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Extang Solid Fold Tonneau Covers

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A manufacturer of the top selling tonneau covers for pickup truck beds, Extang also makes various truck bed cover products and truck accessories. The company, established in 1982, engineered and invented a tonneau truck cover that requires no drilling and clamps on without any hassle or damage to the truck. It has worked tirelessly to create the best quality covers and also offers a 10 year limited warrantee on any tonneau cover or truck bed cover tarp, so customers have no stress in keeping their pickup truck and its contents protected. A lifetime warranty is offered against any defective materials if these are found in any tonneau clamps, bows, or any other hardware or accessory.

Extang Tonno covers are come in nine colors. It also sells clamp on side rails, cleats, and more, in addition to other accessories for pickup trucks. While the company sells to dealers, it offers product videos and installation help on its website. It also sells its own line of clothing, unlike most other automotive manufacturers, so its reputation for quality and Made in America product line have had a profound influence on the pickup truck culture. These include t-shirts, golf shirts, coffee mugs, pocket knives, flash lights, and more.

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Extang Logo Extang Tonneau Cover
Extang Tuff Tonno Tonneau Cover

Clamps Offer Two Height Positions For Optimal Bow Placement. High Performance And Improved Gas Mileage. Perfectly Sewn Tight Fitting Tarp With Anti Curl Corners. Press-in Seal Along Sides And Click Tail Rail Down To Close. Quickly Gives A Snug; Tight Fit. Simply Release Levers On Rear Corners To Open. Spring Loaded Bows Are Easy to Operate and Remove. Tarp Can Be Quickly Rolled Up To Haul Large Cargo. Unique J-Channel Gives Your Tonno Great Looking; Clean Edges.

Priced From $289.00
with FREE Shipping
Extang Logo Extang Tonneau Cover
Extang Tool Box Tonno Tonneau Cover

Adjustable Snaps and Bows For Easy Use In Cold Weather. Exclusive And Patented All-Climate Tarp Design. Installs In Minutes No Tools Needed. L-Channel Rail also provides a seal against the box. L-Channel Rail Bridges the Toolbox-To-Tonneau Gap For Perfect Fit. Quick Release Tail Rail With Patented ClickLockT Corner System. Stainless Steel Rail Snaps And Brass Cover Snaps Will Not Break. Toolbox Tonneaus Fit Most Standard Size Toolboxes; 18-20.

Priced From $309.00
with FREE Shipping
Extang Logo Extang Tonneau Cover
Extang Revolution Tonneau Cover

A Great Fit For Any Climate. An Incredible Roll Up Tonneau Cover With A Revolutionary Design. Automatic Tension Design For Quick Latch And Go Operation. Automatic Tension System Keeps Tarp Tight And Looking Great. Bows Roll Up Within The Tarp When Tonneau Is Not In Use. Class Exclusive Dual Rear Latches And Spring Loaded Bows. Provides A Stylish Near Flush Fit. Side Rails Are Pre-Drilled for Quick and Easy Clamp Placement.

Priced From $499.00
with FREE Shipping
Extang Logo Extang Tonneau Cover
Extang Full Tilt Snaps Tonneau Cover

Clamps Offer Two Bow Height Positions. Gas Shocks Easily Removed Using Ball And Joint Snap Release. Gull Wing Latches Secure Tonneau Without Restricting Cargo Space. Hinged At Cab Rail For FullTilt Action. Incredible Versatility Roll Up; Lift Up; Or Lift Off. Perfectly Sewn Tight Fitting Tarp With Anti Curl Corners. Spring Loaded Bows Can Be Removed Quickly. Vehicle Specific For A Perfect Fit.

Priced From $429.00
with FREE Shipping
Extang Logo Extang Tonneau Cover
Extang Express Tonno Tonneau Cover

Automatic Self Adjusting Tension System Keeps Tarp Tight. Can Be Fastened At The Cab With Hold-Tite Fasteners. Heavy Duty Bows Are Pre-Positioned and Roll With the Tarp. Installs In Minutes And Looks Great In All Weather Conditions. Low Profile Clamps And Unique Side Rail Design Keep Clamps Hidden. Quick Release Levers At The Cab And Tail Rails. Rails Are Pre-Drilled for Easy Installation. No Tools Required. Repels Water And Protects Your Truck Bed/Cargo From The Elements. Rolls Up to the Cab For Convenient Access and Easy Storage. The Express Be Completely Removed When Extra Large Cargo.

