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Cloyes Logo Cloyes Timing Chain
Cloyes Timing Chain

Priced From $19.98
Cloyes Logo Cloyes Timing Chain Tensioner
Cloyes Timing Chain Tensioner

Priced From $20.98
Cloyes Logo Cloyes Timing Guide Rail
Cloyes Timing Guide Rail

Priced From $11.98
Cloyes Logo Cloyes Timing Chain Kit
Cloyes Timing Chain Kit

Priced From $76.98
Cloyes Logo Cloyes Timing Cover
Cloyes Timing Cover

Priced From $139.98
Cloyes Logo Cloyes Timing Set
Cloyes Timing Set

Priced From $14.98
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The Best-Priced Cloyes Products

For the best-priced timing chain products in the United States, buy Cloyes. This manufacturer keeps the price low on their products without compromising on quality, which is how they have come to be a household name from which customers expect only the best. At Parts Geek, you can find a Cloyes product for timing drive systems in nearly any vehicle and engine--and at a price that's hard to beat.

History You Can Trust at a Price You'll Love

Cloyes is an industry leader in the development of timing set components. For years, the company leaders have made it their business to build credibility by manufacturing first-rate products and delivering on promises and guarantees.

In 1921, Raymond T. Cloyes established the firm. He was a man who saw a need in the automotive industry for timing gear parts that people could trust to keep an engine running smoothly. In 1989, the company acquired Timing Gear Corporation. In 2019, Cloyes won the Best Products in the Hard Parts category at AAPEX 2019, a prestigious award for automotive aftermarket parts.

The result of that many years of experience is a Cloyes brand to which loyal customers keep returning on account of both quality and price. Cloyes has expertise with many types of vehicles, and it uses that expertise to make a low-price product that delivers superior results for each vehicle year, make, model, and engine. And if you follow automotive industry news, you'll know that Cloyes just keeps getting better.

Highest-Quality Timing Chain Products on the Market

The Cloyes team carefully tests all items to ensure that they fit performance requirements and quality standards. As a result, these products are some of the safest, sturdiest, and most reliable parts you can put into your vehicle's engine.

Cloyes manufactures the following types of gear, and more:

  • timing chain kits

  • individual timing chains

  • timing drive systems

  • Cloyes offers timing chain kits that meet or exceed OEM performance requirements. These are some of the best timing products available for your vehicle, all available in one convenient product. A timing chain kit may include any of the following components:

  • timing chain tensioner

  • timing covers

  • crankshaft sprockets

  • timing chain guide

  • balance shafts

  • Shipping is available at a low price on most items. Please contact the Parts Geek sales department to place an order. If you're unsure of the part number, we'll find it for you.

    How to Find the Part You Need for Your Vehicle

    When you visit the Cloyes pages on our Parts Geeks online catalog site, you will see that we separate all products into two categories: stock replacement and high performance. While all Cloyes products perform well, the manufacturer designs the high-performance parts to meet the demands of racecar and utility engines. And the price is definitely right on these, too.

    In the stock replacement category, you will find any part for a standard vehicle's timing gear system. You do not need to know the part number to track down a replacement part you need, as you can search by the year, make, and model of your vehicle. However, you may search by part number or VIN in the part finder if you prefer to.

    In the high performance category, you will find Hex-A-Just® True® Roller timing sets, Race Billet True® Roller timing sets, and Street True® Roller timing sets, as well as heavy-duty and specialty sets.

    Whether you drive a tiny car or a lifted Ford truck, you should be able to find a product to fit your needs in each of these categories. You can make sure that a part will give you the results you're looking for and fit your engine by looking up the part number for your vehicle. You can also view customer reviews and FAQs before buying to ensure that a product will be a good fit for your engine.

    What Is a Timing Chain and How Does It Work?

    A timing chain is one of the most important components of any vehicle's engine. It wraps around the camshaft gear and crankshaft gear in your engine to control your car's valves and pistons. Timing gear drives activity in your engine by ensuring that the camshaft and crankshaft are working in harmony.

    Some customers get confused about timing chain vs. timing belt, but the two products serve the same purpose. Chains are made of metal, and belts are made of rubber, but modern engines today typically use belts.

    Timing drive systems are vital to healthy engines, and a timing system in disrepair can become a sign of a deteriorating engine if left unchecked. The price of letting your timing system go unrepaired is steep, as prolonged issues can affect an engine's long-term performance.

    High-Performance Cloyes Timing Parts Built to Last

    Each item of Cloyes gear combines superior quality with a price to fit your needs and your budget.

    When you want results, Cloyes will do the trick. The company makes its timing elements using sturdy materials and tests them for reliability. For questions about Cloyes products, visit our Parts Geek website directly or call our customer service phone number at 1-800-541-9352.

    If you order a Cloyes timing chain kit, please see our site or talk to our team for detailed product specifications and installation tips.

    How Long Does a Timing Chain Last?

    Even durable timing chains wear out over time and need replacement to ensure that your valvetrain is running smoothly and your engine is giving you the results you want. Remember, your timing system is directly responsible for the wellbeing of your engine.

    High-quality Cloyes chain products should last at peak performance for between 40,000 and 100,000 miles. The better the quality of your timing chain products, the longer they'll last.

    A sign that your car could use a new timing belt or chain might be:

  • timing chain noise (rattling, clicking, etc.)

  • engine won't turn over or rev

  • car is leaking oil or metal shavings

  • Ignoring a sign that your timing gear is in trouble could lead to your engine's demise. Replace any product that shows excessive wear before you see symptoms and have to pay the price.

    To make sure that your engine does not experience mechanical failures or lose performance, keep an eye on the timing chain. And when you replace that component, it doesn't hurt to replace your engine's other chain-drive parts too, which is why it's smart to just go for a Cloyes kit.

    Your timing chain replacement cost is far less than the price of purchasing a new vehicle. Be sure to keep in mind that a higher price tag does not always mean a better product. A Cloyes timing kit is fit for even the finest vehicles, including luxury and race cars. So the next time you want excellent quality at a great price, remember to look for Cloyes gear at Parts Geek. You can search for components by name or part number throughout our site.

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