tools for installation, and chemicals that make an engine run smoothly for many years.

What is an Engine Gasket?

As a car and truck enthusiast, you likely already have some idea of what a gasket is. However, it is such a complex concept that you may need more information to make an informed purchase.

Engine gaskets are basically seals that stop fluids and debris from entering into the engine of your vehicle. They also maintain the engine's pressure to ensure consistency and optimal performance. Their purpose is to:

  • Stop dust and dirt from entering the engine

  • Keep the internal pressure of the engine at a consistent level

  • Keep fluids such as oil and coolant restricted to the inside of the engine

  • Each engine uses multiple types of gaskets placed in different parts of its construction. Some exist inside the motor to prevent dust and other foreign particles from getting into it and causing destruction and safety hazards. However, there are also gaskets that connect different components of the engine such as the intake and exhaust manifold and the water and fuel pumps.

    Why are High-Quality Engine Gaskets so Important?

    Having a high-quality gasket like those manufactured by Mr Gasket isn't just a good idea- it's critical for your vehicle's performance and safety.

    One of the most harmful possibilities for low-quality gaskets is the potential for fuel to seep out of the engine. If oil gets into the inner workings of your car where it should not be, this is a surefire way to destroy your vehicle and require thousands of dollars of maintenance. It can also be a severe safety hazard and cause toxic fumes or even fire.

    If your gasket fails to work at catching debris and preventing it from getting into the engine, you may begin to realize that your oil is becoming contaminated. This presents itself as milky-white sludge on the inside of your oil filler cap. If you have a low-quality gasket prone to failure, you will need to disassemble your engine, find the source of the issue, and reassemble it with a replacement gasket.

    Because gaskets also work to regulate engine pressure, you can also face issues like overheating and a loss of power when your gasket fails. The loss of compression will emit a sound like an exhaust leak would and will require costly repairs.

    Having a high-quality gasket made from well-constructed materials is a great way to prevent these issues before they arise. Let's take a look at why no company can compete with Mr Gasket when it comes to quality.

    Mr Gasket Company Gaskets and More

    One reason that Mr Gasket is such a desirable brand is that it uses high-end materials when constructing its parts. Their head gaskets, for example, are constructed using a composite gasket metal with a flexible graphite core. Combine that with a corrosion-resistant elastomer coating and you have a part that's made to last for as long as your engine needs it.

    Like their head gaskets, all Mr Gasket parts and accessories are made with durable and resilient materials. This makes them able to combat leaks of all fuels and liquids and to stop foreign debris and liquids from making their way into the heart of your car. None of their parts will get brittle over time despite the extreme weather conditions that you may be driving in.

    Another key differentiator of Mr Gasket parts is that there are so many different options that you can choose from when ordering. PartsGeek offers nearly 50,000 different products made by this brand including gaskets of varying types, water pumps, oil pans, bolts, and crankshaft lock keys.

    The fact that these parts all come from the same manufacturer is evidence that they know what materials to use on different items. They have a lot of experience testing and innovating new parts and ways to make them last longer and be more effective.

    Shop the Largest Mr Gasket Catalog with PartsGeek

    While there are many performance parts sellers that offer top-notch solutions for car and truck enthusiasts, none offer such a wide range of choices as Mr Gasket does.

    Shop for Mr Gasket parts at an affordable price with PartsGeek. We offer the largest Mr Gasket catalog on the web and are more than happy to set you up with the perfect replacement parts and accessories that meet your vehicle's specifications. We look forward to being able to assist you in improving your vehicle's performance, so don't be afraid to reach out at any time.

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    Verified Customer
    1/19/09 08:02 PM - USA

    Parts variety and selection is excellent, pricing is very competitive and the free shipping was just the bonus I was looking for. The parts arrived in days and the eMail with tracking link provided vendor confidence. All parts from the Bilstein Struts to the APA Heavy Duty Urethane Mounting Bushings were delivered as promised. I am confident that I can count on for all my parts needs for my two Volvo S80s. An eMail Invoice would be nice, so print Order prior to final submission. - falcon123456

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    4/6/09 05:35 PM - USA

    parts geek was very prompt with the order and i recieved my order very quick which helped tremendously in order to get a job done. thank you. - gfr1983