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EGR Fender Flares and Window Vent Visors

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EGR Logo EGR Bug Shield
EGR Bug Shield

EGRs Best Selling Shield. Fast And Easy Installation. Mounts Away From Hood For Easy Cleaning. No Drilling Required. Offers Superb Protection For A Great Look.

Priced From $70.79
with FREE Shipping
EGR Logo EGR Body Moulding Kit
EGR Body Moulding Kit

100 Percent Tape On Installation. Easily Painted To Match Your Vehicle. Easy To Clean. Fade Resistant. Limited Lifetime Warranty. No Drilling or Cutting. UV Protected Lightly Textured Finish.

Priced From $167.87
with FREE Shipping
EGR Logo EGR Spoiler
EGR Spoiler

Incredible Strength And Stability. Injection Molded. Limited Lifetime Warranty. UV Stable Resists Fading.

Priced From $178.61
with FREE Shipping
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EGR Fender Flares, Bolt On and More

If you're interested in the $722.8 billion dollar auto industry, it's likely that you consider yourself a car and truck enthusiast. If you do fall into this category, it's also likely that you're constantly looking for ways that you can increase your own vehicle's performance and longevity.

Purchasing aftermarket parts is a great way to make a car run more smoothly, and there's no company to buy from like EGR USA. Read on to learn all about the options we offer like fender flares, bolt on upgrades, window vent visors, and other car and truck upgrades.

EGR USA Deflectors

EGR's story stems back to 1973 when they were a light fabrication company. As a family business, they were allowed to grow steadily from a producer of acrylic coffee tables and shoe stands to one that creates automotive accessories. They got their foot in the door here by moving from building other acrylic items to acrylic headlight covers and windshields.

As of 2021, EGR is a huge name in the auto aftermarket industry. They are known as innovators, which is a well-earned reputation considering that 20% of their staff works directly on developing and launching new product ideas.

The company prides itself on the sound craftsmanship of all products and is constantly looking for new ways to make them of a higher caliber. They believe in the importance of manufacturing quality products through human-supervised CNC machination and other modern techniques. This commitment to quality can be seen in every product that they sell, so let's take a look at some of them.

Window Vent Visors

One of the most popular EGR products is their window vent visor. This part is key to having a well-functioning automobile because it circulates fresh, clean air. Its custom-molded design allows you to breathe more easily in addition to reducing both window fogging and interior vehicle temperature while in park mode.

But why should you consider purchasing a discount set of window vent visors?

The answer lies in their make and model. These visors are made from UV-capped acrylic to keep the sun's rays from beating too hard into your view. The acrylic is resistant to both scratching and cracking so that you can enjoy it for many years to come. You can choose to purchase this accessory in both matte black and dark smoke acrylic, so you also don't need to sacrifice aesthetic for quality.

Truck Fender Flares

If you're a truck enthusiast who enjoys both everyday and off-road driving, you'll need a fender flare that exceeds OEM standards. EGM has created such a fender flare from raw All-American materials that have never previously been used for other applications. They use the same UV protection film that their window visors do to prevent light damage and melting.

They also feature a custom fit for every vehicle. This is a huge reason that EGM soars above their competitors- they tailor-make parts to fit every make, model, and year of automobile. All you need to do to access this diversity is enter your vehicle specifications on our site and browse thousands of low price options.

EGR fender flares are perfect for DIY installation enthusiasts. Their 100% tape-on installation is perfect for those who like to manage their own automobile without breaking out a lot of tools to do so. Maintenance is also easy- all you need to do is wipe them down with soapy water when they get dirty.

EGR Spoiler

Spoilers are one of the most underrated vehicle parts on the market, but they're essential to eliminating unfavorable air movement over the surface of your vehicle and allowing it to run more quickly. They are responsible for eliminating turbulence and reducing drag time, so you will want to invest in a top-notch spoiler like those offered by EGR if you're serious about performance.

EGR spoilers are made from durable, high-grade acrylic that protects your vehicle from debris for many years. This prevents dirt and dust from scratching your paint or getting into your windshield/wiper. Since they use aerodynamic styling, EGM spoilers also have a sleek and stealthy appearance.

Spoilers, like all EGM items, are also 100% made in the USA from American materials. This ensures that all of the materials used are high-quality and ethically sourced. You also do not need to worry about cheap manufacturing methods since all construction happens in EGM's state-of-the-art facilities.

EGR Bug Shield

Bug shields are yet another protective measure to keep the front of your vehicle from scratch damage and grime. Since they capture the bugs, pebbles, and other debris before they can make their way onto your car, bug shields can become dirty fast. EGM's innovators have created a style of bug shield that mounts away from the hood for easy cleaning.

In addition to being made from scratch-resistant acrylic, these shields are incredibly easy to install. No drilling is required- you can simply snap the part right onto your vehicle. Since we will deliver the part to your doorstep anywhere in the US, you don't need to bring your car in for renovations!

It's Time to Drive

We hope we answered some of your questions about EGR and shed some light on the different categories of product we offer at PartsGeek. Check out some of our customer reviews on top selling brands and see why they choose us for their replacement and performance needs.

Contact our customer service team at 1-800-541-9352with any questions that you may have about the items we have talked about or any others that you find on our website.

We're committed to ensuring that your car runs smoothly and soundly for many years to come, so don't hesitate to reach out.

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