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2004-2008 Ford F150<br>Dorman<br>923-237

2004-2008 Ford F150
2005-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt<br>Dorman<br>939-100

2005-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt
2007-2012 Nissan Sentra<br>Dorman<br>939-112

2007-2012 Nissan Sentra
2001-2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500<br>Dorman<br>924-811

2001-2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
2008-2012 Chevrolet Malibu<br>Dorman<br>939-101

2008-2012 Chevrolet Malibu
Dorman Tail Light Assembly

Dorman Headlight Assembly

Dorman Mirror

Dorman Window Regulator

Dorman Shock Absorber

Dorman Control Arm

Dorman Wheel Hub Assembly

Dorman Fog Light

Dorman Door Handle

Dorman Engine Mount

Dorman Window Switch

Dorman Wheel

Dorman Radiator Hose

Dorman Expansion Tank

Dorman Window Motor

Dorman Sway Bar Link

Dorman Control Arm Bushing

Dorman Oil Pan

Dorman Power Steering Pressure Hose

Dorman Exhaust Manifold

Dorman Strut Mount

Dorman Auxiliary Fan Assembly

Dorman Blower Motor Resistor

Dorman Antenna Mast

Dorman ABS Speed Sensor

Dorman Valve Cover Gasket

Dorman Brake Master Cylinder

Dorman EGR Valve

Dorman Fan Clutch

Dorman Camshaft Position Sensor

Dorman Control Arm Bushing Kit

Dorman CV Boot Kit

Dorman Wheel Hub

Dorman Throttle Position Sensor

Dorman Hazard Flasher Switch

Dorman Throttle Body

Dorman Fuel Level Sending Unit

Dorman Clutch Slave Cylinder

Dorman Ignition Lock Cylinder

Dorman Ignition Switch

Dorman Third Brake Light

Dorman Clutch Master Cylinder

Dorman Brake Hose

Dorman Timing Belt Tensioner

Dorman Fuel Pressure Regulator

Dorman Oil Dipstick

Dorman Fan Blade

Dorman Fuel Tank

Dorman Oil Drain Plug Gasket

Dorman Accessory Belt Idler Pulley

Dorman Heater Valve

Dorman Fuel Filler Neck

Dorman Parking Brake Cable

Dorman Oil Drain Plug

Dorman Tailgate Handle

Dorman Air Intake Hose

Dorman Headlight Switch

Dorman Headlight Bezel

Dorman Thermostat Housing

Dorman Auxiliary Water Pump

Dorman PCV Valve

Dorman Fan Shroud

Dorman Exhaust Hanger

Dorman Accessory Belt Tensioner

Dorman Driveshaft

Dorman Mirror Switch

Dorman Expansion Tank Cap

Dorman Timing Chain Tensioner

Dorman TPMS Sensor

Dorman Strut Bellows

Dorman License Plate Bracket

Dorman Oil Filler Cap

Dorman Washer Reservoir

Dorman Windshield Wiper Arm

Dorman Engine Harmonic Balancer

Dorman Shock Mount

Dorman Exhaust Clamp

Dorman Automatic Transmission Solenoid

Dorman Caliper Repair Kit

Dorman Purge Valve

Dorman Wheel Cylinder

Dorman Hood Release Cable

Dorman Fuel Door Hinge

Dorman Reference Sensor

Dorman Stop Light Switch

Dorman Oil Cooler Hose

Dorman Intake Manifold Gasket Set

Dorman Ignition Lock Housing

Dorman Intake Manifold

Dorman Oil Cooler

Dorman Bulb Socket

Dorman Power Steering Reservoir

Dorman Oil Cooler Seal

Dorman Axle Shaft

Dorman Tail Light Bulb Holder

Dorman Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler

Dorman Crankcase Vent Valve

Dorman Timing Cover

Dorman Automatic Transmission Dipstick

Dorman Automatic Transmission Speed Sensor

Dorman Vacuum Pump

Dorman Water Pump Pulley

Dorman Cup Holder

Dorman Trailing Arm Bushing

Dorman Tail Light PC Board

Dorman Lug Nut

Dorman Sway Bar Bushing Kit

Dorman Wiper Switch

Dorman Subframe Bushing Kit

Dorman A/C Condenser Fan Assembly

Dorman Door Check

Dorman Strut Mount Bushing

Dorman Door Mirror Glass

Dorman Fuel Screen

Dorman Transfer Case Motor

Dorman Automatic Transmission Pan

Dorman Window Regulator Roller

Dorman Radiator Mount

Dorman ABS Control Unit

Dorman Tailgate Hinge Kit

Dorman Speedometer Transmitter

Dorman Stabilizer Bar Link

Dorman PCV Valve Grommet

Dorman Door Seal

Dorman Bypass Hose

Dorman Glove Box Latch

Dorman Heater Control Knob

Dorman Door Hinge Pin & Bushing Kit

Dorman Headlamp Socket

Dorman Power Steering Pump Pulley

Dorman Automatic Transmission Shift Linkage Bushing

