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Injen Cold Air Intake

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Injen Cold Air Intake Systems

When you buy a car, there are some things you can modify pretty easily. You can upgrade your audio system, get nicer rims, install a lift or drop kit, and even get some decals to trick out your ride. But the one thing you canít easily change is horsepower, right?

In fact, installing an Injen cold air intake can make your car more powerful and more efficient with a weekend of work. Read on to learn more about these, how they work, and why you should install one on your car.

What Is a Cold Air Intake?

A cold air intake is a modification that can make your car more powerful and more efficient. Itís one of the most recommended mods for cars because itís relatively inexpensive (just a few hundred dollars) and can make a real difference in your carís performance. And a simple installation process means this is a project you can tackle in a weekend.

An Injen cold air intake replaces the standard factory model, which pulls air from inside the bay, where itís very hot. By contrast, the cold air intake sits further away from the engine and, as the name suggests, pulls in cold air. As weíll discuss more in a moment, this can help to improve the efficiency and power of your car.

Some Basic Thermodynamics

Before we can explain how cold air intakes work, we have to go over some basic thermodynamics. When matter gets colder, it tends to get denser, meaning more molecules can take up the same amount of space. Molecules move around less when itís cold, so more of them get packed into a given area.

This is why water vapor from the air condenses on the outside of your cold glass on a hot day. As that vapor touches the cold surface, it becomes denser, transitioning back into a liquid form on the outside of the glass.

This same property applies to air, though it takes significantly lower temperatures to get most of the gases in our air to condense into liquids. But colder air tends to be denser and has more oxygen packed into it.

How Does it Work?

A cold air intake sits further away from the engine bay so it can pull in colder air. This allows your car to get more oxygen-rich air to feed into the combustion system. Even though your car is pulling in the same amount of air, the increased oxygen density can give it a serious power boost.

In addition to being located outside of the bay, cold air intakes use other methods to maximize oxygen flow. They tend to be made of materials that donít conduct heat well, and theyíll often have a heat shield to keep the air they pull in as cold as possible for as long as possible. They may also replace the standard air filter with a higher-quality model that allows for better airflow.

Why Is It Important?

So why does having more oxygen coming into your engine matter for performance? Combustion engines run on explosions, which require three main things: a spark, fuel, and oxygen. The spark starts the fire, the fuel gives it something to eat, and the oxygen allows that flame to grow and expand.

When you bring more oxygen into your engine, you effectively make each of the explosions that drive your car more powerful. This can increase your horsepower and help you make more efficient use of the fuel youíre using to feed each spark. Each injection of fuel will go further if those explosions have more oxygen to burn.

Injen Technology Placement

The primary goal of Injen cold air intake placement is to get them away from the heat of the engine bay. Usually, these intakes get directed to the upper wheel well area or somewhere near a fender. This placement near open areas of the car ensures that plenty of cool, flowing air can make its way into the intake and then into your engine.

Your cold air intake wonít just work off of placement, though. These intakes tend to have smoother tubes with fewer bends so they can maximize airflow. Youíll need to figure out a placement on your car that will guarantee maximum airflow while allowing these tubes to get to their destination with as few curves as possible.

Do They Make a Difference?

The theory of cold air intakes is sound, but when youíre working on a car, theory doesnít mean anything if itís not backed up with results. So do these cold air intakes really make a difference in how powerful your car is? The short, easy answer is yes; cold air intakes give you more horsepower and torque without changing anything else about your car.

How much extra horsepower will depend a lot on your car and the specific setup you use. Some car owners only get a couple of extra horses if they donít place their intakes well or they have to curve the intake tube a lot. But some people can get as much as 30 extra horsepower with this simple modification.

Injen Installation Considerations

When youíre getting ready to install a cold air intake, there are a few things you need to consider. For one, you need to check on your carís warranty conditions before you do any sort of work on it. While installing a cold air filter shouldnít void your warranty in most cases, there are some circumstances in which it might.

You do also need to be sure your air intake isnít someplace too exposed, especially someplace that will suck up water. That water will go straight into your engine, and youíll be hosed. You can install a bypass valve as well to solve this problem.

Discover the Benefits of a Cold Air Intake

Installing a cold air intake on your car is a quick, easy way to improve your drive and efficiency. It ups your engineís oxygen levels, making the explosions that drive your car more powerful, giving you greater horsepower and torque. Just be sure to check on your warranty before you begin any work, and keep water away from your intake cone at all times.

If youíd like to find more parts to improve your car, check out the rest of our site at Parts Geek. We have auto parts and accessories for prices youíll love. Check out our online catalog and start your next car improvement project today. Enter your information in the vehicle selector tool at the top of the page to order parts straight to your door. If you like ordering by phone, call our customer service team at 1-800-541-9352.

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