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Hawk Brake Pad Set

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Hawk Brake Solutions

Hawk brake pads are unmatched when it comes to safety, efficiency, and performance. Read on to learn more about this trusted brand, why their parts are worthwhile investments, and what puts their products legions above the competition.

Hawk has been in business since 1993 and has been working for nearly 30 years to bring you the highest quality brakes on the market. The company has used technology that was previously only used in military applications or in airlines to create durable and long-lasting brake pads for cars and similar vehicles.

Additionally, Hawk's operations are based 100% in the US. The designing, engineering, and production processes all happen domestically. You can rest assured that this all-American brand uses only quality parts without having outsourced their labor.

One of Hawk's biggest applications is for racecar drivers. The brake pads are incredibly fast and have premium friction, making them the ideal choice for those who like to drive quickly.

If you are a daily driver who commutes to work regularly, this makes Hawk solutions an especially durable choice. You know that the parts were made to sustain those who drive even faster and more frequently than yourself, so you'll be 100% ready to go when you choose them!

Why Are Hawk Friction Products a Great Investment?

Brake pads are one of the most important parts of your car because they allow it to stop while you are on the road. Most cars come equipped with drum brakes, but some lean toward having the less common disc brakes.

Basically, you hit the brakes of your vehicle which is connected to a brake lever. Pulling that lever subsequently pulls on a cable that connects to a caliper. Once that's been pulled, the caliper suspends a pair of brake pads like those that Hawk offers along the sides of the tire.

When you step on the brakes, the caliper constricts and squeezes your vehicle's brake pads against the side of the tire. This ultimately creates the friction needed to slow and stop your vehicle.

Stopping Power and Hawk Performance

In order for your car to be able to brake properly, it's essential that you purchase brake pads that have high levels of durability. Hawk brake pad sets are specifically designed to provide you with 20-40 times the brake power that other brands offer. They also generate less brake dust than other replacement pads do, which ensures that your car remains in great shape and lasts a long time.

Another reason that Hawk pads are more durable and responsive than other brands is that they made from the highest quality steel backing plates and friction materials. They therefore have high friction and torque levels. This gives them improved braking over OE pads, so it's a good idea to replace your factory pads with Hawk solutions at any time.

Hawk brake pads are also gentle on rotors and brake quietly. This makes them ideal for those who want brake pads that last for many years without wearing down and requiring replacement.

Low Price Advantage

You can get full Hawk brake pad sets from PartsGeek for under $75. Since they are made to last, this small investment will last you for many miles to come.

In addition to having the lowest prices, we're happy to offer delivery all over the US. We also ship internationally to some countries, but this is not the case in all situations. However, if we do not ship to your location, you can still get our low prices by using a shipping forwarding service.

An Assortment of Options to Choose

We offer Hawk brakes for many different makes, models, and years of vehicles. Whether you have a 2002 Honda Accord or a 2007 Subaru Impreza, we have you covered.

Each and every type of car has its own needs when it comes to brake pads, and purchasing the wrong one that does not fit will leave you without a functioning brake. Do your research and find a brake that has been made specifically to suit your vehicle.

Better Braking Performance than the Rest

One of the biggest factors that sets Hawk apart from the competition is the inspiration for their brake pads. They use the same materials used in airplanes and military applications to ensure that you get the most durable pads on the market. Because of the heavy-duty applications these items were made for, it's only natural that they function at the highest quality in your vehicle.

They are developed by leading experts in physics and friction. While some companies have mid-range developers create their solutions, Hawk's research and development department consists of 23 dynamometers and someone with a PhD in friction.

Get Low Price Brake Pads Today

While there are many brake pads on the market, none are nearly as durable, functional, or long-lasting as those offered by Hawk.

Now that you know the benefits of purchasing Hawk brake pads over the competitors, it's time to take a look at and shop for your braking needs. Browse our catalog to find more products that will work seamlessly with your new brake pad set. We offer a wide variety of options for every type of automobile, so you're sure to find something that works for you.

If you have any questions or need help finding the right part for your vehicle, you can call our customer service team at 1-800-541-9352 and we will be happy to help you get the right products shipped straight to your door.

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