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KYB Logo KYB Shock Absorber
KYB Shock Absorber

Priced From $20.98
KYB Logo KYB Strut Assembly
KYB Strut Assembly

Priced From $34.98
KYB Logo KYB Strut Mount
KYB Strut Mount

Priced From $19.98
KYB Logo KYB Strut Insert
KYB Strut Insert

Priced From $28.98
KYB Logo KYB Strut Bellows
KYB Strut Bellows

Priced From $12.98
KYB Logo KYB Steering Damper
KYB Steering Damper

Priced From $32.98
KYB Logo KYB Shock Mount
KYB Shock Mount

Priced From $21.98
KYB Logo KYB Shock Bellows
KYB Shock Bellows

Priced From $14.98
KYB Logo KYB Shock Mounting Kit
KYB Shock Mounting Kit

Priced From $9.98
KYB Logo KYB Spring Seat
KYB Spring Seat

Priced From $12.98
KYB Logo KYB Strut Mount Bearing
KYB Strut Mount Bearing

Priced From $10.98
KYB Logo KYB Suspension Strut Mount Kit
KYB Suspension Strut Mount Kit

Priced From $9.98
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KYB Shocks

Are you looking for a reliable shock absorber and strut that will hold up regardless of road conditions and deliver consistent results? Then you have come to the right place, as KYB shocks and struts give you the best suspension parts and ride control products on the market. Find your part number and call us to place an order through our service.

For over 80 years, KYB auto parts has been manufacturing quality parts from their diverse product line, delivering a smooth riding experience to both foreign- and United States-made automobiles. KYB shock absorber and strut products award you the best performance for the price while maintaining a comfortable ride quality, regardless of which part number you choose.

KYB shock absorber and strut systems are the top of the line because they set the standard. In fact, 25% of vehicles manufactured leave the factory fully equipped with KYB’s shocks and struts—that’s how prominent they are in the industry. Whether you need a part for a truck or a sedan, the KYB catalog has the shock or strut for you.

Every customer is different, which is why KYB offers a wide variety of traditional shocks and KYB truck shocks. Some of the popular shock absorber and strut products include the acclaimed Excel-G, AGX adjustable shocks, spring compressor shock absorbers, and various other monotube, twin-tube, and gas shocks, depending on your suspension requirements and how much control you want over your vehicle. Regardless of the KYB suspension kit, you can be sure of receiving the excellence and quality of a world-renowned part supplier for shocks, struts, and shock absorbers.

Call us to purchase your KYB part through our service.

Some Popular KYB Ride Control Products

If you are in need of aftermarket parts that will perform like your current vehicle’s setup for a great price, look no further than the Excel-G series. Each Excel-G gas shock and strut is fitted to behave like the product your car came with—however, KYB makes each shock absorber and strut with the intention to perform as even sturdier suspension systems than the ones they replace. Installing an Excel-G offers you more control, better handling, less road noise, and a quality suspension device that delivers you an optimally smooth and safe ride.

The Excel-G uses KYB’s twin-tube design, utilizing nitrogen gas to keep the chamber clean of potential oil leaks from your engine. Additionally, KYB parts remove the inconvenience of sifting through a mountain of products to find the right fit. Each KYB Excel-G gas shock and strut is fitted to match nearly every popular car on the market, meaning you can expect ride performance, power, steering control, and handling tailored specifically to your ride, no matter the driving conditions.

KYB’s AGX Adjustable shocks are made for riders with experience who want a part that can change to yield different performance results. The AGX’s design allows it to adjust to different road conditions on the fly, while also boasting the ability to be changed by the vehicle owner. That way you can overcome the inconvenience of being locked into one mode, leaving you free to adjust for varying weight loads or even taking your car to the racing track.

If any of KYB’s specialty models are not for you, do not worry. KYB has a plethora of more traditional models in stock. Whether you need monotube shocks, a twin-tube shock absorber, or even a model featuring compression gas springs or tension gas springs, we have a quality product with your name on it. KYB makes products sturdy enough for trucks carrying the heaviest loads as well as SUVs and sedans making their daily commute.

Call us to learn more about different gas shocks and struts, or search by product number to see what KYB’s selection has to offer you.

Why KYB Shock Absorber Products Stand Alone

KYB offers top-of-the-line shocks and struts, meaning you cannot go wrong choosing us. But there is a good deal of variation from one part number to the next. KYB prides itself on offering the widest range of products to accommodate every vehicle type. Typically, people think of strong, durable shocks/struts as products made for trucks, but if you are carrying groceries and your families in a sedan or SUV, a faulty monotube strut or similar problem could be a liability.

KYB offers safety and control as a secondary service to their shock and strut parts. When you drive with KYB, you have the peace of mind that your struts will withstand any road or weather condition with ease. Driving on faulty products is not just an inconvenience; it is dangerous.

KYB makes some of the best nitrogen gas suspension systems on the market. The nitrogen gas functions to cushion your ride while also preventing excess oil and debris from clogging the gas chamber and impacting your riding experience.

KYB is a top parts shipper in the industry, as evinced by how many cars are outfitted with their struts and shocks before they even incur one driven mile. Each part number comes with a detailed description, so finding the perfect fit for your make and model within your price range is simple.

If you have more questions about KYB, call us to learn more about why their quality products service so many cars on the road today.

Filter by Part Type or Call Us to Learn More

Search by part number to find specific monotube and twin-tube shocks, struts, and other products made by KYB. Likewise, use the filters to sort by price, part type, vehicle model, make, and year. Skip the inconvenience of bothering with model shop departments and their delays; order here instead with an account and enjoy impeccable service and shipping to any corner of the world.

KYB makes a commitment to both performance and order satisfaction. If you are looking for consistent precision, cushioning, and handling results, KYB is where you want to be. Do your vehicles a favor and email or call us to learn more.

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If you have any questions, call our customer service phone number so we can help you. Our Engine Search Departments are open Mon-Fri, 8am-12am ET / Sat-Sun, 9am-10pm ET.

If you want a trusted shock, struts, or other vehicle feature products with no hassle or inconvenience, look no further than KYB.

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6/2/09 06:37 PM - USA

Very satisfied. The order was correct and it was shipped and delivered in a timely manner. Usually I don't care about when I get things, but this time it was important and they shipped the day of... - lovingma

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2/2/09 06:53 PM - USA

I ordered a part from Parts Geek on a Thursday afternoon and paid for second day air delivery. The next day when I got home the part was already there. I had it installed and it works perfectly. - milageman1