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Increase Your Stability with Monroe Quick Strut Shocks and Struts

Your vehicle's front and rear shock absorbers are essential components of creating a smooth, bump-free ride. Whether you drive over rough terrain often or spend much of your day in the car, switching out your built-in absorbers with high-quality Monroe struts and twin-tube shocks is an easy way to enhance your commute.

Monroe has been manufacturing premium shock absorbers, struts, and other ride-control equipment since 1918. The company first became famous for inventing the self-oiled, single-barreled tire pump, which led to over 2 million sales a year and helped them grow in the tire industry.

Several years later, the company created the Shock Eliminator using some of the same technology as its tire pumps. Monroe went on to produce several new ride-control products with enhanced performance and durability. In 1977, Monroe joined Tenneco, Inc., allowing the company to expand into the global automotive market.

You do not need to pay a high price to create a smooth, comfortable ride in your vehicle. Parts Geek offers a wide range of affordable Monroe shock absorbers, struts, and suspension system accessories to make gliding over rough terrain a breeze.

Introducing Monroe Shocks & Struts

Monroe products utilize the best design and materials to maximize absorption, handling, and control.

Monroe heavy-duty shocks utilize a high-pressure gas charge that separates their internal oil and nitrogen gas, along with a hydraulic system to cushion hard impacts. Their shock housing is durable and high-strength, preventing damage and ensuring that your shocks last for your vehicle's lifespan.

The company's front and rear shocks and struts feature Velocity Proportional Valving, allowing them to adapt damping and control based on the vehicle's speed and the road conditions. This valving also keeps your vehicle level, preventing roll-over during a bumpy ride.

Monroe's twin-tube shock absorber products offer superior durability and performance compared to other front and rear shocks on the market, and you can feel confident that they will optimize your vehicle's suspension system without breaking the bank.

Experience Superior Suspension Technology

Monroe suspension parts feature superior technology to enhance your drive.

Monroe struts utilize a unique Impact Sensor Technology to sense the movement of your vehicle and adapt its handling accordingly. When you accelerate or drive over a bump, the sensors adjust the strut to absorb the impact. This technology gives you better control as a driver by optimizing your steering and alignment in rough terrain.

Monroe front and rear shocks also benefit from proportional damping that balances your vehicle's speed with road conditions, providing a steady, stable ride. This technology ensures that your vehicle stays safe on the road while allowing you to venture out to unknown terrain confidently.

Monroe's superior technology follows OE specifications, allowing you to enhance your vehicle without sacrificing its internal integrity.

Monroe Shocks

Monroe Automotive offers a wide range of front, rear, and passenger shock options to suit your driving needs.

Monroe's twin-tube, quick strut shocks are perfect for pickup trucks that tow heavy trailers or haul equipment regularly. These max air absorbers help your vehicle stay level with up to 1,200 pounds of added weight, and their all-weather fluid reduces friction to keep rod action smooth.

Monroe's Sensa-Trac shock absorber includes engineered valving that automatically adjusts handling to your road conditions, creating a consistent, smooth drive from start to finish. Meanwhile, its Gas Magnum shocks are ideal for pickup trucks or vans and offer drivers firm control and less vibration.

Whether you need quick-strut max air shocks, intuitive Sensa-Trac absorbers, or durable Gas Magnum shocks, you can find the perfect Monroe shocks on sale through Parts Geek.

Monroe Struts

Monroe's strut product line features rod-displaced valving and durable piston rods to hold up to bumpy driving conditions with ease. Each strut uses a durable rod guide and single-lip seal to ensure that it remains durable during years of use, so you can trust these suspension systems to last throughout your vehicle's lifespan.

If you plan to purchase Monroe struts, you may also want to replace your strut mount. Strut mounts attach your strut to your vehicle and insulate the noise and vibrations that come from your tires. Purchasing a Monroe torsion bar mount enhances your strut's performance, safety, and handling.

Monroe Coil Springs and More

Along with its line of shock and strut products, Monroe also carries an extensive range of suspension accessories to enhance your drive further.

Monroe's coil spring products help absorb shock and smooth your drive. These devices use a coil-shaped elastic material that stores energy and releases it efficiently after your vehicle experiences shock. Monroe coil-over shocks combine the benefits of its traditional shock options and those of coil springs.

The Monroe-Magnum Steering Stabilizer offers drivers better control and more fluid steering in rough and bumpy terrain. These horizontal absorbers stop vibrations before they get to the driver, creating a smooth and stable ride.

They also offer a range of lift support products to help you access your truck's tailgate. The Monroe-Max lift support utilizes a mix of durable plastic and metal to absorb some of the weight of your vehicle, helping you push your tailgate panel upward without a problem.

Each of these accessories requires minimal assembly, so you can begin boosting your vehicle's drive in no time.

Shop Monroe Shocks & Struts with PartsGeek

Installing high-quality shock absorber and strut products can make a huge difference in your vehicle's comfort and control.

Whether you need reliable pickup truck shocks, twin-tube shocks for passenger cars, or any suspension components in between, Parts Geek can help you find parts that maximize your vehicle's shock absorption and minimize tire noise. Just search by make or engine to find the Monroe auto parts to suit your vehicle's specifications.

We keep the price low to ensure that our customers can enhance their vehicles without breaking their budgets. Even better, our fast and affordable shipping means we will deliver your new part straight to your garage as soon as possible.

Shop our Monroe product line today to find the perfect OE-replacement and performance shock options for your vehicle.

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