Dorman Oil Filter Stand Gasket

Dorman Pilot Bearing

Dorman Tail Lamp Socket

Dorman Leaf Spring Hanger

Dorman Air Flap Actuator

Dorman Air Bag Clockspring

Dorman Track Bar

Dorman Trailing Arm

Dorman Clutch Hose

Dorman Hood Release Handle

Dorman Water Distribution Pipe

Dorman Door Contact Switch

Dorman Radiator Mount Bracket

Dorman Seat Switch

Dorman Tailgate Handle Bezel

Dorman Clutch Pedal Pad

Dorman Fuel Injector O-Ring

Dorman Intake Manifold Runner Valve

Dorman Brake Proportioning Valve

Dorman 4WD Actuator

Dorman Leaf Spring

Dorman Oil Filter Housing

Dorman Oil Filter Housing Cap

Dorman Exhaust Stud

Dorman Washer Hose

Dorman Subframe Mount

Dorman Leaf Spring Shackle

Dorman Fuel Line

Dorman 4WD Switch

Dorman Trunk Lid Pull Down Motor

Dorman Cam Plug

Dorman Headlight Retainer

Dorman Shock Mounting Kit

Dorman Brake Pedal Pad

Dorman Muffler Kit

Dorman Undercar Shield

Dorman Steering Column Shift Mechanism

Dorman Drum Brake Hardware Kit

Dorman Spark Plug Wire Holder

Dorman Seat Heater Pad

Dorman Camshaft Synchronizer

Dorman Differential Cover

Dorman ABS Wheel Speed Sensor Wire Harness

Dorman Glow Plug Control Module

Dorman Heater Hose Set

Dorman Flywheel Bolt

Dorman Differential Mount

Dorman Gear Selector Lever

Dorman Engine Cooling Fan Pulley Bracket

Dorman Radius Rod Bushing

Dorman HVAC Heater Blend Door

Dorman Wheel Stud

Dorman Air Spring

Dorman PCV Hose

Dorman Fuel Door Spring

Dorman Accelerator Pedal

Dorman Door Mirror Cover

Dorman Brake Backing Plate

Dorman Door Hinge

Dorman Fuel Tank Strap

Dorman Leaf Spring Bushing

Dorman Steering Knuckle

Dorman Subframe Bushing

Dorman A/C Temperature Switch

Dorman Fuel Filter Cap

Dorman Alternator Pulley

Dorman Vacuum Check Valve

Dorman Drive Shaft Center Support Bearing

Dorman Wiper Motor Pulse Board Module

Dorman Stabilizer Bar

Dorman EGR Line

Dorman Automatic Transmission Selector Cable

Dorman Vacuum Pump Repair Kit

Dorman Clutch Alignment Tool

Dorman Carbon Canister

Dorman Steering Shaft

Dorman Door Lock Knob

Dorman Exhaust Manifold Bolt and Spring

Dorman Automatic Transmission Conductor Plate

Dorman Fuel Tank Vent Valve

Dorman Valve Cover

Dorman Fuel Hose Clamp

Dorman Fuel Pump Driver Module

Dorman Bumper End Cap

Dorman Battery Tray

Dorman Power Steering Reservoir Cap

Dorman Vacuum Switching Valve

Dorman Parking Brake Release Handle

Dorman ABS Ring

Dorman Control Arm Support Bracket

Dorman TPMS Valve Kit

Dorman Door Check Strap

Dorman Tailgate Moulding

Dorman HVAC Blower Motor Resistor Connector

Dorman Air Cleaner Bracket

Dorman Automatic Transmission Plug Adapter

Dorman Hood Latch

Dorman Tailgate Support Cable

Dorman Exhaust Spring

Dorman Central Lock Switch

Dorman Auto Trans Oil Cooler Hose Assembly

Dorman Air Spring to Coil Spring Conversion Kit

Dorman Headlight Switch Knob

Dorman Fuel Filler Neck Seal

Dorman Oil Cooler Gasket Set

Dorman Accelerator Pedal Sensor

Dorman Fuel Level Sensor

Dorman Fuel Injector Line

Dorman License Lamp Lense

Dorman Drum Brake Self Adjuster Repair Kit

Dorman Locking Hub

Dorman Seat Back Recliner Adjustment Handle

Dorman Bumper Trim

Dorman Window Crank Handle

Dorman Automatic Transmission Shift Linkage Clip

Dorman Oil Filter Adapter O-Ring

Dorman Sliding Window Latch

Dorman PCV T Fitting

Dorman License Lamp Socket

Dorman Control Arm Stop

Dorman Power Steering Cooler

Dorman Axle Shaft Seal

Dorman Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor

Dorman Fuel Tank Sending Unit Lock Ring

Dorman Bumper Cover Retainer

Dorman Knuckle Bushing

Dorman Clutch Lever

Dorman Wheel Bearing Dust Cap

Dorman Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Band

Dorman Spindle Nut

Dorman Headlight Level Sensor

Dorman Exhaust Flange Stud and Nut

Dorman Trailer Hitch Plug

Dorman Windshield Wiper Linkage Bushing

Dorman Roof Marker Light

Dorman Auto Trans Shift Tube

