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Energy Suspension is a manufacturer of automotive suspension components, all of which are made out of durable, high-performance polyurethane. It produces engine mounts, transmission mounts, trailing arm bushings, strut mounts, stabilizer bars, leaf spring shackles, coil spring insulators, leaf spring bushings, and every other kind of suspension part, large or small. The company works with a proprietary form of polyurethane produced and constantly improved by in-house chemists. This has allowed it to come to be known by customers as having the best polyurethane suspension components on the market. This experience in innovating, engineering, and making available numerous components has lasted for over two decades.

The manufacturing process features unique design phases involving the creation of material formulations with specific tolerances and preloads from scratch. Various welding techniques and molding process contribute to innovative end products. There are nine U.S. patents attributed to the company itself. Energy Suspension created a product development program for analyzing vehicle reactions, polyurethane control arm bushings with outer metal shells, and specially designed polyurethane transmission mounts, suspension bushing sets, anti-sway bar bushings, and ball going and tie rod dust boots. The company also has the largest import and domestic vehicle product line.

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Upgrade Your Driving Experience with Affordable Energy Suspension Products

Your vehicle's suspension system takes a beating every time you drive, especially if you frequently navigate over rough terrain. Upgrading your suspension system will enhance your driving experience by reducing road-noise, absorbing harsh impacts, optimizing acceleration and brake times, and increasing your overall safety on and off the road.

The manufacturer Energy Suspension offers a range of premium replacement suspension components that you can easily swap out for your vehicle's stock parts. These components feature enhanced durability, functionality, and design to create a smoother, more enjoyable driving experience and prolong your vehicle's life.

Whether you are an everyday driver looking to increase comfort during your daily commute, or an off-road racer who needs a more dependable suspension system, Parts Geek can help. Shop our inventory of authentic Energy Suspension products today to see how these high-quality parts can change your driving game.

Top-Quality Energy Suspension Parts

To upgrade your vehicle's suspension, you will want to swap out several suspension components for more durable, quality options. Energy Suspension offers a wide range of premium low-price suspension parts that will help your vehicle stay steady, enhance performance, and increase your comfort on daily drives.

Transmission & Motor Mounts

Energy Suspension sells an extensive line of transmission and motor mounts, along with mount inserts, that will enhance your suspension. These products hold your transmission's tail shaft, or rear section, to a cross-member support beam to increase security.

Energy Suspension motor mounts utilize Hyper-Flex polyurethane construction to optimize durability. They also feature a patented safety interlock design to eliminate breakage that often comes with traditional mount systems, increasing these products' safety and longevity.

Even better, Energy Suspension's motor and transmission mounts are resistant to road contaminants, oils, coolants, and other under-vehicle fluids that sometimes compromise the integrity of traditional parts. You can trust these mounts to hold up to years of rough-terrain driving and racing.

How long do motor mounts last? Rubber mounts typically last between five and seven years. However, Energy mounts utilize more durable materials to stand up to wear and tear better. Replacing your stock motor mount with an Energy Suspension product will ensure that your mount withstands the test of time.

Body Mounts

Energy Suspension also offers a line of durable, premium body mounts. These parts connect your car's frame to the body and include bushings that protect the body and limit road noise.

Energy Suspension's body mounts feature high-quality Hyper-Flex construction of durable polyurethane to optimize strength and longevity. These body mounts last longer than rubber mounts, as polyurethane is not as flexible as rubber, allowing it to absorb shock rather than bend with it.

Energy Suspension offers an exclusive lifetime warranty on all of its polyurethane body mounts, so you can feel confident that your new mount will enhance your vehicle's performance and provide the best results. To find the right mount for your car, enter your make & model on our search page.

Polyurethane Bushings & Kits

Replacing your suspension's rubber bushings with firmer, more durable options is an easy way to step up your vehicle. Energy Suspension offers quality bushings made from Hyper-Flex polyurethane, an incredibly resistant material that remains solid in the face of harsh fluids, heat, mold, and UV exposure.

Energy Suspension's polyurethane body mount bushings create a durable cushion between your vehicle's body and frame. These body mount bushings reduce body roll to prolong your vehicle's life and increase stability.

Energy Suspension sway bar bushings also prevent body roll by optimizing tire contact as you turn. These Hyper-Flex polyurethane bushings feature an easy installation process, so you can complete your sway bar upgrade without having to hire a mechanic.

The company's control arm bushings utilize a tough Hyper-Flex build to optimize road-handling and produce even tire wear. Meanwhile, its leaf spring bushings maintain alignment and stability during turns, acceleration, and harsh braking by cushioning your leaf springs. Both of these polyurethane suspension bushings boast superior quality and durability compared to stock rubber bushings.

How much do bushings cost? Polyurethane bushings can cost anywhere from $5 to $150, but you can find the most affordable Energy Suspension bushings through Parts Geek.

Suspension Component Accessories

Energy Suspension also offers a range of premium suspension accessories, including bump stops, dust boots, and performance lift systems.

Energy Suspension bump stops for control arms provide a firm cushion between your vehicle's frame and its control arms. These bump stops feature the same durable polyurethane build as many of its other products, allowing them to hold up to impact longer than rubber stops.

Energy Suspension also sells polyurethane dust boots that keep contaminants away from your ball joints and tie rod ends, extending these parts' lifespans.

The company's performance lift systems line includes high-quality coil spring spacers perfect for performance vehicles such as race cars or trucks. These spacers absorb vibrations better than rubber options while maintaining factory ride characteristics. They are also resistant to road contaminants, harsh fluids, and coolants.

You can purchase the best performance accessories for your make & model from Parts Geek.

Authentic Energy Suspension Parts

Parts Geek offers the best-priced selection of Energy Suspension parts on the market. To find the ideal suspension components for your vehicle, enter your make & model into our search bar or sort by price or availability. We'll match you with the parts that will create a perfect fit for your car or SUV.

Offering friendly customer service is our top priority, and our customer service folks are available to help you throughout your ordering process. If you have any questions about the items in your order or any special offers we have going on, you can contact us by phone at 1-800-541-9352 for more information.

We offer fast, affordable shipping across the United States, and people all over the country have benefitted from our low prices and wide selection of performance products.

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