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Hurst Auto Trans Shift Lever Kit

Can Be Trimmed To Custom Fit. Illuminated Gear Indicator. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Positive Reverse Lock Out. Professional Appearance.

Priced From $299.95
with FREE Shipping
Hurst Logo Hurst Auto Trans Shift Lever Knob
Hurst Auto Trans Shift Lever Knob

CNC Machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum. Modern Pistol-Grip Styling. Replaceable Grip Plates. Trigger Operated Lockout Function.

Priced From $205.95
with FREE Shipping
Hurst Logo Hurst Brake Line Lock Kit
Hurst Brake Line Lock Kit

90 Day Limited Warranty. Brake Lines. Includes Adapters. Includes Connectors. Various Brass Fittings.

Priced From $48.18
Hurst Logo Hurst Manual Trans Shift Knob
Hurst Manual Trans Shift Knob

5 Speed Inlaid Gate Pattern. High Gloss. High Strength Plastic. Supplied with Jam Nut.

Priced From $47.27
Hurst Logo Hurst Manual Trans Shifter Assembly
Hurst Manual Trans Shifter Assembly

1 Year Limited Warranty. Easy To Follow Installation Guide. Heat Treated Linkage For Durability/Longer Life. Shifter Assembly And Installation Kit Sold Separately.

Priced From $165.95
with FREE Shipping
Hurst Logo Hurst Manual Trans Shifter Lever Kit
Hurst Manual Trans Shifter Lever Kit

1 Year Limited Warranty. Durable. Hurst Quality. Includes Hardware. Sold as a Kit.

Priced From $199.95
with FREE Shipping
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The Hurst Shifter Experience

In 1958, George Hurst and Bill Campbell launched Hurst Performance, dawning the Hurst shifter, and changing the automotive game as we know it.

In the era of muscle cars and all things transmission, Hurst shifters became a household name. In the early 60s, Hurst transmission shifters became a staple in automobile racing.

Incredibly popular among drag racing, car tinkerers everywhere played under the hood with Hurst products. Hurst shifters are featured in everything from the original Dodge Charger to Plymouth Barracuda’s, and more.

Hurst performance also created a little tool known as the “Jaws of Life.” This hydraulic rescue device is what emergency medical services everywhere use to help a person compacted in an automobile, initially used in drag racing.

Hurst shifters have been around for ages, and it's no wonder they keep showing up for the job.

The Low Down

Hurst shifters are one of a kind. For competitive driving or everyday living, you can rely on these shifters to show up when full force they're activated.

It's hard to think about where your transmission has been and where it's headed, especially without Hurst performance gear. Replacing transmission mounts and changing transmission fluid can always keep you on your toes. For decades, Hurst has been the go-to manufacturer of the latest and greatest.

To this day, the award-winning brand continues to keep us awed with its technological evolution. If you drive fast for work or play, you know that each split second of every thought and action is valuable.

There are a million things at play when you're mid-race or navigating on the highway. The last thing you want is a missed shift to hinder your performance.

Missing shifts is one of the most bothersome parts of operating your vehicle. If your car is still sporting that factory-installed shifter that takes ages to shift between gears, it's time to change things up.

Equip yourself with a shifter that smoothly transitions instead of feeling like you’re roughhousing with your own gears. Your car deserves the buttery adjustments that Hurst is known for.

And of course, Hurst carries shifters on a spectrum. You might be looking for a specific shifter that will adapt well to your current modifications.

The good news is that Hurst shifters are compatible with endless transmission types and vehicle types either to compete with or on the street. With top-tier engineering durability and high-performance, Hurst shifters are the ultimate selection for steadfast shifting.

With long-lasting heat treated components, Hurst shifters decrease the opportunity for a missed shift, all while kicking second and third gear shifting up a notch. You also get to decide whether you want to manual or automatic shifter.

Hurst Pistol Grip Shifters

Whether a manual transmission or automatic transmission, a pistol grip shifter is a knockout option.

It features machine billet aluminum construction, and a progressive feel and handling. With a finger-operated trigger, it’s lockout function is unmatched.

It’s side grip plates are black anodized with the Hurst name engraved into both sides. It's grip plates can be replaced so you can spend whatever time you need customizing your luck.

Pistol grip shifters can give your whip the exact character you're looking for. It only takes one small alteration for everything to change.

Aftermarket Shifter Knob

When it comes to if you’re wondering where to get a new shift knob look new forever. It’s incredible how much of a difference a small change inside your vehicle can cascade the interior into a brand new look. From vintage finds to the modern era, there's a style that suits everyone.

Installation is a no-brainer. With straightforward instructions, it's as easy as brushing your teeth. Hurst sets you up with an entire kit and basic components.

All you need to bring to the table is a set of fundamental tools and some excitement.

Installing Hurst parts is kind of like what you felt like on Christmas morning as a kid. You have to wipe the wonder out of your eyes and accept that this is your reality. How excited you are is directly related to how quickly you put everything together.

But really, you should probably take your time when assembling. Professional tip.

If you’re a choice car savant, the Hurst competition speed shifter is made for you. Serving vintage styles and varying.

Fitting cars from 1959 all the way through 1967, it’s adjustable gear stops and high ratio pivot mechanism prove to be a solid choice for an upgrade.

The factory settings on your ride are just that. You can think about it in the way you would consider a modern phone or television to be factory set. The more modifications you can add to improve performance, the better.

While we love the bare bones and structure that make all of our devices and vehicles what they are, giving them a cosmetic or mechanical makeover can only enhance their potential.

Being connected to your vehicle is more than a hobby.

For many, it's an homage to the hard work of generations of family members.

Hurst Shift Knobs Lives On

George Hurst and Bill Campbell didn't know that they were about to alter the course of automobiles everywhere, and their sentiments live on today, cruising down the road into an infinite sunset.

If your transmission is ready for a few auxiliary upgrades, Hurst shifters deliver the endurance, steadiness, and speed that satiates.

Give yourself the gift of modification. With your creative brain and your dependable aftermarket options, you might even surprise yourself.

If you're stoked on the history of Hurst, learn more about how Hurst shifters can improve your ride. We also offer low price shifter bushings and other shifting and transmission parts to fulfill your upgrade or replacement needs.

Some of our Customer Reviews
Verified Customer
3/3/10 09:24 PM - USA

Shipping was very fast. The quality of the replacement mirror was excellent, and fit perfectly. The headlights weren't quite OEM quality overall, but they fit the car body perfectly. I had to fi... - va954

Verified Customer
12/26/09 05:17 PM - USA

Found the parts I needed at the right price with fast shipping. Used these guys a couple times with excellent results. - kentmeister