Dorman Brake Dust Shield

Dorman Headlight Connector

Dorman Door Latch Cable

Dorman Power Window Motor Gear

Dorman Alternator Adapter Plug

Dorman Radius Arm Bracket

Dorman Engine Coolant Filler Neck

Dorman Engine Mount Bracket

Dorman Tail Light Harness

Dorman Brake Master Repair Kit

Dorman Clutch Hydraulic Line

Dorman Door Lock Striker

Dorman 4WD Axle Actuator Housing

Dorman Door Lock Rod Clip

Dorman Crossover Pipe

Dorman Steering Wheel Motion Sensor

Dorman Spindle Lock Nut Kit

Dorman HVAC Heater Hose Outlet Tube

Dorman Door Glass Attaching Clips

Dorman Battery Hold Down

Dorman Window Regulator Tape

Dorman Leak Detection Pump

Dorman Rack and Pinion Mount Bushing

Dorman Back Up Lamp Socket

Dorman Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit

Dorman Oxygen Sensor Gasket

Dorman Transfer Case Switch

Dorman Steering Column Repair Kit

Dorman PCV Valve Diaphragm

Dorman Parking Distance Sensor

Dorman Clutch Master/Slave Assembly

Dorman PCV Valve Tubing

Dorman Fuel Line Connector

Dorman Engine Crankcase Breather Element

Dorman Caliper Bushing

Dorman Radiator Drain Petcock

Dorman Fuel Water Separator Valve

Dorman Ignition Switch Actuator Pin

Dorman Steering Shaft Repair Kit

Dorman Horn Contact

Dorman Knock Sensor Connector

Dorman Fuel Injection Harness Connector

Dorman A/C Compressor By Pass Pulley

Dorman Hose - Fuel

Dorman Dome Light Lens

Dorman Distributor Housing Seal Kit

Dorman Auto Trans Overdrive Button Kit

Dorman Transfer Case Control Module

Dorman Headlight Adjusting Screw

Dorman Shock Mount Insulator

Dorman Headlight Motor Gear

Dorman Differential Ring and Pinion

Dorman Crankcase Breather Hose

Dorman Window Guide

Dorman Spark Plug Thread Repair Kit

Dorman Brake Master Cylinder Cap

Dorman Control Arm and Ball Joint Assembly

Dorman Drive Shaft CV Joint

Dorman Watts Link

Dorman Engine Water Pump Stud Kit

Dorman Manual Trans Shift Cable Bushing

Dorman Auto Trans Oil Cooler Line Connector

Dorman Tailgate Striker Bolt

Dorman Sun Visor Clip

Dorman Door Window Seal

Dorman Throttle Return Spring

Dorman Hood Prop Rod Retainer

Dorman Trunk Release Motor Housing

Dorman Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir Cap

Dorman Transfer Case Control Lever

Dorman Turbocharger Intercooler Hose

Dorman Throttle Position Sensor Connector

Dorman Wheel Lock Set

Dorman Shock Absorber Mount Bushing

Dorman Headlight Bulb Retainer

Dorman Spindle Stub Shaft

Dorman Fuel Pump Tank Seal

Dorman Radius Arm and Ball Joint

Dorman Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Connector

Dorman Parking Brake Pedal Pad

Dorman Water Pump Inlet Tube

Dorman Door Check Pin

Dorman Fuel Injector Sleeve

Dorman Leaf Spring Bumper

Dorman Door Hinge Spring

Dorman Cornering Lamp Socket

Dorman Lateral Arm

Dorman Steering Column Lock Actuator

Dorman Interior Light Switch

Dorman Air Charge Temperature Sensor Connector

Dorman Caliper Bolt Kit

Dorman Fuel Filler Door Lock Actuator

Dorman Supercharger Coupling

Dorman Window Glass Lift Plate

Dorman Heater Hose Connector

Dorman Expansion Plug

Dorman Intake Manifold Isolator Bolt

Dorman Liftgate Strap Repair Kit

Dorman Clutch Pedal Bushing

Dorman 4WD Actuator Wire Harness

Dorman Radio Knob

Dorman Steering Shaft Slip Joint

Dorman Wheel Nut Cover

Dorman Voltage Regulator Connector

Dorman Vacuum Reservoir

Dorman Intake Manifold Vacuum Retainer Bushing

Dorman Windshield Wiper Arm Cover

Dorman Tailgate Rubber Stop

Dorman Center High Mount Stop Light Socket

Dorman Spark Plug Non-Fouler

Dorman Timing Cover Plug

Dorman Daytime Running Lamp Socket

Dorman Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler Thermostat

Dorman 4WD Actuator Cable

Dorman Parking Brake Lever Boot

Dorman Power Window Motor Gear Plug

Dorman Variable Timing Solenoid

Dorman Cylinder Head Plug

Dorman Oil Cooler Line Connector

Dorman Fuel Tank Attaching Hardware

