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Frame Hitch Class II Trailer Hitch.

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A Leader in the Toughest Towing Conditions - Draw- Tite Towing Hitches

Are you planning a big move that requires a UHaul or dreaming about a road trip with an RV camper? If so, you are going to love the Draw-Tite tow hitch! We are proud to provide Draw-Tite hitches, which offer the strongest-quality hitches available. Draw-Tite products provide easy installation and the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Tow Heavier for Longer with a Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch

You no longer have to play car Jenga with your cargo! Forget the days of piling absolutely everything that would fit into your back seat and trunk. Instead, install a trailer or towable rig that offers more room and tie-down points. Haul your items comfortably and securely, knowing that you can count on your easy-installation Draw-Tite product. Perhaps you need a Gooseneck Underbed Hitch with a 2-5/16 ball or one of our Gooseneck Fifth Wheel Hitches? Draw-Tite offers hitches for Class I through Class V.

Key Considerations With Draw-Tite Towing Hitches

Hitch Receiver

The receiver can accept several rear-mounted accessories such as bike racks and cargo pads. The most commonly used type of receiver is the 1.5-inch or the 2-inch. Generally, a smaller vehicle will use the 1.5-inch receiver, while larger vehicles tend to use the 2-inch.

Draw-Tite designs an effortless-to-install and custom-fit product for whatever size vehicle you are driving.

Hitch Class

A hitch is classified by how much mass it can carry on a class scale from one to five, with five being the heaviest class. For example, Class 5 can tow around 12,000-17,000 pounds with a weight-distributing hitch. Make sure to calculate how much weight you will be hauling before purchasing your Draw-Tite hitch.

Weight Capacity

It's good to see how much mass you can tow without reaching failure, to avoid making towing unsafe for you and others with whom you share the road. To calculate how much weight you can load up, you need to know three things:

  • Your vehicle's mass limit, including your cargo and the people going along for the ride (gross combination weight rating)

  • The GTW (gross trailer weight)

  • The TW (weight of the trailer bearing down on the hitch)

  • These three numbers will help you gauge how much mass your trailer hitch can handle.

    Draw Tite - The Best Hitches in the Business

    Draw-Tite is the premier developer of the easy-to-install, heavy-duty towing hitch and receiver hitch due to the company's well-tested material design and the product's ease of installation. Draw-Tite uses all-welded construction to create a black, powder-coated, or chrome trailer hitch that is resistant to rust/corrosion and has been custom-built to your vehicle's year, make, and model. Before your hitches ever leave the design floor, Draw-Tite puts them through quality and fatigue stress tests to ensure that they will hold up under various conditions.

    All Draw-Tite products exceed V-5 and SAE J684 standards, with a lifetime warranty upon purchase for further customer assurance. Draw-Tite also offers different options for electronic brake controllers. An electric brake control sends a signal from your vehicle's brakes through the hitch to your trailer, giving you the power to come to an abrupt stop, if necessary.

    Two types of electronic brake controllers from which to select are:

  • Proportional-Based Controls automatically sense when your tow vehicle slows down or stops and replicate the breaking intensity in your trailer's brakes.

  • Timed Brake Controllers include a delay time, meaning there is a lag from when you press your tow vehicle's brakes and when your trailer responds to the command.

  • Custom Fitted Hitches Based on Vehicle Specifications

    If your vehicle did not come complete with a hitch, then you need to explore an aftermarket item, such as Draw- Tite's high-quality easy-installation trailer hitches. Draw-Tite produces over 750 different hitches integrated with Hitch Match™, an all-new accessory pairing guide, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your car, truck, or trailer.

    Draw-Tite Tested Tough™

    Inventor Bill Whichello developed Draw-Tite in 1964, and the brand has grown to be synonymous with top-tier craftsmanship, effortless installation, and reliable customer service. Draw-Tite tests each hitch rigorously to assure that its quality components have the hauling capacity necessary to handle the load without breaking.

    If you are looking for exceptional quality with a lifetime warranty, a Draw-Tite trailer hitch is the perfect product for you! At Parts Geek, customer service is our top priority, which is why we offer free shipping on select products. Shop for a custom-fit, easy-to-install Draw-Tite product today by calling us at 1-800-541-9352 for more information or to place an order.

    Strongest Rust-Resistant Ball Mounts

    You will attach your Draw-Tite hitch ball to the ball mount or the weight distributing head. A ball mount or Draw-Tite weight distribution hitch is necessary for your vehicle since it provides a connection for hooking up a trailer. Designers created the Draw-Tite Ball Mount to fit the hitch receiver, and it handles up to 16,000 lbs GTW.

    Draw-Tite offers balls in different styles and sizes. The ball weight rating should equal or exceed the hitch and ball mount you're using. Be sure to choose the best ball to fit your needs. Each steel ball mount, coated in rust-resistant black powder, supplies the strength and durability you need to haul some hefty cargo. They come in Class I/II or Class III/IV/V.

    Select the correct ball for the coupler on your trailer. The ball diameter required is stamped into the coupler handle or body.

    Ensure the trailer ball shank fits the thickness and diameter of your drawbar, ball mount, or step bumper.

    Whether you are transporting a truck, trailer, or boat, a Draw-Tite Ball Mount will get the job done since it's notably dependable and quick to install. Our service team will be happy to help you find the right ball mount length for your specific vehicle.

    Get Your Custom-Fitted Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Today

    Parts Geek makes shopping for discounted auto parts easy. We are proud to offer our customers a low-price towing hitch that has fast installation and does not sacrifice quality. Draw-Tite trailer hitches make hauling safer and neutralize the risks of heavy towing, rendering the process trouble-free!

    If you are looking for a trailer hitch that is comprehensively tested, custom-fit with an increased tongue-weight capacity, and known for reliably hauling items with its staggering strength, then you are in the right place! Our customer reviews of the Draw-Tite towing hitch and trailer hitch reaffirm our enthusiasm for this brand of hitches and bolts.

    Whether you're looking for an A-Frame Trailer Coupler, A-Frame Trailer Jack, a Gooseneck Hitch Head, or any other easy-installation part, we can provide it from the superior Draw-Tite company.

    Hit the road again with a renewed peace of mind. Please call us at 1-800-541-9352 or see our online catalog for more information and to shop for any available Draw-Tite products today! You'll need to select your vehicle make and model.

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