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1999-2005 Subaru Forester<br>Felpro<br>HS 26170 PT-1

1999-2005 Subaru Forester
HS 26170 PT-1
2000-2005 Subaru Outback<br>Felpro<br>HS 26170 PT-1

2000-2005 Subaru Outback
HS 26170 PT-1
2005-2009 Chevrolet Equinox<br>Felpro<br>HS 9071 PT-3

2005-2009 Chevrolet Equinox
HS 9071 PT-3
2002-2008 Jaguar X Type<br>Felpro<br>VS 50615 R

2002-2008 Jaguar X Type
VS 50615 R
1996-2000 Honda Civic<br>Felpro<br>HS 9915 PT-1

1996-2000 Honda Civic
HS 9915 PT-1
Felpro Head Gasket

Felpro Head Gasket Set

Felpro Valve Cover Gasket Set

Felpro Exhaust Gasket

Felpro Oil Drain Plug Gasket

Felpro Crankshaft Seal

Felpro Head Bolt Set

Felpro Thermostat Gasket

Felpro Water Pump Gasket

Felpro Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Felpro Thermostat Housing Gasket

Felpro Intake Manifold Gasket Set

Felpro Automatic Transmission Pan Gasket

Felpro Engine Gasket Set

Felpro EGR Valve Gasket

Felpro Throttle Body Gasket

Felpro Oil Pan Gasket Set

Felpro Water Pump O-Ring

Felpro Distributor O-Ring

Felpro Timing Cover Gasket Set

Felpro Valve Stem Seal Kit

Felpro Oil Filter Stand Gasket

Felpro Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set

Felpro Fuel Injector O-Ring

Felpro Oil Pump Gasket

Felpro Crankshaft Seal Kit

Felpro Oil Filter O-Ring

Felpro Water Outlet O-Ring

Felpro Oil Cooler Gasket Set

Felpro Carburetor Base Gasket

Felpro Distributor Gasket

Felpro Exhaust Flange Stud and Nut

Felpro Fuel Injection Plenum Gasket Set

Felpro Conversion Gasket Set

Felpro Water Pump Gasket Set

Felpro Axle Housing Cover Gasket

Felpro Spark Plug Tube Seal Set

Felpro Fuel Pump Mounting Gasket

Felpro Intake Manifold Bolt Set

Felpro Air Cleaner Mounting Gasket

Felpro Valve Cover Grommet Set

Felpro Differential Carrier Gasket

Felpro Crankshaft Repair Sleeve

Felpro Timing Cover Repair Sleeve

Felpro Turbocharger Mounting Gasket Set

Felpro Valley Pan Gasket Set

Felpro Axle Shaft Flange Gasket

Felpro Crankcase Vent O-Ring

Felpro Differential Cover Gasket

Felpro Exhaust Manifold Hardware Kit

Felpro Manual Transmission Gasket Set

Felpro Oil Cooler Gasket

Felpro Push Rod Gasket Set

Felpro Transfer Case Adapter Gasket

Discount Fel-Pro Gaskets and Valve Parts

Clouds of white smoke are billowing skyward from your vehicle exhaust system. Your anti-freeze is leaking past your gaskets and turning into sickly-sweet-smelling steam that rises out of your cylinders. You have a blown head gasket, and the countdown for the expiration of your engine has begun.

Save your vehicle from this less-than-ideal real-world scenario by trusting your car to Fel-Pro technologies! Parts Geek provides quality products at discounted prices, and we highly recommend Fel-Pro Gaskets for your seal repair needs.

Parts Geek's vehicle selector tool is here to assist you by working as a part-finder, matching your vehicle's requirements to our in-stock Fel-Pro product. On our page, browse through Fel-Pro's premium technology such as Permatorque MLS Head Gaskets, PermaDryPlus Intake Manifold Gaskets, and more. See the difference in performance results by trying out Fel-Pro Gaskets on your car today.

Whether you are a new or returning customer, our team is ready to answer all of your questions. Please contact us by giving us a call at 1-800-541-9352.

Fel-Pro Gaskets, Valve Parts, and More!

