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Mishimoto Radiator

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Mishimoto Thermostat

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Mishimoto Auxiliary Fan Assembly

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Mishimoto Radiator Cap

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The Leader in Aftermarket Cooling Parts - Shop Mishimoto Radiators and Intercoolers

Keeping your vehicle's engine in prime condition is essential to maintaining a smooth, reliable car. Doing so requires more than just changing your oil every few thousand miles. One vital way to keep your transmission working well is to service your vehicle's cooling system. Mishimoto offers a wide range of temperature-control stock products to get the job done well.

Automotive enthusiasts know the superior quality and performance of Mishimoto cooling parts. Mishimoto is a world leader in performance cooling products because of its premiere craftsmanship and attention to detail. You cannot find parts of this durability and design through any other stock manufacturer.

Mishimoto has an extensive product line of upgrades to fit Jeeps, trucks, sports compacts, daily drivers, and several others, making it one of the most versatile stock suppliers on the market.

Mishimoto Automotive at Parts Geek

Parts Geek offers premium Mishimoto stock parts in an affordable price range that provide an OEM direct fit, so you can feel confident that they will fit like a glove. Search through hundreds of Mishimoto product options, such as auxiliary fans, silicone hose replacements, oil cooler kits, and oil catch cans, to find the perfect temperature-control product for your car.

Whether you drive a racing car or a standard sedan, Mishimoto offers high-quality product options to optimize your vehicle's temperature control. Because we stand behind each of the products we sell, you can be sure that you will receive a top-of-the-line Mishimoto product when you shop with Parts Geek.

Aftermarket Cooling Solutions with Mishimoto

Mishimoto has more than fifteen years of experience providing superior temperature-control solutions for cars worldwide.

When you purchase a Mishimoto automotive product, you can be confident that you will receive a prime-rate product that will last a lifetime. The company protects all of its stock parts under its lifetime accident-protection warranty policy, further gaining your trust as one of the top stock manufacturers on the market.

What Makes Mishimoto Performance Cooling Products Different

Mishimoto performance stock products produce better engine efficiency and greater cooling capacity than other brands. The company's superior product construction and engineering give you the peace of mind that your product will deliver the vehicle's best results. Better yet, each Mishimoto product undergoes stock-fit testing to ensure quick and easy installation.

Our aftermarket Mishimoto product line will keep your vehicle in premium shape and support your engine's longevity.

High-Quality Radiators and Cooling Fans

When your car's radiator stops working, you'll need a stock replacement that will withstand the test of time and provide top-quality temperature control for your vehicle.

Mishimoto radiators and fans utilize high-grade aluminum and heat-resistant silicone hoses to maximize temperature control to your vehicle. These radiators offer increased cooling capacity through top-quality magnetic drain plugs that prevent debris from entering your engine, keeping your engine clean and running smoothly.

Each Mishimoto silicone radiator hose replacement by design has dual-layer heat resistance to optimize engine efficiency and increase pressure tolerance. If you'd like to upgrade your existing model, you can get aluminum accessory stock parts and silicone hose replacements at an affordable price through Parts Geek.

How does a radiator work? When your engine gets too hot during use, your thermostat releases coolant from the radiator to the engine. Designed to transfer heat from the coolant inside to the air outside, Mishimoto radiator systems help cool your engine and prevent it from overheating.

Aftermarket Intercooler Kits for Peak Performance

Intercooler systems provide race-enthusiasts with the added temperature-control power their track cars need to optimize engine efficiency and reduce fuel consumption while racing. However, the everyday motorist can also benefit from the increased air-flow and limited fuel emissions that intercooler products produce.

Mishimoto intercoolers provide premium coolant power through direct OEM-fit construction. Designed with durable bar-and-plate cores, these parts come in colors ranging from black to sleek silver to bold gold, so you can find the one that enhances your car's design.

Automotive Enthusiasts Love Mishimoto

Whether you need a front-motor intercooler that utilizes high-grade aluminum construction or a stylish racing model, Mishimoto offers the perfect intercooler product to optimize your vehicle's temperature control.

You can pair your new Mishimoto intercooler system with a premium racing thermostat, a low-temperature gauge that signals coolant to flow through the engine more quickly than traditional thermostats.

Along with standalone intercoolers, Mishimoto also offers direct-fit intercooler kits that contain all of the mounting brackets, hardware, and equipment necessary to install your new intercooler system with ease. Each kit also supplies an application-specific crash bar that helps you mount the system to your car.

Radiator Auxiliary Cooling Fans from Parts Geek

Auxiliary fans are vital components of your engine's health and the performance of other parts in your vehicle. Your auxiliary fan works at varying speeds to cool down your engine and air conditioning unit and control the overall temperature of your transmission; without it, your car could overheat while you are idling or stuck in traffic.

Mishimoto auxiliary fans utilize top-grade construction and design to make replacing your system a piece of cake. Be sure to get an aluminum fan shroud to secure your fan product to your vehicle and reduce fan noise.

You can easily find high-performance Mishimoto stock parts and accessories that fit your vehicle through our advanced search option. Just enter the year, make, and model of your car to search through dozens of high-grade temperature control product options.

Our wide selection of Mishimoto aftermarket stock parts ensures that you will find the perfect product for your car at a price that meets your budget. We offer more OEM-direct fit products than you could discover in-store to help streamline your car repair process. Also, ask us about the lifetime warranty on Mishimoto products.

Mishimoto stock parts are easy to install, so you will have your brand new Mishimoto performance radiator or intercooler working after a few quick steps. You can rely on your Mishimoto product to enhance your engine's efficiency and help you feel confident about the state of your racing car or standard vehicle.

Come to Price Geek's online catalog page to shop for our stock and aftermarket parts. You can search or browse the results to select the part you're seeking at the price you'll love, or you can call our Customer Service Team at 1-800-541-9352 to see what we have in stock. We take great pride in making each customer happy, so please don't hesitate to give us a call with any questions about Mishimoto's outstanding parts.

Some of our Customer Reviews
Verified Customer
6/1/09 10:35 PM - USA

Very competitive price, part arrived quickly, packed securely but not excessively. The part was the right item, performs exactly as it is supposed to. completely satisfied. - brucereed

Verified Customer
10/29/08 08:23 PM - USA

Hey! This is JAMES A. I am very pleased with the service that I recieved! I ordered and used the regular post, no express and recieved my part in two days. It was the right part and I'll soon need to order the door locks for the same vehicle and you know that I'll order them from Geek Parts Thanks so much, J.A.Jr - jamesrandall23