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1959-1977 Chrysler Town & Country<br>Competition Cams<br>1621-16

1959-1977 Chrysler Town & Country
Competition Cams
1997-2006 Ford F150<br>Competition Cams<br>102600

1997-2006 Ford F150
Competition Cams
2003-2007 Dodge Ram 1500<br>Competition Cams<br>7914-16

2003-2007 Dodge Ram 1500
Competition Cams
2001-2013 Chevrolet Corvette<br>Competition Cams<br>26918CS-KIT

2001-2013 Chevrolet Corvette
Competition Cams
1967-1975 Chevrolet Bel Air<br>Competition Cams<br>1820-16

1967-1975 Chevrolet Bel Air
Competition Cams

1 Year Limited Warranty. Bolt-On. Factory Spring-Loaded. Fully Adjustable. Maintains Desired Belt Tension.

Priced From $149.98

1 Year Limited Warranty. Eliminates Wear At Front Of Block. Unique Designs Set Up Thrust Clearance. Wear Plates Are Moly Coated.

Priced From $13.98

1 Year Limited Warranty. O-Ring.

Priced From $5.98

1 Year Limited Warranty. Exceptional Durability. Ideal For Stock Replacement And Mild Performance. Meet Or Exceed Original Equipment Specifications. Precision Cast Iron Camshaft And Crank Gear Sprocket.

Priced From $28.98

1 Year Limited Warranty. Long Life In All Applications. Stainless Steel.

Priced From $4.98

1 Year Limited Warranty. Single Outer. Valve Springs.

Priced From $81.98

1 Year Limited Warranty. Black Oxide Finished With Laser Etched Part No. And Length. Guide Plate Compatibility. Heat Treated For Extended Durability. Ideal For Serious Street Performance And Race Applications. One Piece Construction From .080 in. Wall Seamless Chromemoly. Precision Formed And Reinforced Ends.

Priced From $1.98

1 Year Limited Warranty. 4140 Chromemoly. Black Oxide Finish. Handle Higher Pressures. Superior Strength. Ultimate Stability.

Priced From $52.98

1 Year Limited Warranty. Cams Are Very Aggressive. Deliver More Power Than Standard Camshafts. Designed For Performance Oriented Vehicles.

Priced From $183.98
with FREE Shipping

1 Year Limited Warranty. 45 Extruded Aluminum Bronze. 5 Percent Nickel. High-Strength Tooth Design. Resists Wear.

Priced From $50.98

1 Year Limited Warranty. Affordable Rocker Arms. Cost Effective Aluminum Construction. Durable Design Increases Valve Lift. Provides Superior Strength To Weight Ratio. Withstands The Rigors Of Moderate Race Use.

Priced From $88.98

1 Year Limited Warranty. Inside Tang. Precision Machined. Super Tough. Wider Angle.

Priced From $1.98

1 Year Limited Warranty. Cams Are Very Aggressive. Deliver More Power Than Standard Camshafts. Designed For Performance Oriented Vehicles.

Priced From $332.98
with FREE Shipping

1 Year Limited Warranty. Holds The Cam Back.

Priced From $5.98

1 Year Limited Warranty. Ford Stud Girdles. Solid Bar Design.

Priced From $206.98
with FREE Shipping

1 Year Limited Warranty. Light Weight Tubing.

Priced From $13.98

1 Year Limited Warranty. Includes Often Missed Parts. Makes Engine Assembly Easy.

Priced From $9.98

1 Year Limited Warranty. Designed Using Stereo Lithography Techniques For Accurate Fit. Feature Exact Stud Placement. Flat 1 Piece. Hardened And Black Oxide Finished. Non Adjustable. Rounded Contact Points.

Priced From $2.98

1 Year Limited Warranty. Caged Roller Bearings. Designed For Circle Track/Drag Racing. Performance-Proven. Stiffer More Durable 8620 Steel Alloy Material. Tested In NASCAR GM LS Spec Engine Series.

Priced From $130.98

1 Year Limited Warranty. Ground Perfectly Flat. Precision Machined. Removed With Relative Ease. Ultimate In Strength And Reliability.

Priced From $2.98

1 Year Limited Warranty. Eliminates Excessive Oiling At High Speeds. Heat Treated For Strength And Wear Resistance. Increased Engine Speed. Light Weight Check Valve. Longer Piston Than Conventional Lifters. Patented Constant Orifice Metering Valve.

