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Edelbrock is a state-of-the-art manufacturing corporation, with seven locations in California covering over 500,000 square feet of space, with a solid foundation rooted in the past and a vision for the future. In addition to manufacturing, the company is invested in research and development, testing, advertising, and technical support. Fuel and water pumps, head gaskets, throttle bodies, manifolds, timing covers, carburetors, and various other transmission and engine components for performance cars are manufactured at Edelbrock's facilities. The corporation is known for several innovations in high performance intake manifolds over many decades.

The corporation was founded on providing a solution for the automotive performance industry at a time when individuals were often left to fabricate and improvise. It has grown from a small auto shop opened in Beverly Hills in the 1930s, by mechanic Vic Edelbrock Sr. to a 5,000 square foot shop in 1949 to the growing business run by Vic Edelbrock Jr. throughout the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. During that time several innovations in high performance race cars were created, with Vic serving as President of the SEMA and establishing a broad influence on the public and Washington legislators. Today, Edelbrock Corporation is still innovating, with the introduction of a new type of supercharger in 2012 and plans to develop a universal electronic fuel injection system.

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Here's How Edelbrock Can Boost Your Performance

If you're looking for a company that sells a wide range of world-class auto performance products at an affordable price point, Edelbrock is the manufacturer for you.

Edelbrock is a worldwide leader in performance products. For more than 80 years, this company has produced top-quality engines, intake manifolds, carburetors, and fuel systems for hobbyists and racing drivers alike, and you can count on these products to take your vehicle's performance to the next level.

Parts Geek is the best website from which to purchase authentic and affordable Edelbrock products. Shop our collection of Edelbrock manifolds and carburetor items today to see how these exceptional products can transform your vehicle's power.

Edelbrock: World Leader in Performance Parts

Edelbrock is the leading manufacturer of performance auto parts, but many drivers are surprised to hear about the company's small beginnings.

In the 1920s, Edelbrock began as a family-owned grocery store in rural Wichita, KS.

When Vic Edelbrock, Sr. started a job at an auto repair shop at age 14, he quickly realized his talent as a mechanic and began a journey down the road to aftermarket manufacturing. His first invention was the Slingshot intake manifold, which balanced intake distribution to help his 1932 Ford Roadster perform better.

Today, Edelbrock has six factory plants across the United States and a corporate headquarters in Torrance, California. The company's products feature superior construction and unmatched performance, making it one of the most well-known manufacturers in the racing world.

Edelbrock has always stuck to its tradition of producing high-quality, durable products with proven performance, even with its ever-increasing popularity. You can count on Edelbrock to deliver the best results for your performance vehicle.

Unmatched Edelbrock Performance Parts

Edelbrock offers performance products for almost every application. Its most popular items are its intake manifolds, small- and big-block engines, performance carburetors, and automotive accessories.

Superior Edelbrock Intake Manifold Products

Edelbrock intake manifolds offer top-quality performance and speed through world-class construction.

The company's Performer EPS intake manifold features a patented dual-plane design with 180-degree firing, which enhances torque and throttle response. The manifold's runner construction is ideal for a 3500 RPM peak torque on a 350-inch engine.

The Edelbrock Super Victor Big Block Chevy EFI Intake Manifold offers a wide range of benefits through durable, performance-grade components. This manifold features a single-plane construction perfect for any big-block race car engine, and its superior build has outperformed other brands in dyno testing.

Edelbrock's intake manifold kits include all of the components you need to replace your stock intake: an intake manifold, gasket set, carburetor base gasket, sealant, bolts, and studs. You can trust the company's manifold product line to deliver the best results for your vehicle of any manufacturer on the market.

Enhanced Edelbrock High-Performance Carburetors

Edelbrock carburetors offer enhanced street performance and power in a wide torque range, making these products ideal for high-performing racing vehicles.

The Performer Series dual-plane Edelbrock carbs utilize durable aluminum construction and come in EnduraShine, black powder, and satin finishes to enhance your engine's appearance. Edelbrock carburetor parts use high-quality components to ensure that your carb can withstand the test of time.

To find the carburetor with the right fit for your car, select your vehicle make and model at the top of the Parts Geek search page.

How to adjust Edelbrock carb systems: Edelbrock carb systems offer easy tuning and set up. The best way to tune these carbs is with a wide-band oxygen sensor that detects air-fuel ratios. These sensors make it easy to adjust your carb system to the precise proportions your vehicle requires.

Quality Automotive Performance Accessories

Along with its engines, intake manifolds, and carbs, Edelbrock also offers an extensive line of universal-fit performance accessories to enhance your vehicle's power and appearance.

Edelbrock valve covers provide an added layer of attractiveness to your engine. Additionally, the Edelbrock air cleaner provides enhanced airflow and ventilation to create a clean engine space and optimize low-hood clearance.

Edelbrock fuel injection systems include fuel rails and injectors located in the throttle body to optimize fuel in the airflow stream. These systems utilize the best technology in modern fuel injection to maximize your vehicle's drivability, control, and quality.

Edelbrock's cylinder heads offer unmatched quality and durability through their unique port designs and combustion chamber shapes. These products provide enhanced RPM range and horsepower for performance vehicles.

The company's E-Street cylinder heads are ideal for entry-level applications, while the Performer cylinder heads are excellent options for street performance vehicles. You can also purchase an Edelbrock replacement head gasket if you are looking for a lower-cost vehicle enhancement.

Purchase Authentic Low-Price Edelbrock Items Through Parts Geek

Edelbrock offers an unmatched selection of made-in-USA performance items, and with our Parts Geek low-price guarantee, you can find these world-class product options for a price that suits your budget.

The best way to find the perfect-fit Edelbrock items for your car is to select your vehicle year, make, & model on our search page; we will match you with the perfect-fit items for your vehicle's specifications.

Providing first-rate customer service is our top priority. If you have any questions about our Edelbrock inventory, you can contact our friendly customer service and sales team at 1-800-541-9352 for more information about an item, to inquire about a price, or to order by phone. You can also check out our customer reviews to see what our previous customers have said about their experiences with Edelbrock items.

Shop and order from our Edelbrock product line today to start the process of enhancing your vehicle's power, speed, durability, and performance. We know you will love the results from this company. Be aware of our price guarantee and check out our low shipping rates.

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