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An independently owned manufacturer completely devoted to automotive brake parts, EBC is known as a leader in the brake market, producing brake pads and discs, rotors, and complete sets. It makes brake parts for every type of vehicle and has over 5,000 individual parts in its catalog, made in factories located in either the USA or UK. Brake pads are made for cars, trucks, and SUVs in addition to ones specially designed for wind farm equipment and military vehicles. Numerous types of brakes are made by EBC, including aramid, ceramic, and carbon brake pads and sintered brakes, while cast iron and stainless steel brake rotors are manufactured too.

The company's products are designed to high quality standards and stand up to high performance use, with strict quality control enforced throughout the manufacturing process. Many are hand crafted and the quality is upheld despite other businesses working to save money rather than actually produce components which promote the highest level of safety. The company has invested millions of dollars in research. With 60 years in the industry, EMC also considers environmental protection during every step of the process, impacting both the production workflow and the end product.

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EBC Logo EBC Brake Rotor
EBC Brake Rotor

Ultimax OE Style Disc Kit.

Priced From $98.71
with FREE Shipping
EBC Logo EBC Brake Pad Set
EBC Ultimax Pad Set Brake Pad Set

High Friction European Spec Friction. Ideal For Daily Driver Use. OE Hardware. Premium OE Replacement Pad. Shimmed Slotted And Chamfered.

Priced From $36.50
EBC Logo EBC Brake Pad Set
EBC Redstuff Low Dust Superstreet Brake Pad Set

Great For Fast Street And Premium Sedan. High Friction Low Heat Fade. Ideal European Vehicle Brake Upgrade. Lowest Dust Pad In Range.

Priced From $78.52
with FREE Shipping
EBC Logo
EBC High Friction Upgrade And Race Brake Pad Set

Better High Speed Stopping. Brakes Effective Right From Cold. Can Be Used On Street/Race Track. High Friction Pad. Zero Fade Race Developed Compound.

Priced From $100.73
with FREE Shipping
EBC Logo EBC Brake Pad Set
EBC Greenstuff SUV/LT Sport Brake Pad Set

Improves Stopping Power. Lower Dust. Sport Replacement Pad For Truck/SUV.

Priced From $65.20
with FREE Shipping
EBC Logo EBC Brake Pad Set
EBC Greenstuff Street Sport Brake Pad Set

Ideal For Lighter Sport Compacts. Improves Stopping Power. Minimal Dusting. Number One Selling Sport Pad. Reduces Heat Fade.

Priced From $70.51
with FREE Shipping
EBC Logo EBC Brake Pad Set
EBC Greenstuff Low Dust SUV/LT Brake Pad Set

Easy On Rotors. Heavy Duty Material For Brake Upgrade. Lowest Dust SUV/Truck Pad.

Priced From $131.74
with FREE Shipping
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Upgrade Your Stopping Power for the Best Price Online with EBC Brakes

Your brakes are arguably one of the most important components of your vehicle, so it’s crucial that you don’t skimp on quality. Enter EBC Brakes, the premier one-stop brand for all of your brake needs.

Over the past 20-plus years, England-based EBC Brakes has earned a reputation as one of the most well-renowned friction materials suppliers in the world, producing brake pads and rotors as well as complete sets for all vehicle applications, from compact cars to an SUVs.

Whether you need to enhance your braking performance for track day or every day, there’s an EBC product for you among the range of many EBC brakes and rotors.

Learn about brake pads and more on our EBC brakes page, and see which EBC products we have in stock for you. We offer free shipping on many items and outstanding customer service with all purchases.

EBC Brake Technology

Brake pads, rotors, and all of the accompanying accessories work in tandem to stop you in your tire tracks. Let’s dive into EBC’s offerings for each.

EBC Brake Pads

Brake pads are crucial because they prevent wear and tear on several elements of the braking system including the brake discs, rotors, and calipers.

You know that EBC brake pads work just as well as original brake pads because they’re crafted with top-notch, high-friction material that abides by the stringent United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) Regulation 90. R90 states that you must replace original brake components like a brake pad with parts that have a matching friction level.

