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Fox Shox Shock Absorber

Black Anodized CNC Machined Aluminum Components. Durable Powder Coated Seamless Alloy Body. IFP Separates Oil From High Pressure Nitrogen Gas. Performance Tuned For Vehicle Specific Application.

Priced From $99.95
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Fox Shox Logo Fox Shox Steering Damper
Fox Shox Steering Damper

100% Serviceable And Tunable For Longer Lifespan. Black Anodized CNC Machined Aluminum Components. Durable Powder Coated Seamless Alloy Body. IFP Separates Oil From High-Pressure Nitrogen Gas. Performance Tuned For Vehicle Specific Application. Redundant Sealing System/Long Lasting Performance. Teflon-Lined Heat-Treated Spherical Bearings.

Priced From $169.95
with FREE Shipping
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Go Farther and Explore More with Fox Shox

Fox Racing Shox is a name synonymous with off-road truck racing, and the manufacturer's experience in those arenas lends itself nicely to the engineering of new products. Whether you travel long distances cross-country or even do a little off-road racing of your own, Fox suspension products will take your ride to the next level.

Fox Shox aims to please and has been satisfying customers across the country for years. No other company offers performance and longevity the way Fox does. Fox has a tremendous inventory of products available, and whether you need bump-resistant shocks or are looking more specifically for Fox shocks for trucks, Fox has the best replacements for your vehicle's factory parts.

Fox has a multitude of parts in its arsenal, all meticulously crafted and tested with daring drivers in mind. Use our Parts Geek website to see what Fox Shox series meets your vehicle's needs and, likewise, your price range. With so many different makes and models, there is undoubtedly a Fox shock series with your name on it.

Fox sells its latest 2020 models as well as older, tried-and-true models on our website, meaning you have maximum access to see each model by make and price. No one can provide value and raw power like Fox.

The manufacturer designs its Fox racing shocks and then tests them on the track, meaning that the company imbues each shock with the toughest components and the ability to withstand high-impact use. Search our Parts Geek website to select among hundreds of Fox products and see for yourself why Fox is number one in the off-road racing market.

Leading the Race in Off-Road Suspension Systems

Factory shocks systems simply cannot cut it if you want maximum performance since you will pay the price as soon as you begin to really race and drive with power. With Fox offroad shocks, you will be able to see the stability and responsiveness immediately--and be able to tackle the most treacherous off-road terrain, free of worry.

Fox's Air Bump Kit is ideal if you are looking to give your vehicle a little more pop as it traverses bumps and ridges. Likewise, Fox Shocks in this product line will give you an increased sense of stability and control, even if you take your vehicle on rougher, cross-country terrains. Regardless of your price range, Fox Shox likely has a product with your vehicle's name on it.

For a shock absorber that can withstand the toughest punishment, look no further than Fox's Zinc-plated, 2.0 Factory Race Series External Bypass shock. This shock features the best stainless-steel with chrome plating available. With access to a shock ranging from 2.5 to the powerful 4.4-inch external bypass, Fox is your one-stop shop. Select this shock if you need to travel some really rocky terrain or you need maximum performance from your vehicle on the race track.

Every product in Fox's off-road suspension line gives you access to new terrain for a great price. Experience racer-level technology and see the countless Fox products on our Parts Geek website.

Reliable Shocks for Your Truck or Jeep

Made with a cutting-edge aluminum body, the 2020 Fox 2.0 Performance Shocks feature a lightweight design with optimal heat dissipation. Heat dissipation matters for shocks since being able to stave off higher temperatures makes these Fox-brand shocks resistant to fluid cavitating inside the device, which will keep all your components clean and functional for years.

Regardless of your vehicle's make or model, Fox 2.0 Performance Shocks will resist wearing like none other, meaning that they will perform as if new every time you take your vehicle out to the track. This shock system is good for those who are new to racing as well as those with high experience levels. Shop around Fox's performance series models to see tremendous performance for a reasonable price.

Search our website for Fox Performance Shocks. You can filter by price, series, bypass type, and more. See why Fox is the number one brand in high-performance shocks for all trucks and Jeeps.

Find the Right Shocks for Your Off-Road Adventure

Whether you need bump shocks or something to handle smoother racing surfaces, Fox's diverse shocks series will be sure to wow you. Our Parts Geek website gives you access to the entire library of Fox products, meaning that you are only one step away from replacing your factory shocks with Fox's performance-oriented shocks.

Sign up on our Parts Geek site for free so that you can track your Fox Racing Shox from our shop all the way to your door. We provide shipping all across the country. Please search our website to access the different products we have available, ranging from Fox racing shocks to the multitude of other products in the Fox Racing Suspension line.

Please contact our Customer Service team at 1-800-541-9352 if you need help finding a part. We will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. Our support hours are from 8 a.m.- 8 p.m. EST daily.

We will help you make an informed decision as you sort through everything Fox Racing Shocks has to offer. When you are ready to shop, find Fox Shox's page on our website and sort through each part type until you have found your perfect match.

Fox - The Only Choice in 2020 and Beyond

We have a selection of both 2020 Fox models and older Fox models on our Parts Geek site. If you want the freshest, most modern technology, the 2020 models are your best bet. But do not discount their older series, as they are built to stand the test of time.

Please make sure to see everything in the Fox collection on our Parts Geek site and select a series and price that works for you and your vehicle. If you want racing-tested quality, Fox makes the best off-road shocks in the business.

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