Dorman Expansion Plug Kit

Dorman Windshield Washer Pump Repair Kit

Dorman Caliper Bracket Mounting Bolt

Dorman Turn Signal Cam

Dorman Carburetor Choke Thermostat Connector

Dorman Valve Cover Gasket O-Ring

Dorman Door Hinge Roller

Dorman Auto Trans Shift Lever Control Rod Bushing

Dorman Differential Crush Sleeve

Dorman Door Hinge Pin

Dorman Door Window Switch Connector

Dorman Engine Control Module

Dorman EGR Transducer

Dorman Shift Interlock Latch

Dorman Leaf Spring Insulator

Dorman Fuel Door Release Repair Kit

Dorman Engine Oil Galley Plug

Dorman Parking Brake Cable Equalizer

Dorman Shock Bumper

Dorman Brake Line

Dorman Clutch Pivot Ball

Dorman Brake Master Cylinder Cap Gasket

Dorman Brake Hydraulic Hose to Caliper Bolt Washer

Dorman Engine Mount Bolt

Dorman Torsion Bar Mount

Dorman Door Hinge Bushing

Dorman Header Pipe Bolt

Dorman Door Latch Assembly

Dorman Fuel Injection Harness

Dorman Vacuum Pump Pulley

Dorman Steering Coupling Assembly

Dorman Tailgate Latch Rod

Dorman Cylinder Head Bolt

Dorman A/C Compressor Control Valve

Dorman Ignition Harness

Dorman Cigarette Lighter Socket Connector

Dorman Horn Connector

Dorman Transfer Case Gasket

Dorman Parking Brake Hardware Kit

Dorman Tailgate Striker Plate

Dorman U Joint Strap Kit

Dorman Alternator Bracket

Dorman U Joint U-Bolt Kit

Dorman HVAC Control Duct Hose

Dorman Brake Pedal Bushing

Dorman Differential Cover Plug

Dorman Rack and Sector Gear Kit

Dorman Seat Belt Buckle Button Stop

Dorman Heater Hose Fitting

Dorman Oil Filler Tube Grommet

Dorman Brake Hydraulic Hose to Caliper Bolt

Dorman Brake Light Switch Retainer

Dorman Power Steering Pump Washer

Dorman 12 Volt Accessory Power Outlet Cover

Dorman 4WD Actuator Fork

Dorman 4WD Actuator Valve

Dorman 4WD Hub Locking Solenoid

Dorman A/C Clutch Coil Connector

Dorman A/C Service Valve

Dorman A/C Service Valve Cap

Dorman Accelerator Pedal Bracket

Dorman Air Compressor

Dorman Air Dam Clip

Dorman Alternator Bushing

Dorman Alternator Extender Harness

Dorman Ash Tray Light Bulb

Dorman Audio / Video Jack

Dorman Auto Trans Case Cover

Dorman Auto Trans Case Vent

Dorman Auto Trans Case Vent Valve

Dorman Auto Trans Drain Plug

Dorman Auto Trans Drain Plug Gasket

Dorman Auto Trans Indicator Light Bulb

Dorman Auto Trans Mount Bushing

Dorman Auto Trans Oil Cooler O-Ring

Dorman Auto Trans Shift Cable Bushing

Dorman Auto Trans Shift Cover Plate

Dorman Auto Trans Shift Indicator Cable Bracket

Dorman Auto Trans Shift Lever Bushing

Dorman Auto Trans Shift Lever Knob

Dorman Auto Trans Shift Tube Bushing

Dorman Auto Trans Shift Tube Clamp

Dorman Auto Trans Shifter Repair Kit

Dorman Auto Trans Throttle Valve

Dorman Auto Trans Valve Body Sealing Sleeve

Dorman AWD Coupling Oil Pump

Dorman Axle Bumper

Dorman Axle Pivot Bushing

Dorman Axle Shaft Lock C-Clip

Dorman Axle Support Bushing

Dorman Axle Vent

Dorman Back Up Alarm

Dorman Back Up Light Bulb

Dorman Battery Fuse

Dorman Battery Terminal Bolt

Dorman Battery Vent Tube

Dorman Body Bolt

Dorman Body Control Module Retainer

Dorman Body Mount

Dorman Body Wiring Harness Clip

Dorman Brake Bleeder Screw

Dorman Brake Hose Lock

Dorman Brake Hydraulic Line Kit

Dorman Brake Light Bulb

Dorman Bumper Cap

Dorman Bumper Grille Insert

Dorman Caliper Bolt

Dorman Center Console Base

Dorman Center Console Hinge Repair Kit

Dorman Center Console Latch

Dorman Check Engine Light Bulb

Dorman Cigarette Lighter

Dorman Cigarette Lighter Kit

Dorman Clock Light

Dorman Coil Spring Bracket

Dorman Console Lid

Dorman Control Arm Ball Bushing

Dorman Control Arm Link

Dorman Convertible Top Switch Connector

Dorman Coolant Air Bleeder

Dorman Coolant Hose Connector

Dorman Coolant Pipe

Dorman Courtesy Light Bulb

Dorman Cowl Panel Retainer

Dorman Crankcase Breather Hose Check Valve

Dorman Dash Board Air Vent

Dorman Daytime Running Lamp Module Connector