The Fel-Pro brand hosts a portfolio of popular products due to its results-driven technology. At Parts Geek, we can attest that Fel-Pro offers the best engine gaskets on the repair environment market. Parts Geek delights in supplying numerous Fel-Pro items, including:

  • Oil Pan Gasket

  • MLS Head Gaskets

  • Permatorque Gaskets

  • Valve Cover Gasket

  • Leak Repair Gaskets

  • Intake Manifold Gasket

  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket

  • Exhaust Gasket

  • Crankshaft Seal Kit

  • Water Pump O-Ring

  • Distributor O-Ring

  • Fuel Injector O-Ring

  • Head Bolt Set

  • Valve Stem Seals and more

  • We provide fast shipping within the United States on our huge inventory of Fel-Pro products.

    What Is a Head Gasket?

    The language of cars can be tricky to understand since vehicle terminology includes small but important parts you have probably barely given a second thought to. Although they are little, gaskets are essential for your vehicle's functionality. Simply put, they keep your engine running efficiently.

    A proper fitting head gasket will seal your engine's internal combustion chamber and thus allow oil and coolant to flow freely without mixing. Unrestricted circulation of coolant and oil is important for proper lubrication and helps prevent your engine from overheating.

    Typically compact and made from steel, gaskets serve as sealing and cushioning material between the cylinder head and the engine block. Not only do they stop harmful gases from exiting the combustion chamber, but they also ultimately aid your vehicle in producing more power. Gaskets propel you forward.

    Blown Head Gasket Symptoms

    Our cars would never experience any mechanical trouble in a perfect world and instead forever run blissfully, without any maintenance. Unfortunately, the real-world "blows."

    We need to continually be on the lookout for the characteristics of a blown head gasket. If your gasket fails, it could potentially ruin your engine. Your gasket needs to be changed when:

  • You notice white smoke coming from your tailpipe

  • You have coolant loss but have not seen any of the telltale signs of a coolant leak, such as visible brightly colored fluid on your garage floor

  • Your oil has a milky white pigmentation

  • Your hood is hot to the touch, and steam is seeping out, indicating your engine is overheating

  • It looks like you poured a capful of bubble bath into your radiator and coolant reservoir

  • A problem with your engine performance does not have to spell doom for your vehicle. Be sure to purchase replacement gaskets from Parts Geek and enjoy our sealing solutions. The majority of our Felpro products include installation aids, making your Fel-Pro set-up process a seamless and systematic experience.

    Contact Parts Geek today for affordable and effective Fel-Pro auto parts--you are going to love the results!

    Quality Fel-Pro Gaskets

    Fel-Pro's brand is synonymous with expertise and engineering excellence. Its technologies are built by teams of engineers who put the exhaust system parts through meticulous testing before offering the results to the public. Engine builders agree that Fel-Pro sets the standard for engineering and manufacturing auto parts, such as the oil pan gasket and valve cover.

    Similar to how a piece of coal requires a steady amount of pressure to become a diamond, Fel-Pro knows that your engine needs a specific amount of pressure to channel fuel into the internal combustion chamber successfully. Fel-Pro's seals and gaskets deliver the desired degree of pressure that your engine demands. Seal your engine castings with the Fel-Pro MLS head gasket or replace your defunct exhaust system with Fel-Pro's quality repair items.

    For real-world sealing solutions in the repair environment, trust your engines to Felpro technologies.

    Contact Parts Geek Today!

    At Parts Geek, we can't contain our enthusiasm for the Felpro brand, which is why we want to share it with you. When it comes to quality manufacturing, in-depth product testing, and superior performance, Fel-Pro is the standard for solutions in the repair environment. Once you try their items, the results are sure to impress you.

    If you need a Fel-Pro gasket, sealer for your internal combustion chamber, or have questions about our wide range of products, our customer service team is here to help. Our vehicle selector tool is also a reliable guide since it functions as a part finder, aiding you in the search for the perfect product. Parts Geek provides fast shipping within the United States and offers a 30-day return policy, ensuring that you get the right parts you need exactly when you need them.

    Signing up for a free account with us is as easy as entering your email address on our online catalog page. For more information about our discounted auto products, give us a call at 1-800-541-9352 today!

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    Reviewer: paszzz

    11/3/08 12:07 PM

    I just started using PartsGeek for a 88 BMW 325 that I just bought and trust me, you want to be buying from them. Cheap prices for OEM parts (same as dealer) and quick shipping.

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    This was my second order from partsgeek and I have truly been amazed. They have had everything I've needed and the prices have been the lowest around. I have a Mercedes and parts can be hard to find or just really expensive, but not at partsgeek. My favorite part though has been the shipping. Both orders have come in sooner than I expected. I had both parts in two days!

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