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Mile Marker Locking Hub

Hub Conversion Kit.

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Mile Marker 4x4 Accessories

Upgrading, modifying, and customizing your vehicle is something that many people do.

Great modifications are cause for conversation. You can customize with a friend, turning an upgrade into a team project. Others simply want to express their personalities with cool aftermarket gear.

That's likely why the market is worth $43 billion! Age proves to be nothing but a number, too—young car enthusiasts, ages 16 to 24, contribute $7.2 billion to the industry on their own. You can imagine how massive the number gets when you include other age groups.

In your mission to update your ride, you're likely shopping for offroad accessories. What types of add-ons do you need to have fun and stay efficient, whether on gravel, dirt, snow, or pavement? Which brand can provide you the variety of products you need to outfit your unique vehicle?

Keep reading to see how the brand Mile Marker goes the extra mile.

Who Is Mile Marker Industries?

With a name like Mile Marker, you can infer that this auto parts brand has had some off-road trails experience. Their technology is smart—they even offer the lightest 15,000-pound winch in its class. Additionally, their parts are sleek, showcasing a balance of good taste and solid execution.

Why should you trust their products? Let them explain.

Mile Marker Industries is well-established and highly-regarded. The company was founded in 1984 and, to this day, remains a small and intimate business, providing locals with jobs. They're located in sunny Florida in the town of Pompano Beach.

But what does this say about their mission? We'll continue.

Mile Marker's mission is to provide car enthusiasts with durable products that maintain their value and durability. With this company, you'll find high-quality manufacturing that ensures longevity. Their products include accessories like the following: Electric winches, Locking hubs, Conversion kits, a renowned hydraulic winch system, and the list goes on . . .

They're excellent enough that the military supports them—Mile Marker even sells supplies to the US military. The brand specifically cites its passion for anticipating and fulfilling the needs of military members. Additionally, they've created and supplied handfuls of products for other companies through outsourcing.

If you want assured aftermarket or OEM parts, you can rest assured with Mile Marker Industries.

Check Out This Selection of Mile Marker Offroad Accessories

Above, we mentioned the fundamental supplies you can get through Mile Marker.

For a more in-depth look at some legendary products of theirs, keep reading.

Mile Marker Winches

If you have a Jeep, truck, or SUV, Mile Marker winches are something you need. You never know when they'll come in handy—and you don't want to wait until you need one to find out why.

Mile Marker supplies drivers of these vehicles with two options: 12,000 to 18,000 pounds, or 8,000 to 9,500 pounds.

Other options include utility or trailer winches, which can carry anywhere from 2,000 to 4,500 pounds.

Finally, their H-series winches include independent, hydraulic ones that are permanent or detachable and can be fitted to the front or backs of vehicles. This is their most versatile and flexible option. Its formula is element-proof, providing strength and power right when you need it.

Locking Hubs

Locking hubs are a fantastic addition to both new and old 4x4 vehicles. They allow the front wheels to rotate freely if and when they're disconnected from the front axle. That reduces resistance when not in 4WD.

So, if you're regularly switching between 2WD and 4WD, locking hubs can support your journey. When you don't need the front two wheels to be powered by the drive-train, you're good to go—and vise versa.

Mile Marker's locking hubs are particularly smooth. They also offer several styles of conversion kits for the convenience of their consumers.

Mile Marker Grille and Light Guards

Grille guards and light guards are one simple and straightforward way to improve your off-roading experience.

Grilles are something you'll find on any vehicle, but a grille guard does more than protect your engine and radiator. It can also protect the vehicle's body, especially from things like stray trees, branches, and more.

Light guards are great for unexpected rain, late nights, and improved visibility.

Legendary Recovery Gear With Mile Marker

Mile Marker even provides recovery gear, which is the perfect necessity to stow on your off-road journeys.

It would be best if you always stayed stocked up on supplies before heading off the pavement. Some of the brand's recovery gear includes:

  • An off-road emergency kit with a hitch receiver and D-ring

  • Recovery gloves

  • A heavy-duty snatch block

  • Shackles

  • A winch dampener

  • They also provide larger tree-saver straps, ranging to 30 feet. If you're traveling with ATVs, they sell recovery kits for them, too.

    Better safe than sorry!

    The Offroad Is Calling, and You Must Go

    Is your vehicle prepared with the essential auto parts to get you where you need to be?

    Can you enjoy a trip off-road with your current ride?

    If not, it's time to upgrade with some (or all) of these Mile Marker offroad accessories.

    If you go for a little bit of everything—a grille, light guards, winch, and more—you'll probably be looking for a way to save some money, too. If you're buying several parts on one occasion, you'd be inclined to look for a fantastic deal.

    That's where we at Parts Geek come in. Shop our online catalog and choose from over 10 million parts at 80% of their product list price. We've been the dealer alternative since 2008; buy with us to buy with confidence!

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