Dorman Daytime Running Light Bulb

Dorman Daytime Running Light Module

Dorman Diesel Emissions Fluid Pump

Dorman Diesel Emissions Fluid Tank

Dorman Diesel Emissions Fluid Temperature Sensor

Dorman Diesel Fuel Filter Bleeder Screw

Dorman Diesel Fuel Injector Driver Module Resistor

Dorman Diesel Fuel Injector Pump Driver Relocation Kit

Dorman Diesel Fuel Injector Rail Plug

Dorman Diesel Glow Plug Power Strap

Dorman Diesel Glow Plug Wiring Harness

Dorman Diesel High Pressure Oil Pump Seal Kit

Dorman Diesel Injection Control Pressure Harness

Dorman Diesel Injection Control Pressure Sensor

Dorman Diesel Particulate Filter

Dorman Differential Bearing Kit

Dorman Differential Dynamic Dampener

Dorman Differential Lock Actuator

Dorman Differential Lock Sensor

Dorman Differential Lock Sensor Connector

Dorman Differential Mount Bushing

Dorman Differential Pinion Flange

Dorman Differential Pinion Shaft Lock Bolt

Dorman Differential Pinion Shaft Nut

Dorman Distributor Cap O-Ring

Dorman Dome Light Bulb

Dorman Door Ajar Switch Connector

Dorman Door Glass Spacer

Dorman Door Hinge Screw

Dorman Door Interior Reflector

Dorman Door Interior Trim Panel Retainer

Dorman Door Latch Cable Repair Kit

Dorman Door Lock Actuator Motor

Dorman Door Lock Striker Anti-Rattle Kit

Dorman Door Mirror Drive Motor

Dorman Door Mirror Turn Signal Light

Dorman Door Panel Install Kit

Dorman Door Window Switch Bezel

Dorman Drive Belt Idler Pulley Adjustment Bolt Kit

Dorman Drive Belt Tensioner Pulley

Dorman Drive Shaft Coupler

Dorman Drive Shaft Slip Yoke

Dorman Driver Information Display Switch

Dorman EGR Cooler

Dorman EGR Cooler Gasket Kit

Dorman EGR Cooler Hose

Dorman EGR Line Gasket

Dorman EGR Pressure Feedback Hose

Dorman EGR Tube Connector

Dorman EGR Vacuum and Evaporation Pressure Regulator Solenoid Valve

Dorman EGR Valve Control Switch

Dorman Electric Fuel Pump Repair Kit

Dorman Electric Sliding Door Actuator Connector

Dorman Electronic Load Detector

Dorman Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Clip

Dorman Engine Coolant Thermostat Housing Assembly

Dorman Engine Cooling Fan Module

Dorman Engine Cooling Fan Motor Connector

Dorman Engine Cooling Fan Resistor Kit

Dorman Engine Cooling Fan Shroud Clip

Dorman Engine Crankcase Ventilation Cover

Dorman Engine Cylinder Deactivation Solenoid

Dorman Engine Oil Drainback Valve

Dorman Engine Oil Filter Adapter

Dorman Engine Oil Filter Bypass Valve

Dorman Engine Oil Filter Housing Return Tube

Dorman Engine Oil Hose

Dorman Engine Oil Pressure Sensor

Dorman Engine Oil Pressure Sensor Filter

Dorman Engine Splash Shield Hardware

Dorman Engine Timing Chain Guide Bolt

Dorman Engine Variable Valve Timing Sprocket

Dorman Evaporative Emissions System Lines

Dorman Evaporative Emissions System Pressure Sensor

Dorman Exhaust Backpressure Sensor

Dorman Exhaust Manifold Hardware Kit

Dorman Exhaust Manifold to Cylinder Head Repair Clamp

Dorman Exhaust Manifold with Integrated Catalytic Converter

Dorman Exterior Molding Clip

Dorman Fender Liner Retainer

Dorman Fender Molding Retainer

Dorman Fog Light Connector

Dorman Frame Repair Kit

Dorman Fuel Cooler

Dorman Fuel Filler Door Relay Connector

Dorman Fuel Filler Door Switch

Dorman Fuel Filter Primer Housing Seal Kit

Dorman Fuel Filter Spring

Dorman Fuel Injection Fuel Feed and Return Pipe Seal Kit

Dorman Fuel Injection Fuel Feed Hose Seal

Dorman Fuel Injection Return Line Gasket Kit

Dorman Fuel Injector Control Module

Dorman Fuel Line Clip

Dorman Fuel Pressure Regulator Service Kit

Dorman Fuel Pump Push Rod

Dorman Fuel Tank Skid Plate

Dorman Glove Box Door

Dorman Glove Box Lamp Connector

Dorman Glove Box Light Bulb

Dorman Grab Handle

Dorman Grille Retainer

Dorman Harmonic Balancer Bolt

Dorman Harmonic Balancer Pulley

Dorman Headlight Adjuster Kit

Dorman Headlight Adjusting Motor

Dorman Headlight Bucket Kit

Dorman Headlight Control Module Connector