Priced From $56.98

Comp Cams Performance Enthusiasts

If you're a muscle car enthusiast, you likely are proud to be part of a long-standing American tradition. With a history stemming back to 1955, the muscle car industry has been growing and innovating for nearly 70 years.

Choosing Comp Cams performance parts allows you to be part of another long-lived tradition rooted in a passion for automobiles and trucking. Read on to learn about this manufacturer and why they are a key leader in the industry that you love.

Lead the Competition with Comp Cams

Since 1977, Comp Cams- known colloquially as Comp Cams- has been selling valve train products. Over time, they began to acquire more manufacturers of transmissions as well as nitrous oxide and electric fuel engines. Their specialty auto performance parts are therefore diverse and well-maintained.

Comp Cams leading industry contribution has been the Spintron engine testing system. This system uses high-speed sensors and cameras to monitor and record engine performance data and then uses an electric motor to drive the engine. It finds performance issues by looking into camshaft flex, coil dynamics, and valve spring pressure.

Comp Cams also have expanded to manufacture a diverse repertoire of car and truck parts meant to boost engine performance. Their camshaft kits, rocker arm pivots, valve spring retainers, lifters, and pushrod guide plates have been boosting auto enthusiast's performance for over 40 years.

Performance Camshaft vs Stock

Performance camshafts are one of the main parts stocked and distributed by Comp Cams. These are different from stock camshafts in a few key ways that make them better for vehicle performance and installation.

A stock cam, at its most basic level, is just a rotating device that converts rotary motion into linear motion. It can also do the opposite (convert linear motion into rotary motion), but its repertoire does not expand beyond that.

The purpose of a stock cam is to mechanically control engine ignition, and it gets this job done effectively. Thus, it is a useful part for many automobile owners, but it is still rather primitive in comparison to performance camshafts.

Comp Cams camshafts have lobe profiles that are tailored to maximize the potential of an engine. They often have an altered valve lift that uses a higher lift on the lobe to increase its length and let more air into the inlet valves. This, of course, makes the engine more powerful.

They also may have altered valve timing that changes when the valves open and close and thereby alters the compression ratio. This can upgrade the power output nicely.

While there is nothing wrong with stock cams, they are not intended for use with muscle cars. 4x4s and coupe vehicles require the power provided by performance camshafts to run smoothly, efficiently, and quickly.

Comp Cams Camshaft Kits, Parts, and More

As wonderful as a competition camshaft is, it is not by any means the only quality part offered by Comp Cams. They have grown into an extremely diverse company over the years and therefore offer a large portfolio.

At PartsGeek, we offer some of Comp Cams' best parts, including:

  • Camshafts and performance camshafts (of course)

  • Lifter kits

  • Distributor drive gear

  • Valve stem seals

  • Valve lifters

  • Valve springs and retainers

  • Valve lash caps

  • Timing sets

  • Accessory belt tensioners

  • Rocker arm pivots

  • Pushrods, fuel pump pushrods, and guide plates

  • Note that you can purchase any of these parts as tailored to your individual vehicle. We stock Comp Cams' solutions for a multitude of auto makes, models, and years. All you need to do is click on the part that you're interested in and search for those made for your specific car or truck.

    Hold More Power With Comp Cams

    Because of their many features, Comp Cams' parts have a much higher capacity for holding power. When you use a performance camshaft and related parts, your engine will be able to go much faster and hold out for longer periods of time.

    This is ideal for many drivers including everyday commuters, but it is essential for those who like to explore off-road or haul cargo long distances. You will never need to worry about the internal temperature of large vehicles slowing down your engine or them trying too hard to generate the power necessary for your needs.

    With such high power parts, you may worry about whether or not they are affordable for an average muscle car enthusiast. You will be happy to know that PartsGeek offers all of these parts at a low price.

    Even our most expensive Comp Cams part, the full camshaft kit, is a low $333. For a full installation kit and all related parts, this is an excellent deal.

    Performance and Replacement Camshafts at PartsGeek

    Now that you know why Comp Cams is one of the best brands for car and truck enthusiasts, it's time to learn more about the parts that they offer.

    Call our customer support team at 1-800-541-9352 with any remaining questions that you have or to learn how you can place an order for the aftermarket part that you need.

    We are also happy to inform you of your order/credit status or to track an order once your part is on the way. We're excited to help you boost your vehicle performance as soon as possible with Comp Cams.

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