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Hedman Hedders Logo Hedman Hedders Exhaust Pipe
Hedman Hedders Exhaust Pipe

Y-Pipe; Exhaust Pipe.

Priced From $118.98
Hedman Hedders Logo Hedman Hedders Exhaust Header Kit
Hedman Hedders Exhaust Header Kit

Computerized Precision. Durable And Affordable. Hand Tested; Sturdy Leak Proof Welds. Highest Quality Materials. Made In USA.

Priced From $177.98
with FREE Shipping
Hedman Hedders Logo Hedman Hedders Header Gasket
Hedman Hedders Header Gasket

Insure Proper Fit And Seal. Made To Be Exact Matches For Flanges. Made w/Special Material Developed For Hedman.

Priced From $8.98
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Get Loud with Hedman Hedders

If you are a performance vehicle driver or you struggle to maintain adequate engine power for your driving habits, a Hedman exhaust header may be the perfect solution for you.

Exhaust headers are automotive accessories that assist your engine as it pushes exhaust out of its cylinders. Pro racers like Warren Johnson, Bob Chandler, and Shirley Muldowney use Hedman products to step up their vehicles, maximize power, and boost speed. However, traditional drivers can also benefit from the increased efficiency that headers give to their engines.

Hedman Performance Group has been manufacturing performance exhaust products and headers since 1954, when Bob Hedman began selling his premium exhaust tubes to fellow racers as a side hobby. Since then, Hedman Hedders has grown into a world-renowned header manufacturer and has gained recognition as a global leader in the industry.

Hedman Hedders produces top-quality street headers for passenger cars such as Chevy vehicles, muscle cars, and trucks, along with high-performance options for racing vehicles. You can find a wide range of Hedman Hedders products for a low price on Parts Geek.

Get Loud with Hedman Headers for Muscle Cars and Trucks

Hedman Hedders offers an extensive line of engine headers and exhaust parts to turn your standard vehicle into a high-performing racing car. The company manufactures its products with strict OEM quality standards to ensure that its customers receive the most reliable parts for their vehicles. Even better, all of its street headers fall under a life-time warranty.

Hedman Hedders street headers utilize high-quality steel construction to maximize durability, ensuring that each product will stand up to intense daily use. These headers feature ceramic-metallic finishes with a high-quality silver, black, or elite coating to add to the high-class look of your vehicle's interior.

Along with exhaust Hedders, Hedman Hedders also sells accessories such as flanges, gaskets, brackets, header reducers, exhaust tips, filters, and more.

The Hedman headers gaskets utilize a unique stainless-steel construction to only work with Hedman headers. If you're looking for a complete kit, the Hedman exhaust header gasket kit includes a set of composite-steel header flange gaskets to help you install and seal your new header.

Shop our extensive line of low-price Hedman flanges, Hedders, and accessories on PartsGeek.

What are Exhaust Headers?

Exhaust headers are simple-to-install steel accessories that take your engine's power to the next level.

Headers maximize your engine's power by dividing exhaust gasses into more manageable chambers. Typically, when your vehicle pushes exhaust out of its cylinder, your engine will lose power if it experiences any resistance.

Exhaust headers eliminate backpressure by giving each cylinder its own exhaust pipe rather than making them share a single manifold. The header tubes are all the same length, ensuring that the exhaust gas divides evenly between them to eliminate pressure. The tubes then come together in a larger pipe called a collector.

Performance drivers often install exhaust headers on racing vehicles to optimize their engine's performance and eliminate the pressure that typically comes with pushing exhaust out at high speeds. However, traditional drivers can also benefit from the efficiency and speed that these products provide for their vehicles.

Performance vs. Stock Headers

Performance Hedders and Stock Hedders offer different benefits for your vehicle.

Stock headers focus more on your engine's efficiency than its performance. While installing these Hedman Husler headers will benefit engine performance to an extent, most people who drive standard vehicles utilize these headers to reduce noise and divert exhaust gasses more systematically.

Performance exhaust headers emphasize your engine's performance over noise control. Racing drivers often utilize these steel headers to maximize power and reduce backpressure, effectively speeding up their vehicles.

To determine which Hedder you need, consider how you plan to use your car. Do you want to reduce noise, help your exhaust stroke divert gasses more efficiently, or improve performance overall?

Long Tube Headers vs. Shorty Headers

Hedman Hedders come in two basic categories: long-tube headers and shorty headers. The main difference between these two headers is their length, which affects back pressure in different ways.

Hedman long-tube headers utilize long steel tubes that merge farther along the device. This length and design minimizes backpressure, improves oxygen intake, and enhances horsepower. As a result, these products are best for high-rev racing vehicles that need to maximize power in a mid-to-high RPM range.

In contrast, Hedman shorty headers use a shorter length of steel tubes that merge closer to the opening, allowing them to perform best in mid-RPM ranges. These header options are ideal for pickups that haul equipment often.

Unless you know how to reconfigure your vehicle and add extra space to your engine compartment, you will probably want to stick with a shorter-length steel header. These options are easier to install and lower emissions, making them more widely accepted in the racing world.

Shop Hedman Performance Group Hedders with PartsGeek

Purchasing a high-performance exhaust Hedder from Hedman Hedders is a quick and easy way to step up your vehicle's performance and optimize power. As the low-price leaders of Hedman Hedders products, Parts Geek is the best place to find affordable sale items to boost your car.

Search through our extensive Hedman headers catalog to find the perfect high-performance headers and everything else you need to amplify your drive. You can sort by street headers for Chevy, Hedman headers for Ford, Hedman headers for Dodge, or your vehicle's specific make and model. We will match you with the ideal products to complete your order.

Our friendly customer service department can answer any questions you have about our Hedman Hedders exhaust parts and give you recommendations based on your vehicle's specifications. Once you order, our fast and affordable shipping process will deliver your product to your location as soon as possible.

Take your vehicle to the next level today—browse our online catalog of Hedman Headers and thousands of other products to begin the process of turning your old Chevy into a high-performance racing car.

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