Dorman Headlight Switch Connector

Dorman Headrest Mechanism

Dorman Heater Core Tube

Dorman Heater Water Pump

Dorman High Beam Indicator Light Bulb

Dorman High Pressure Oil Rail Ball Installation Tool

Dorman High Pressure Oil Rail Repair Kit

Dorman High Voltage Power Fuse Box

Dorman Hood Insulation Pad Clip

Dorman Hood Seal Clip

Dorman Hood Stop Support

Dorman Horn Contact Repair Kit

Dorman HVAC Air Inlet Door Actuator Connector

Dorman HVAC Air Outlet Retainer

Dorman HVAC Blend Door Repair Kit

Dorman HVAC Blower Fan Switch

Dorman HVAC Blower Motor Resistor Kit

Dorman HVAC Control Module

Dorman HVAC Heater Hose Retainer Clip

Dorman HVAC Heater Pipe

Dorman Hybrid Drive Cooling Pump

Dorman Hybrid Vehicle Motor / Electronics Coolant Reservoir

Dorman Ignition Switch Actuator

Dorman Impact Sensor

Dorman Instrument Cluster Repair Kit

Dorman Instrument Cluster Upgrade Kit

Dorman Instrument Panel Lamp Socket

Dorman Instrument Panel Light Bulb

Dorman Intake Manifold Actuator

Dorman Intake Manifold Adjuster Repair Kit

Dorman Intake Manifold Expansion Plug

Dorman Intake Manifold Runner Control Motor

Dorman Intercooler Boot Kit

Dorman Interior Door Handle

Dorman Interior Door Handle Bezel

Dorman Interior Door Light Bulb

Dorman Interior Door Light Bulb Socket

Dorman Interior Door Pull Handle

Dorman Interior Panel Retainer

Dorman Inverter Cooler

Dorman Inverter Cooler Water Pump

Dorman Keyless Remote Case

Dorman Lateral Link and Ball Joint Assembly

Dorman Leaf Spring Bumper Spacer

Dorman Leaf Spring Plate

Dorman Leaf Spring Shackle/Bracket Kit

Dorman License Light Bulb

Dorman Liftgate Glass Hinge

Dorman Liftgate Latch Handle

Dorman Liftgate Lock Actuator

Dorman Liftgate Pull Handle

Dorman Liftgate Release Switch

Dorman Lighting Control Module Repair Kit

Dorman Locking Hub Service Kit

Dorman Luggage Compartment Light Bulb

Dorman Manual Trans Shift Knob

Dorman Manual Trans Shift Lever Bushing

Dorman Manual Trans Shifter Repair Kit

Dorman Map Light Bulb

Dorman Molding Retainer

Dorman Multi Function Switch

Dorman NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) Sensor

Dorman Object Sensor Module

Dorman Odometer Drive Gear

Dorman Oil Cooler Gasket

Dorman Oil Dipstick Flange Repair Kit

Dorman Oil Dipstick Tube

Dorman Oil Filler Tube

Dorman Oil Pump Bushing

Dorman Oil Pump Drain Plug

Dorman Oil Reservoir Gasket

Dorman Oil Separator Cover

Dorman Oil Stand Pipe

Dorman Outside Door Handle Reinforcement

Dorman Overhead Console Light Housing

Dorman Park Assist Camera

Dorman Parking Brake Actuator Gear Kit

Dorman Parking Brake Bell Crank

Dorman Parking Brake Cable Connector

Dorman Parking Brake Handle Assembly

Dorman Parking Brake Lever Kit

Dorman Parking Brake Release Cable

Dorman Parking Brake Strut

Dorman Parking Light Bulb

Dorman Parking Light Bulb Socket

Dorman Pipe Plug

Dorman Power Brake Filter

Dorman Power Seat Track Motor Connector

Dorman Power Seat Track Repair Kit

Dorman Power Sliding Door Cable

Dorman Power Steering Hose Connector

Dorman Power Take Off Assembly

Dorman Power Vent Window Motor

Dorman Pressure Regulator Seal

Dorman Push Rod Gasket Set

Dorman Radiator Fan Relay Kit

Dorman Radiator Mount Bushing

Dorman Radiator Shutter Assembly

Dorman Radiator Support Baffle Clip

Dorman Radius Arm Bushing Kit Chassis

Dorman Rear Main Seal Cover

Dorman Rear Panel Applique

Dorman Rear Window Washer Fluid Pump Motor Connector

Dorman Remote Control Transmitter for Keyless Entry / Alarm System

Dorman Rocker Arm Shaft End Plug

Dorman Rocker Panel Molding Retainer

Dorman Seat Adjustment Gear

Dorman Seat Adjustment Handle

Dorman Seat Track Cover

Dorman Secondary Air Injection Check Valve

Dorman Secondary Air Injection Control Valve

Dorman Secondary Air Injection Pump

Dorman Shift Interlock Actuator

Dorman Shift Interlock Module

Dorman Shift Interlock Solenoid

