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Eibach Springs manufactures suspension components for high performance cars, including those highly regarded in the racing world. These are developed to withstand the extreme conditions of racing, so are good for any application. The company develops parts such as control arms, spring sets, wheel spacers, shock absorbers, stabilizer bars, and more, with complete assemblies and installation kits available too. Each part is designed to provide the response, stability, and performance racing enthusiasts expect. Performance demands include a minimal amount of body roll, increased cornering ability, and an instant response to a drivers every command.

Using high-strength spring-steel alloys, Eibach is known around the world for the technology it creates and uses in its production process. A CNC winding process is used throughout manufacturing and durable corrosion protection extends the longevity of all products manufactured by the company. This technology has been applied to NASCAR and Formula 1 race vehicles. Automobiles from brand such as Ford, Honda, BMW, Audi, Lamborghini, Mitsubishi, MazdaSpeed, Porsche, Nissan, Toyota, and more have integrated Eibach parts. The company is known for making the highest-grade chassis components anywhere. In motorsports, no other automotive parts manufacturer comes close in terms of quality.

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Eibach Springs Coil Spring Set

Excellent Ride Quality. Extreme Performance Meets Extreme Style. Million Mile Warranty. Part Of The Eibach Sport-System. Progressive Spring Design. Race-Car Like Handling.

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Eibach Suspension Parts

If you think that the automotive industry is one of the largest in America, you're absolutely correct. In fact, automobiles and their parts make up 20% of all annual retail sales in the US.

As a car enthusiast, you likely are wondering what sorts of parts you can buy to boost the performance of your muscle car or other vehicles. After all, there are so many choices available to you that it can be challenging to know where to begin looking. Fortunately, Eibach is there for you because of their expert knowledge, durable parts, and diverse catalog.

Read on to learn more about Eibach springs and their many other accessories.

Eibach Springs Story

Eibach has been in the automotive industry since 1951 and prides itself on creating parts that meet the extreme requirements of drag racing. If you're a muscle car enthusiast that wants to make your vehicle perform to the highest caliber, looking into their parts is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

All parts are made from high-quality and durable, long-lasting materials. This includes alloys made from high-strength spring-steel, CNC winding processes, and corrosion protection powders/finishes.

One of the greatest differentiators that sets Eibach apart is the skilled engineers that work to create the parts that you purchase. They specialize in turning each individual component of your vehicle such as springs, shocks, dampers, and stabilizers. Their goal is to make your connection with your car greater and give you greater comfort and security while on the road.

Eibach's prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification proves that it is a great brand for muscle car enthusiasts and racers, but it also works to improve the performance of the average commuter automobile. If you're an American car/truck enthusiast that cares about your vehicle, you'll definitely enjoy the performance boost that Eibach prides on giving to all drivers.

Eibach Performance Suspension

Eibach makes a variety of performance lifts that are tailor-made for individual vehicles. With heights ranging from 1-3' depending on the application, these suspensions will raise the ride height of your vehicle significantly. You will have increased off-road performance as well as a unique look when driving down the highway in your muscle car.

These parts are made with multi-level spring perch adjustment on coil-over-shock applications. The springs, therefore, are able to accommodate heavy loads and make cargo hauling an easy and painless process. They're also made to be block-resistant so that you can count on a steady drive height all the way to your destination.

One of the reasons that Eibach suspension systems are preferable over their competitors' is that they are made to last for many years to come. They utilize heavy-duty coatings that are 100% resistant to weather corrosion, scratching, rusting, and chipping.

Their tuning and fit are also precise to the application that they're made for, so you can count on the fact that they will be the right size as to not rattle around on your vehicle.

Eibach Springs

You can also purchase coil spring sets that function as part of the Eibach pro-system. They store energy inside your vehicle to absorb shock from rocks and the uneven ground when you're driving off-road. This helps to maintain contact between your tire and the ground and keep you in control of the vehicle.

Coil sets not only come with a million-mile warranty, but they can handle high performance on highways or in off-road situations. The progressive spring design is intended to mold directly to your vehicle to maximize driving friction and keep both the driver and the vehicle safe.

You don't need to sacrifice affordable prices for longevity, either. PartsGeek sells coil spring sets for only $243, which is an extremely low price when you consider the ride quality that you will be getting. We will ship this part (and many others) to your doorstep anywhere in the US, too, so you can just flip open the directions and begin installation right after it's delivered!

Eibach Lowering Kits

Eibach doesn't only produce springs to lift your muscle car or pickup truck to new heights, but also to lower them. These move your car's center of gravity own so that you can have more driving precision and lessen the risk of its body swaying and rolling.

Like all of Eibach's parts, their lowering kits are each tested with factory dampers. Each part is examined to ensure that it can handle high performance when applied to the vehicle that it is fit for so that the center of gravity reaches the appropriate height.

While many other brands may mass-produce parts without testing them, Eibach ensures that each one works before sending it to distributors like PartsGeek. You will therefore definitely be able to stop more quickly, head around corners with precision, and get overall better MPG than ever before.

Purchasing multiple parts from Eibach is an even better idea than just getting one. Your entire suspension and lowering system will be of the highest caliber when you do this. Plus, the similarities will make for incredibly easy installation and use.

Get Low with Eibach from PartsGeek

Now that you know why Eibach lowering kits, performance suspension, and springs are the right choice for muscle cars, tuner culture, and everyday vehicles, it's time to begin boosting your auto performance.

Contact us with any questions that you have about incorporating Eibach parts into your car's overall workings. We'll work with you to find the perfect part that's custom-built to fit your vehicle, so make sure that you reach out as soon as you can!

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