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Fia Seat Cover

Advanced Design Creates A Dynamic State Of The Art Interior. All Fabrics Hand Washable. Commercial Grade; Double Stitched Poly Cotton Fabric. Design For The Ultimate Seat Protection In Heavy Commercial Use. Easy Install w/SUPER-GRIPT The Slip Resistant Fastening System. Form-Fit Wrap Around-Design. Full Ultraviolet Protection. Installs In Minutes With No Tools Required. Multidirectional Stretch Trim Molds To The Contours Of The Seat. Vehicle Tested Before Engineering Approval.

Priced From $71.50
Fia Logo Fia Grille Screen
Fia Grille Screen

Custom Designed For Most Vehicles. Heavy Duty Tear Resistant Mesh Screening With Vinyl Trim. No Drill Installation; No Tools Required. Protects Grille And Radiator From Stone Chips; Bugs; And Debris. Quick And Easy Installation With Stick-A-Stud Fasteners.

Priced From $36.30
Fia Logo Fia Winter and Bug Grille Screen Kit
Fia Winter and Bug Grille Screen Kit

Adjustable Air Flow Doors. All Weather Heavy Duty Quilted Vinyl. Bug Screen Is Tear Resistant Heavy Mesh Screen. Bug Screen Protects Grill And Radiator From Debris. Incl. Bug Screen To Interchange With Winter Front In The Summer. Keeps Diesel Engines At Optimum Operating Temperatures. Promotes Better Fuel Economy. Promotes Faster Engine Warm Up And Interior Heat.

Priced From $77.00
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Fia Seat Covers and Grille Screens

Soda spills on your car seats and smushed bugs on the front of your vehicle are such a killjoy when trying to enjoy the open road. Forgo scrubbing at stubborn car seat stains and attempting to wipe off the acidic bug guts that strip the paint from your vehicles. Instead, invest in the form fit wrap-around design of Fia seat covers and custom truck grilles!

Parts Geek is proud to offer affordable and high-quality Fia seat covers and grille screens. Our customer reviews praise our low prices and fast shipping. We also provide free shipping on select items.

Why Our Customers Choose Fia:

  • Customizable interior

  • Wear-resistant fabric

  • Innovative designs

  • Quick and easy installation using belt and buckle fasteners, zippers, and velcro

  • Vehicle tested and engineer approved

  • The preventable messy aftermath of a car trip does not have to steal your joy anymore. Hit the open road with confidence, knowing your vehicle is protected. Please call us at 1-800-541-9352 for seat covers and accessories today!

    Custom Fit Seat Covers and Fia Grille Covers

    At Parts Geek, we know that a truck seat cover and a custom truck grille enhances your vehicle's protection while on the road. It is our goal that our customers have access to the best discounted auto accessories on the market, which is why we proudly offer Fia products.

    Fia seat covers are superior to factory seats and made to outlast your vehicle's original equipment. Fia's flair and aesthetic appeal when designing accessories tickle our fancy with its focus on individualism. Their perfect fit covers and accessories not only perform well, but they also look great while doing it!

    Cover your plain hum-drum seats with Fia's Super-Gripô technology and custom fit black leather seat covers. Imagine upgrading your vehicles and feeling slick in your souped-up ride. You would definitely make a statement at your next destination with a Fia heavy-duty truck grille guard!

    Parts Geek wants to design the car of your dreams. We have plenty of fantastic Fia accessories for you to choose from, including:

    Fia Seat Covers

    Created with multi-directional stretch fabric, Ford f 250 seat covers and Ford f150 seat covers present the customer with comfort, water-repellant materials, and protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.

    Car seat covers and truck seat covers are made with stretch materials that fit a wide variety of seat options, including bucket seats. Fia seat covers are intended for your front seats or your back seat. The seat covers are easy to install since they come with a slip-resistant fastening system that utilizes quick-release fasteners.

    Custom headrest covers, center armrest covers, and center console covers are also available.

    Fia Grille Screens

    No tools required installation awaits you when purchasing a custom grille screen. The advanced design of the tear-resistant mesh screening safeguards your grille from road debris, such as small stones that can chip your vehicle.

    Fia Winter and Bug Grille Screen Kit (Free shipping available!)

    Nobody likes waiting for their car to warm up while shivering behind the steering wheel. No one wants to deal with an engine that has frozen over, causing them to have to go to work late yet again, either. Avoid these situations with a Winter and Bug Grille Screen Kit!

    Our kits keep your Diesel engines running at optimal temperatures and our Fia grille covers heat the interior of your car faster. We recommend perusing our product reviews to find the perfect fit seat cover or grille guard for you! Parts Geek offers free shipping on select products and is happy to outfit your vehicle to its full potential with customized seat covers or grilles today.

    The Leader of the Seat Cover Industry

    With over 40 years of designing innovative technology and providing top-tier customer service, the Fia brand has proven its superiority over all other vehicle manufacturers. Fia's custom exterior and interior vehicle accessories are rigorously tested and built to last.

    Whether you own a Dodge Ram, an SUV, a CUV, or a van, Fia provides bug screens, winter fronts, and seat covers that are specifically designed for your vehicle's make, model, and year. Fia seat covers are airbag compliant and made from highly durable materials that snugly fit your factory seats like a second skin.

    Your vehicle is a reflection of you. Let your personality shine through with customized seat covers! Fia cars are always one of a kind since their accessories are personalized with different styles, fits, and colors.

    The Fia brand is king when it comes to interior and exterior vehicle accessories. At Parts Geek, we bend the knee to Fia's products and design but urge you to not only take our word for it. Check out our customers' raving reviews and try out Fia for yourself with our free shipping on select products!

    Best Priced Fia Parts

    Parks Geek knows there is something about cruising down a backcountry road with the windows down and your sunglasses on. Driving your car with music blasting and the wind whistling past your ears is a sublime taste of freedom. Give your escape the protection it deserves with perfect fit interior seat covers and exterior grille guards.

    At Parts Geek, exceptional customer service is our topmost priority, which is why we offer such a high-quality product at a resale value. Feel free to browse our reviews and see for yourself why Fia's Super-Gripô design and easy to install custom seat covers are the best the industry has to offer. We provide fast shipping on all of our products and free shipping on select discounted auto accessories.

    Let your worries about spilled coffee on your car seat or small rocks embedding themselves in your grille fly out the window and disappear in your rearview mirror. If you need seat covers for cars or a grille for your vehicle, please give us a call at 1-800-541-9352 today!

    Some of our Customer Reviews
    Verified Customer
    7/16/10 10:19 PM - USA

    Quick shipping, part as described, would definitely order from here again:) - chicachic

    Verified Customer
    4/21/09 08:36 PM - USA

    The products I received were first class and the fast delivery will make me order again. - krafcikgm