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Flex A Lite Cooling Fans and Blades

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Flex-A-Lite Logo Flex-A-Lite Fan Blade
Flex-A-Lite Fan Blade

1pc; Molded Nylon Construction. 2 in. Projected Width. 8000 RPM Rating. Inexpensive. Lightest Wt. Fan Industry Wide. Maximum Cooling. Standard Mounting Pattern.

Priced From $26.98
Flex-A-Lite Logo Flex-A-Lite Engine Cooling Fan
Flex-A-Lite Engine Cooling Fan

Efficient Air Movement. Frees Up Horsepower. Fully Reversible. Installation Instructions. Provides Additional Cooling. Quiet Operation. S-Blade. Slim Design.

Priced From $82.98
Flex-A-Lite Logo Flex-A-Lite Engine Cooling Fan Spacer Kit
Flex-A-Lite Engine Cooling Fan Spacer Kit

Mill Finish. Standard 0.625 in. Pilot.

Priced From $13.98
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Flex-A-Lite Cooling Parts

According to experts, hot weather is one of the biggest problems when it comes to car maintenance. Statistics show that the internal pressure of an overheated vehicle is about 20% higher than in a well-maintained one. Additionally, extreme heat can wear batteries and engines down much faster and therefore cost more money for the driver.

Luckily, Flex a Lite offers electric fans that maintain car temperature even in hot weather. Read on to learn a bit about the brand, the benefits of their solutions, and some things that set it apart from the competition.

Brand Overview for Flex a Lite

Flex-a-Lite has been a big name in the vehicle cooling industry since 1968. They originally invented the Flex Fan and hold the patent for the first electric fan for the automotive industry. In this way, the company has been a trailblazer for other cooling companies that came after it.

Their fans are intended to function in internal car temperatures from anywhere between 160-220. Today, their solutions are also up to 4x more effective than other companies.

Benefits of Purchasing Flex-a-Lite Cooling Fans

Those who live, work, and commute in warm climates spend enough time in their car that it's important to ensure that temperatures can be regulated. Doing so will prevent discomfort as well as heat sickness that can lead to nausea, fainting, and car accidents.

Additionally, it is critical that they regulate temperature to prevent the car from overheating. An engine becoming too hot can lead to vehicle damage including an engine that stalls. Your gas mileage will likely also decrease because the inner workings will be running at too high a temperature and therefore guzzling more fuel in an attempt to work properly.

While all cars come with some level of built-in cooling, these parts are not usually of the caliber that is necessary to maintain the car temperature in hot weather. They are made for moderate climates and will run too hard in warmer ones, causing more wear and tear than normal. As a result, you and your automobile will not only be uncomfortable- you will be forced to spend a lot of money on frequent replacements.

Flex-a-Lite makes their cooling systems specifically with hot weather car owners in mind. They are lightweight and provide as much cooling as possible to ensure that both you and your car remain safe and productive.

Preserves Your Vehicle's Internal Workings

Flex-a-Lite doesn't just offer fans that keep you cool. They offer items that cool your engine and prevent it from overheating.

Fans specifically for engine cooling are manufactured by Flex-a-Lite. These fan kits come with all parts intact including high torque and RPM fans, manual switch connection, and easy-to-install bracket mounting systems. You can get them for multiple vehicle types to ensure that your individual engine is given the care and attention that it needs.

Cooling Fans for all Vehicles

While many cars are purchased with a one-size-fits-all fan system, every car has specifications that are different from other vehicles. Flex-a-Lite knows and understands this and therefore make different cooling systems for many vehicle's makes and models.

Whether you have a Nissan, Dodge, Toyota, Ford, or Mercedes, Flex a lite electric fans are created to fit your specific vehicle. They also have Flex a lite radiators specifically for cars of different years and models from dozens of different companies. You can simply find your car from a long list of options and look into those fans that might be right for you.

Ideal for Cargo Haulers

Those who drive trucks and hauling trailers can reap even more benefits from Flex-a-Lite fans than the average driver can.

The reason for this is simple: large vehicles intended for transporting cargo have larger engines. They therefore require larger cooling systems to keep their engines from overheating.

This also applies to the cargo contained within the trailer. Many types of cargo need to remain cool so that they can remain intact during the transit process. Flex-a-Lite offers large and powerful fans to ensure that a large space can remain at a comfortable temperature.

Affordable and Cost-Effective Products

In addition to being perfect for all auto enthusiasts and owners, Flexalite fans are both affordable and cost-efficient. PartsGeek offers entire Flex-a-Lite cooling systems for under $350 as well as individual parts for less than $20. Since these are made to last for many years, you are truly getting a bargain on quality cooling systems.

Product Advantages and Differentiators

If you want to save on installation fees or are simply a DIY enthusiast, you can install Flex-a-Lite fans incredibly easily. In fact, one of the key differentiators that set the brand above others is the simplicity of fan installation. While you can get entire kits that allow for fan assembly, you also can purchase fan spacer kits, mounting sets, and replacement blades individually.

Another reason that Flex a Lite fans have an edge over their competitors is that they turn at 100% of the water pump speed and are lighter than other fans. This means that they will drag less and free up top-end power. This ultimately means your vehicle will have more horsepower and efficiency than ever before.

Finally, there is a versatility to Flex-a-Lite products that competitors can't match. They have both single and dual configurations and they come in many shapes and sizes. While some companies can only cater to certain drivers, Flex-a-Lite prides itself on assisting all vehicle owners. Get the best electric fan blades, cooling fans, and other cooling items with the most superior designs on the market.

Get Flex a Lite Today

Now that you know all about Flex a Lite parts and their many merits, it's time to begin gathering the best choices for your renovations.

Contact us with any remaining questions that you may have on cooling systems. We're happy to work with any and all drivers including those that drive larger vehicles for transporting cargo. Once you know what you want, we will assist you in finding the best deals for your individual needs. Our Customer Service team can help you place any order or solve any problem you may have.

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