Dorman Shock Rust Repair Kit

Dorman Side Marker Light Bulb

Dorman Side Marker Light Socket

Dorman Side Sliding Door Roller Assembly

Dorman Sliding Door Motor Harness

Dorman Spare Tire Hoist

Dorman Spare Tire Jack Handle / Wheel Lug Wrench

Dorman Spindle Nut Retainer

Dorman Splash Shield Retainer

Dorman Steering Shaft Bearing

Dorman Steering Shaft Universal Joint

Dorman Strut Rod

Dorman Sun Visor

Dorman Sun Visor Bracket

Dorman Sunglass Holder

Dorman Suspension Air Compressor Line Repair Kit

Dorman Suspension Air Strut

Dorman Suspension Control Arm Bolt

Dorman Suspension Knuckle

Dorman Suspension Ride Height Sensor

Dorman Tachometer Sensor

Dorman Tailgate Hinge

Dorman Tailgate Hinge Bushing

Dorman Tailgate Hinge Pin and Bushing Kit

Dorman Tailgate Latch

Dorman Tailgate Latch Bracket

Dorman Tailgate Lock Actuator Motor

Dorman Tailgate Release Switch

Dorman Thermostat Bypass Pipe

Dorman Throttle Body Motor

Dorman Tilt Column Release Cable

Dorman Time Delay Relay Accessory Connector

Dorman Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor Hardware Kit

Dorman Toe Compensator Link

Dorman TPMS Programmable Sensor

Dorman Trailer Brake Control Module Circuit Board

Dorman Trailer Tow Harness Connector

Dorman Trailing Arm Bracket

Dorman Transaxle Input Speed Sensor

Dorman Transaxle Output Speed Sensor

Dorman Transfer Case Control Lever Bushing

Dorman Transfer Case Encoder Ring

Dorman Transfer Case Housing

Dorman Transfer Case Motor Gear

Dorman Transfer Case Output Shaft Seal Kit

Dorman Transfer Case Shift Fork

Dorman Transfer Case Shift Linkage

Dorman Transmission Control Module

Dorman Transmission Range Sensor

Dorman Transmission Shift Boot

Dorman Truck Bed Floor Support

Dorman Truck Bed Mounting Hardware

Dorman Truck Cab Mount

Dorman Trunk Floor Access Cover Clip

Dorman Trunk Lid Release Switch

Dorman Trunk Light Bulb

Dorman Trunk Lining Retainer

Dorman Trunk Lock Actuator Motor

Dorman Turbocharger

Dorman Turbocharger Coolant Line

Dorman Turbocharger Diverter Valve

Dorman Turbocharger Mounting Kit

Dorman Turbocharger Oil Line

Dorman Turbocharger Stud

Dorman Turbocharger Up Pipe

Dorman Turbocharger Up Pipe Kit

Dorman Turbocharger Vibration Dampener

Dorman Turbocharger Wastegate Solenoid

Dorman Turn Signal / Parking Light Assembly

Dorman Turn Signal Cam Retainer Spring

Dorman Turn Signal Light Bulb

Dorman Vapor Canister Vent Solenoid

Dorman Variable Restrictor Valve

Dorman Variable Timing Solenoid Gasket

Dorman Vent Window Latch

Dorman Water in Fuel Sensor

Dorman Weather Strip Fastener

Dorman Wheel Bearing Retaining Ring

Dorman Wheel Cap

Dorman Wheel Hub Bolt

Dorman Wheel Hub Screw

Dorman Wheel Hub Seal Kit

Dorman Wheel Lug Bolt

Dorman Window Motor Mount Repair Kit

Dorman Window Regulator Hardware Kit

Dorman Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir Filter

Dorman Windshield Washer Nozzle

Dorman Windshield Washer Nozzle Gasket

Dorman Windshield Washer Pump Grommet

Dorman Windshield Wiper Linkage

Dorman Windshield Wiper Transmission Gear

Dorman Xenon Headlight Igniter

Dorman Xenon Lighting Ballast

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If it’s time to replace any of your vehicle’s original equipment, Dorman makes everything you could possibly need. Whether you seek vital performance parts that will keep your vehicle running or accessories for changing its look, there’s a Dorman product at Parts Geek for you. Owners of small cars and heavy-duty trucks alike will be able to find Dorman product solutions here.

Since Dorman makes such a wide variety of OE-quality replacement products, you can save time by buying all of your automotive products in one place. You'll also save money since the Dorman auto parts company sells each product at a reasonable price. And because the manufacturer imbues so much confidence in its solutions, many of them come with a lifetime warranty.