Priced From $449.00
with FREE Shipping
Extang Logo Extang Tonneau Cover
Extang BlackMax Tonneau Cover

Features Heavy Duty Rich Black Anodized Rails And Bows. Heavy Duty Anodized Aluminum Rails And Monster Bows. Instantly Secure And Release Tail Rail With No Tools. Simply Position Snaps At The Appropriate Weather Setting. Snaps Along the Entire Perimeter Access Anywhere Anytime. SnapStoppers Keep Snaps Secure When Tarp Is Rolled For Hauling. Spring Loaded Bows for Quick Removal. Thick Polymer Edging Also Keeps Your Snaps From Ripping Out. Will Not Scratch Matching Black Rails.

Priced From $269.00
with FREE Shipping
Top Sellers

Extang Tonneau Truck Bed Covers

Are you looking for a way to keep the bed of your truck protected?

No matter what you're transporting in the back of your truck, it's important that you take every measure necessary to keep your cargo secure. Investing in truck covers is important if you're looking to keep the items that you are transporting protected.

If you're looking around for a brand of bed covers, look no further. Extang engineered some of the highest quality tonneau covers on the market.

Are you unsure of why Extang makes the best bed covers on the market? We have a breakdown of the benefits of tooneau covers and why you should invest in one as soon as you can. Keep reading to learn more!

Keep Your Cargo Bed Protected

One of the biggest benefits of having tonneau covers is protection for your truck. No matter where you end up taking your truck, you're going to run into debris on the road. With a bed cover, you'll keep your cargo protected from rain, dirt, leaves, snow, and stones.

A tonneau cover will keep the bed of your truck protected while keeping anything that you don't want out of the bed of your truck. What type of tonneau covers you invest in is all up to your personal preference.

However, if you're looking to keep your truck cargo protected from debris, damage, and dirt, you should use a tonneau cover. Plus, a bed cover will keep the bed of your truck clean. This will make it a lot easier for you to quickly haul anything you need without announcing that of your truck first.

Also, many people like investing in bed covers because it helps to save them from the embarrassment of having a filthy truck. With the vinyl truck bed covers tonneau covers Extang offers, you won't have to worry about spending extra time cleaning your truck.

Keep Cargo Safe

With an Extang cover, you also have a lot less stress on your plate. This is because you won't have to worry about any cargo that you have in the back of your truck being stolen.

If you want to do a lot more shopping while you're out, and prevent cargo from getting stolen, you should consider investing in an Extang tonneau cover.

Extang Tonneau truck covers not only keep your cargo protected, but also hide anything in your bed. This means that any Temptation that a thief may have is taken away because they won't be able to see what's in your bed.

Also, some of the bed covers that Extang offers come with a lock. This is an additional investment to make if you're looking to make sure that nothing you have in your bed gets stolen. An unlocked cover can be moved but still look a great deterrent to have if you're in an area where there's a high theft rate.

Improved Aerodynamics

That's right, an Extang cover will help to improve the aerodynamics of your truck. That means that you'll end up paying a lot less in gas money for when you didn't have an Extang Tonneau truck cover.

Over time, you'll start to see an improvement in your gas mileage because of this change, and you're aerodynamic. Your investment in an Extang Tonneau cover will start to pay itself off as you won't be spending as much in gas money every week.

Easier Time Moving Items

Also, Extang Tonneau is great because they make it easy to transport things, but you wouldn't be able to with a car. However, that doesn't mean that there haven't been times where you may have felt that having a large bed has been detrimental. This may have been when you are carrying around small or delicate cargo.

With a bed cover, you can keep any carpet that you have in the back of your truck secure. This is because Extang Tonneau offers covers thank you can keep securely closed. As an end result, this means that you can keep most types of cargo that you're carrying around safe and secure.

Maintain the Value of Your Truck with a Tonneau Cover

Lastly, Extang Tonneau covers are great to use to maintain your truck's overall value. This is because the canvas tarp cover will prevent rust from developing in your bed because of high moisture levels.

Overall, investing in a bed cover will protect the resale value of your vehicle. Plus, it'll help to save you on repair costs for when it comes time for you to keep up with the maintenance necessary for your truck.

Also, the cover will protect the investment that you've made in your truck. If you're looking to resell your truck for a profit because of customization, a cover is essential. You can even make your bed look even more attractive by styling a truck bed cover to your vehicle's overall aesthetic.

Why You Should Invest in Extang Truck Covers

A high-quality truck bed cover will help improve your truck's physical performance and appearance in many ways. Not only will an Extang cover keep your vehicle protected from thieves, rust, and debris. But, it will also keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, which will protect its value when it comes time to resell it.

Are you interested in purchasing an Extang Tonneau truck bed cover? We're here to help you find the perfect match for your vehicle. Contact us today to learn more!

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Verified Customer
4/29/09 08:33 PM - USA

well today is the 29th and I received yesterday the 28th so only took 6 days and over a weekend. Supper fast service. Product just as described. - cokedad

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Quick shipment, lowest price on the net, parts received were as expected and new, easy transaction. What else could you ask for? I will definitely buy again from this place! - TDaddy