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Gorilla Automotive Products

Did you know that there are more cars in the US than anywhere else in the world? With a staggering 300 million cars across the country, there's nowhere quite like America for car enthusiasts.

If you're interested in cars, you likely are constantly looking for ways that you can improve the efficiency, mileage, and overall aesthetic of your vehicle. Gorilla lock lug nuts are a great way to keep your car in top shape. Read on to learn why these parts are an upgrade that's well worth the money.

Gorilla is an automotive brand that has been operating for approximately 40 years. Having designed auto parts for such a long time, their professionals know what they are doing and do all in their power to provide durable and long-lasting products for their customers.

Because Gorilla specializes in lug nuts and other wheel accessories, they are able to focus their efforts on ensuring that the wheels of your car turn as quickly as possible. They also are committed to ensuring that your tires are fastened on as securely and safely as possible to prevent accidents and damaged tires.

Their aftermarket auto products are distributed all across North America. With PartsGeek, you can have them shipped directly to your doorstep anywhere in the region. If we do not offer shipping to your location, you can use a forwarding service to have your affordable Gorilla lug nuts brought to your part of the world.

Why Gorilla Lock Lug Nuts Are the Best Choice in the Industry

Because they're what secures your wheels to your automobile, it's an understatement to say that lug nuts are critical to driving. They have one rounded and one tapered end that makes them fit seamlessly into all steel and most aluminum tires. Some cars use lug bolts rather than nuts, but they perform the same function.

These screw into the wheel hub or brake drum of your vehicle, fastening the wheel to the car. Because keeping the tires sturdy is essential to the functionality and safety of your automobile, it's critical that you purchase the best in the industry. This is the main reason that Gorilla lock lug nuts are a worthy purchase.

Durability and Longevity

Gorilla makes their lug nuts, bolts, and locks to be as durable as even the fastest drivers need them to be. They are made from durable metal and have a scratch-resistant finish. This ensures that they do not become loose because of everyday wear and tear and remain securely fastened over your hub.

They also are painted matte black, a color that they do not lose easily. The high-quality finish is completely resistant to corroding in weather or while on the road. This means that your car will remain sleek-looking and aesthetically pleasing.

The overall result is a lug nut made to last. Add in the fact that you can secure your hub with a heavy-duty lock, and you're all set.

Diverse Product Offerings

Because each car's tires are unique, it's critical that you have multiple lug nut options. Gorilla offers lock lug nuts in multiple different sizes. All you need to do is select the year your car was made as well as its make and model.

PartsGeek carries Gorilla lugnuts (and their corresponding locks and bolts) for many different types of vehicles. Whether you drive a 2014 Infiniti to work or are a tuner enthusiast who loves to race your 2012 Subaru STI, we have a solution that's perfect for your needs.

To ensure a proper lug nut, lug bolt, or wheel lock selection, look at the thread size of your current set. This will give you a definitive understanding of what size part you need to purchase- no guesswork based on your wheel type will be required.

Affordable Lug Nut Options

Lug nuts are never very expensive, but PartsGeek offers them even cheaper than most retailers. You can purchase both the nut and the bold for under $5 put together. The lock that secures them costs about $10 for a set of four.

Since Gorilla lock lug nuts are made for tuners, it's incredibly easy to switch them out with new parts. Once you have the nut, bolt, and lock, you can simply replace them on your own using a standard automobile DIY toolkit.

Each lock lug nut also comes with an information guide to help you install them. This means that you can also save on the installation fees that you would be charged if you asked a mechanic to change your lug nuts or other tire parts.

Key Product Benefits and Differentiators

One of the reasons that Gorilla has a leg up over the competition is their experience. For 40 years, they have worked to refine existing designs and make them into what holds tires on all 2020 vehicles secure. Their experts have undergone this process so many times that they know how to make lug nuts, bolts, and locks that secure tires from all kinds of vehicles.

Their reputable brand name also means that you can easily discuss parts with other auto enthusiasts. If you are a DIY enthusiast or performance parts buyer, this is great because you can get multiple lug nut varieties and switch them out to find the best option for you. If you work in an auto parts shop, this is even better since you can replace the parts on other people's vehicles easily and reliably.

Upgrade with Gorilla Lug Nuts Today

Whether you're a commuter, a car shop owner, or simply a tuner enthusiast, Gorilla is a brand that has you covered.

Now that you know some of the benefits of purchasing Gorilla lug nuts, it's time to start renovating your ride. Contact us with any more questions that you have on durable and affordable lug nuts. Our experts are happy to point you to the perfect parts for your vehicle, so give us a shout whenever you're ready at 1-800-541-9352.

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