Learn about Dorman's lights, lines, and more on our online catalog pages at Parts Geek to see which of the manufacturer's many car parts we have in our product inventory. We offer free shipping and delivery on many items - and outstanding customer service with all purchases. Feel free to contact our service team for more information about a certain product - we'll gladly have a chat with you. Just call 1-800-541-9352.

A Distinguished History

As a leader in the OEM replacement parts industry, Dorman constantly strives to develop innovations—hence the slogan, “New since 1918.”

More than 100 years ago, Cincinnati brothers Jack and Lew Dorman began selling salvaged components from junked cars that people could use to fix their vehicles. Before long, their business evolved into creating products based on consumer need: star washers, oil drain plugs, choke controls, and so much more. They became a pioneer in the industry.

In 1978, Dorman was acquired by R&B Incorporated, whose president, Richard Berman, helped the company make a name for itself by developing products capable of replacing rare or expensive OE components.

Today, they have reclaimed its original name, and its focus on innovations also lives on: the company churns out roughly 4,000 new products every year. Investors praise the manufacturer’s crowdsourcing activities via the “New Product Ideas” form. Make sure to check Parts Geek regularly for new product announcements and other updates so you can get your fix with a Dorman product.

Featured Dorman Products

Dorman Lights

Did one of your OE lights blow out? Without this critical part, your vision—and therefore your safety—would become severely compromised.

Here’s the good news: Dorman produces replacement headlights and tail lights for every vehicle on the road. Each light is made from durable materials like rigid plastics, and because the engineers design the lights to match the intended vehicle's exact original dimensions, installation is a cinch—few to no tools required.

Dorman Fuel Lines

This crucial part consists of hoses that carry fuel from one point in a vehicle to another. Unfortunately, even the highest-quality fuel can’t prevent gunk from building up in OEM fuel lines. Signs of a clogged fuel line include engine sputtering or an inability to drive the car at all.

When the time comes to address fuel line issues, re-routing original equipment fuel lines is a hassle you surely want to avoid, so enter Dorman OE FIX lines. These flexible stainless steel fuel lines are corrosion-resistant for longevity and cut to the exact length you need. Plus, the lines’ flexibility will help you save time during installation—up to two hours.

If you’d still rather fix your OEM fuel lines, though, you can also purchase a Dorman fuel line repair kit.

Dorman Brake Lines

Since a brake line carries pressurized fluid from the master cylinder to the wheels, this part helps bring your vehicle to a halt. Over time, exposure to corrosive road treatments will cause your OEM brake lines to rust and deteriorate, which results in brake fluid loss. It may take you longer to stop, or the pedal might feel spongy. The worst-case scenario is that your brakes might eventually fail altogether.

Fortunately, you can prevent such a disaster by equipping your vehicle with Dorman’s pressure-tested, corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel brake lines that will outlast their OE counterparts. A Dorman brake line kit comes with all of the components needed for a complete replacement solution.

The best part? Dorman pre-forms the brake lines so that you won’t have to bend, cut, or flare anything yourself, saving you tons of time during installation.

Dorman Active Suspension Parts

Your original-equipment passive suspension probably works at the mercy of road surfaces, but an active suspension by Dorman uses an onboard system to control the vertical movement of the wheels, resulting in a smoother ride. A product like this often costs an arm and a leg, but this brand offers active air suspension kits and more at the best prices.

Dorman’s all-new active suspension line consists of:

  • air suspension compressors

  • air shocks, struts, and springs

  • delete kits

  • magnetic ride shock absorbers (the first aftermarket part of its kind)

  • Dorman Wheels

    Wheels are essential. Without this critical part, you can't even get on the road. Whether you damaged an OE wheel in an accident or want to upgrade your whole set for off-roading activities, Dorman has solutions for you. The manufacturer puts all of its wheels through rigorous radial and axial run-out testing to meet safety standards, give you enough control on the road, and ensure maximum performance.

    Other Dorman Automotive Solutions

    With a catalog of more than 80,000 items, it’s obvious that Dorman’s innovations cover nearly every aspect of all vehicles. You’ll find Dorman OE solutions for:

  • mirrors

  • wheel hub and bearing assemblies

  • infotainment modules

  • countless other products

  • Do you require a Dorman window regulator or intake manifold? We've got it.

    Dorman even carries a line of solutions specifically for heavy-duty freight trucks, such as bumpers, grilles, headlights, and more.

    How Much Do Dorman Products Cost?

    Since Dorman's products cover a wide scope, the price of any single product depends on a variety of factors, including the function, size, materials, and manufacturing costs. We do our best to keep the price low for any product you may want. Costs will also vary by supplier, but luckily, you'll find the lowest prices for all Dorman products on our site.

    Shop Dorman Products, Inc. Replacement Parts

    Do you want to save time and money when replacing your vehicle's original equipment? Choose from hundreds of Dorman products right here on Parts Geek, your one-stop auto parts store with the best prices. If you'd like help finding anything at all, please don't hesitate to contact us for customer service. We're always happy to chat with our customers and help you navigate our site.

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