Quality brake pads minimize the risk of a front-to-rear friction imbalance, which can hinder your brake's ability to stop.

Additionally, EBC brake pads prevent brake judder—the vibration you might feel in the steering wheel and suspension when you hit the brakes at certain pressures and speed—for a smoother ride. Thus, EBC brake pads are more than mere accessories; they are essential elements for your safety.

EBC Brake Rotors

Over time, your brake rotors can be damaged by heat and dust, but EBC brake rotors solve these problems. EBC rotors are both drilled and slotted, which helps disperse heat and dispel brake dust. In fact, EBC makes their sport rotors’ slots wider than average in order to promote airflow across the pads and rotors.

However, you may be worried that the holes will harm the structural integrity of the brake rotor, resulting in dangerous cracks. For any other brand’s rotor, this would be a valid concern, but since the holes in EBC brake rotors don’t completely pierce the material, the sport rotors’ structure remains strong.

In summary, EBC brake rotors create a high-performance braking experience without any of the usual drawbacks.

EBC Brake Kits

If you need a complete overhaul of your braking system, an EBC brake kit should be your next purchase. Unlike other brake kits on the market, an EBC brake kit provides everything necessary for replacing your vehicle’s entire stock braking system, including brake pads, rotors, braided stainless brake lines for the front and back, and friction rear pads that fit the original brake calipers.

As part of the EBC brake kits, you will also receive accessories from EBC like brake fluids, lubes, and cleaners—all that’s missing is the brake technicians!

EBC Brakes - All the Right “Stuff”

Because a brake pad’s limits depend on factors like driving speed, engine output, and vehicle purpose, EBC offers a wide range of brake pads to fit your setup.

Considered EBC’s primary product, the Redstuff brake is a ceramic brake pad with a low brake-dust ability and a powder coat finish designed for street-legal automobiles capable of producing over 200 horsepower. Muscle car enthusiasts will appreciate the way the Redstuff brake pads resist brake fades under high speeds.

EBC Greenstuff brake pads are another type of performance brake pad for everyday vehicles. An especially good fit for lighter cars, the Greenstuff brake results in minimal rotor wear and a medium amount of brake dust material. As for a heavier vehicle like a truck or SUV, EBC Greenstuff 6000 will do the trick.

Whether you drive a car or SUV, all environmentally conscious customers should buy the EBC Ultimax brake pads, which consist of eco-friendly, sulfite-free materials.

And if you need race brake pads, take a look at Orangestuff, Yellowstuff, and Bluestuff. EBC Yellowstuff pads in particular are built for drag race-style events, providing the customer with serious stopping power without sacrificing speed or capability.

EBC Keeps Your Passengers Safer on the Road

You may be wondering, "Are EBC brakes worth the money?" If you value protecting your passengers, the answer is a resounding yes.

The quicker stopping times that EBC brakes provide can help you avoid a deadly crash in an instant. You’d rather save the lives of you and your loved ones than a few pennies, right?

That being said, EBC brake parts are quite affordable. The brake kits for racing, such as EBC Yellow stuff, have a higher price tag, but if you plan on buying an everyday model like EBC Red stuff, it certainly won’t break the bank. You can always count on an EBC brake kit.

Choosing the Right EBC Brake Parts for Your Vehicle

As you can see, selecting the best EBC disc brake pads is made easy by the color-coded product lines, but there’s a range of other EBC brake parts available from which to choose.

For example, have you considered the effect of your vehicle’s calipers on your pads and rotors? EBC’s new Apollo Series, part of the Apollo Balanced Big Brake Kit, raises the bar for your entire braking system by using an innovative type of caliper.

Along with Yellowstuff brake pads, this brake kit comes with Apollo Series brake calipers, which are cast in low-pressure castings unlike standard gravity-cast calipers. This creates a stronger caliper body stiffness, which in turn leads to a significant performance edge over conventional calipers.

Hit the brakes on whatever you’re doing and shop EBC equipment, including brake kits, brake pads, and rotors on PartsGeek today!

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