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Exedy Clutch Kit

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Exedy Clutch Slave Cylinder

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The Complete Guide to Clutch Kits and Parts - Shifting with EXEDY

For almost 100 years, the EXEDY corporation has been bringing the world phenomenal powertrain products. Based in Japan and an industry leader in the car parts manufacturing business, setting the standards for what other manufacturers can only strive to emulate.

A cursory Google search for 'the best clutch brands' will yield EXEDY Japan and EXEDY USA as two of the top results. And there's no question why, as they do not just make some of the best parts of any of the performance clutch brands, but it also leads research and innovation in the field.

EXEDY represents the strongest collection of clutches and clutch service items on the market. Perhaps its biggest strength remains its OEM clutch products and kits--packages full of all the components you would need to get your vehicle ready for racing. Across all racing categories, EXEDY Racing reigns supreme.

Are you building cars made specifically for racing? Leading the field in racing parts and dominating all categories: speed, torque, safety, weight, durability, and more. If you need carbon fiber to give your vehicle an effortless, lightweight feeling as it glides down the road, we got you covered.

EXEDY's subsidiary, Daikin Clutch USA, crafts impeccable products fit for the fastest, most powerful cars. If you want to gear up for your photo-finish, EXEDY clutches and auto parts has all the components you will need.

Whether you are building a vehicle to take racing or you simply want a little more power in your commute, Exedy hosts a wide range of parts that will make even the most modest sedan shine with luster. Dress your vehicle up in the best clutch components and enjoy the envy of all your friends. Experience for yourself the superior craftsmanship of EXEDY's engineers.

One look at EXEDY's raving customer reviews will convince you: there is no one who can do racing service like EXEDY. When you need a new clutch to prepare your vehicle for some high-octane racing, trust these clutches--and remember them after your first-place finish.

EXEDY Clutch Kits and Parts

Whether you need race clutches for days at the track or something more low-key, EXEDY racing has a product with your name on it. Vehicle manufacturers and customers alike swear by EXEDY's clutches, as they come built using the latest technology--a direct result of years of research and innovation.

An EXEDY clutch kit will perfectly replace your stock clutches. Having set the standard, EXEDY crafts each clutch kit with quality in mind. Each kit undergoes robotic testing to achieve perfect clutch lift separation and clamp load, meaning once you install you will not have to worry about your clutches ever again.

EXEDY Flywheels and Slave Cylinders

Should you desire lightweight components that really pack a punch, look no further than these ultra light flywheels. Made from chromoly Japanese steel composite, every EXEDY flywheel comes crafted with strength surmounting 1020 steel (and with the performance to match such desirable steel).

EXEDY flywheels pair well with all race clutches, as their design promotes airflow so your OEM clutch never gets too hot; additionally, the lightweight flywheel design allows your engine to plough on without even the slightest resistance.

EXEDY Racing slave cylinders are ideal for those looking to step up their vehicle's performance with more subtle products. Slave cylinders offer a seamless transition from clutch to gear, opening you and your car up to a whole new world of smooth, effortless driving.

OEM Replacement or Performance Clutches

Whether you take your vehicle to the race track to unwind or simply cruise the streets in your neighborhood on your days off, EXEDY has performance clutches that will suit your driving style.

The EXEDY Stage 1 Clutch is ultra-resistant to slippage, giving it burstier, more powerful torque where it counts. This racing clutch works best for street use and lighter-horsepower racing; like all EXEDY racing clutches, it features ductile material throughout each pressure plate.

The EXEDY Stage 2 Clutch is your best bet if your vehicle boasts a strong, high-powered, modified engine. These cerametallic racing clutches far outreach the quality of stock clutches, giving you free reign to really dig into your machine without running the risk of fading or slipping--with the most torque out of all clutch products on the market.

Get Started with Top Clutch Brands

When you want the best clutches in the world, capable of high-quality power and torque without straining your vehicle, EXEDY Racing should be the only brand name on your radar. EXEDY and its subsidiary, Daikin Clutch USA, are two of the most renowned manufacturers in the vehicle service game, and they have the results to prove it.

EXEDY leads the field in developing quality, power-focused products, towering above other manufacturers. Vehicles equipped with these clutch products receive the toughest components with the highest safety ratings--giving you peace-of-mind while you make the most out of your performance-sports products.

Why not dress your vehicle in the best performance technology components available? Across all categories, EXEDY proves itself dominant time and time again.

EXEDY Clutch Kits from Parts Geek

If you have a question about how an EXEDY racing clutch would suit your vehicle or if you require more information about a specific product, send our customer service team a message so we can get it sorted out for you. Browse through our EXEDY parts pages and see why they're the number one brand in racing and car service.

Like our page on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest offers and updates. We offer delivery all across the USA (and the rest of the world). Sign up for a free account via email and get access to your products location during shipping.

When you need precision, torque, and raw power, turn to EXEDY; get your vehicle out of the garage and start racing again.

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Verified Customer
12/26/09 05:17 PM - USA

Found the parts I needed at the right price with fast shipping. Used these guys a couple times with excellent results. - kentmeister

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4/20/10 05:15 PM - USA

Excellent delivery time, basically 3 business days tops! Saved over 200% by not going to a dealership. Glad I found PartsGeek, definitly going to recommend them to anyone who needs a part relative ... - westhoff06