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Hypertech Logo Hypertech Thermostat
Hypertech Thermostat

Induces Less Heat Into The Intake. No Modifications Required. Realize Full Potential Of Hypertech Power Tuning. Reduces Engines Tendency To Detonate. Replaces Factory Thermostat.

Priced From $3.98
Hypertech Logo Hypertech Computer Chip Programmer
Hypertech Computer Chip Programmer

Adjustable Tire Size/ Gear Ratio Change. Better Drivability And Improved MIG. More Horsepower And Torque. Quicker Acceleration. The Most Advanced Power Tuner Technology.

Priced From $359.00
with FREE Shipping
Hypertech Logo Hypertech Engine Control Module PROM
Hypertech Engine Control Module PROM

Controls Engines Air/Fuel Ratio. Controls Spark Advance For Max Power. Designed For Daily Street Driving. For Unmodified Vehicles w/Stock Thermostat. Installs In Less Than 30 Minutes. No Wiring Or Soldering Required. Potential Gas Mileage Improvements.

Priced From $75.98
Hypertech Logo
Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator

Priced From $229.99
with FREE Shipping
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Hypertech Max Energy Solutions

While most American automobiles have around 120 horsepower in their engine, they have the capacity for much higher performance. Through the process of tuning, you can increase your power by up to 20 hp.

Hypertech programmers are quite possibly the best tuning systems on the market because they're custom-made to boost your specific vehicle performance. Read on to learn about Hypertech's brand, its products, and what sets them apart from the competition.

Hypertech is one of the biggest and most knowledgeable players in the aftermarket auto industry. Rather than creating and producing a huge catalog of hard parts, they pride themselves on trading in expert knowledge of how modern automobiles work. The skill of Hypertech's team is their most valuable asset, and therefore they innovate and sell services like tuning.

Of course, this is not to say that they do not sell hard parts. Since they were founded in 1985, Hypertech's professionals have put all of their energy into developing and distributing parts that incorporate their unique knowledge of tuning cars to maximize their efficiency.

Specifically, they have created PROMS (also known as 'chips') that have a programmable memory. They program these chips to control basic engine functions for each individual vehicle that they are tailored to. This lets people bring their extensive understanding of automobiles home and insert a chip into their car that acts as a human auto tuner would.

These chips control many different functions such as engine performance, transmission, brakes, heating/air conditioners, and instrument panels. A typical tuning chip can hold 1,600 pages of code that has been programmed into it by Hypertech experts.

Full Functioning Tuners

One of Hypertech's greatest accomplishments was creating the Power Tuning Module in 1993. Their power tuning procedure was developed in an effort to increase how efficient computer-controlled vehicles are. They optimize the three main elements of an internal combustion engine- cold air induction, fuel transmission, and spark combustion- to extract the maximum possible power from your engine.

Basically, full functioning tuners replace a vehicle's stock calibrations and modify fuel delivery and spark timing. The power tuning calibrations can give you up to 10-20 additional horsepower for your vehicle and a 30-70% improvement in acceleration times.

These tuners are incredibly effective because they are programmed based on the expert knowledge needed to enhance performance. When you purchase a tuner, you are doing the equivalent of bringing an auto expert to your home and having them recalibrate your vehicle.

PartsGeek offers these parts at an incredibly affordable price much lower than having your car professionally tuned in person. Even our most expensive Hypertech part- the computer chip programmer- only costs $359. When you consider that you are getting optimized tuning specifically for your vehicle, this is an amazingly low price.

What's a Power Programmer?

Performance programmers are chips that you install into your car to increase your power and torque capacity. It also improves your MPGs and gives you higher mileage, sharper throttle response, and the ability to carry heavier loads (if you haul cargo).

Since Hypertech's chips let you choose between multiple customized tunes whenever you like, you will get all of these benefits at once. However, you can also select specialized tuners that perform only one or two functions more effectively.

An example of the latter is Hypertech's engine control module chip. These are programmed to control your spark advance and maximize power so that your daily driving is a more efficient process. You will get improvements in gas mileage, ultimately saving money, and gain the ability to get to your destination faster.

These engine chips also control the air/fuel ratio within your vehicle's powerhouse. They're perfect for DIY installation enthusiasts since they're made for unmodified stock vehicles and do not require any soldering or rewiring for installation.

Hypertech Programmer for Power Gains

If you're looking for a chip that lets you choose between multiple tunes while on the toad, however, you may prefer the computer chip programmer. These programmers are set by Hypertech professionals but also can be updated at any time from the internet.

With this chip, you can control the following and more:

  • Cooling fan temperatures (and on/off switch)

  • Idle RMP

  • Rev limit

  • Diagnostic trouble code display

  • Speedometer/odometer

  • Transmission of fuel and air to the engine

  • Shift firmness

  • The ultimate impact is an increase in horsepower and the ability to tune your specific vehicle to reach its maximum potential.

    If you ever feel the need to re-tune, the chip also allows you to return your vehicle back to factory settings. While you're making a commitment to high performance, you're not committing to keeping your automobile running in a single way forever.

    You can clear your Hypertech programmer by plugging it into the OBD2 on your car and turning the key to the 'on' position. Do not start the vehicle, but look at the settings instead. Select 'return the programming to stock' and restore the car to its factory settings.

    This lets you experiment with tuning on your own.

    Why Use a Performance Chip?

    So, why should you use a performance chip?

    Besides the power boost and other benefits that we have previously discussed, performance chips are incredibly easy to use. PartsGeek will ship Hypertech programmers anywhere in the US with free ground shipping. You don't need to worry about going to the auto parts store for installation.

    The parts all can be installed in less than 30 minutes without additional wiring or soldering. They also improve gas mileage so you do not need to change out your fuel as often as you otherwise would.

    Another reason that performance chips are a great choice is that they work seamlessly with other Hypertech parts. Hypertech thermostats let you realize power tuning's fullest potential by stopping the engine from detonating. Speedometer calibrators also integrate with chips so that you can keep your speed consistent while on the road.

    Shop Your Hypertech Power Tuner at PartsGeek

    Contact us today for more information on purchasing these items and having them shipped directly to your doorstep. You can reach our customer service department at 1-800-541-9352.

    We pride ourselves on offering one of the most diverse performance parts catalogs on the market, so we look forward to helping you browse our portfolio with as much knowledge as possible.

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