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Specializing in automotive mirrors and related products, CIPA is a privately owned company. It provides products to locations throughout the United States and Canada and consists of an aftermarket division and an original equipment division, making the company a leader in the automotive mirror industry. The company is vested in the full process of designing, producing, and distributing mirrors, plus accessories in the automotive in addition to marine and recreational industries. It is this presence in multiple markets that helps make the business so successful.

As a business, CIPA came together in 1986 to offer a supply of high quality, safe mirrors to meet the rear view needs of many applications. Most of the manufacturing capacity is at the company's Port Huron, Michigan headquarters, but various domestic and international assets are maintained to keep prices low. Products are often distributed directly to consumers while various other distribution channels are utilized along with relationships with other businesses. Recognized as a global leader, CIPA recently acquired an automotive lighting product line from EVO Formance. Nonetheless, it is still dedicated to producing innovative new products such as rear view mirrors to increase the safety of vehicles everywhere.

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CIPA Logo CIPA Mirror
CIPA OE Replacement Mirror

Cost Effective Alternative To Factory Replacements. Easy Installation With No Tools Required. Limited 1 Year Warranty. Look And Fit Of A Factory Mirror. QS9000 And ISO 9002 Certified.

Priced From $9.98
CIPA Logo CIPA Headlight Bulb
CIPA Headlight Bulb

15 Percent Brighter Than Factory Bulbs. DOT Approved. For Over 2000 Hours Of Safe Driving. Vistas H1 DOT White Bulb.

Priced From $4.98
CIPA Logo CIPA Fog Light Bulb
CIPA Fog Light Bulb

15 Percent Brighter Than Factory Bulbs. DOT Approved. For Over 2000 Hours Of Safe Driving. Vistas H1 DOT White Bulb.

Priced From $4.98
CIPA Logo CIPA Towing Mirror
CIPA Custom Towing Mirror

Custom Design Ensures A Perfect Fit. Does Not Obstruct Existing Mirror. Easy Installation With No Tools Required. Limited 1 Year Warranty. Sleek Custom Design Compliments Existing Mirror. Slides On Existing Mirror With Wedge Lock Security.

Priced From $22.98
CIPA Logo CIPA Door Mirror Bracket
CIPA Custom Towing Door Mirror Bracket

Ensures A Lifetime Of Satisfaction. Kit Accommodates 2 Custom Towing Mirrors. Limited 1 Year Warranty. More Economical Than Replacing Entire Mirror Kit. Parts Included In Custom Towing Mirror Kits. Provides Years Of Installation Reliability.

Priced From $3.98
CIPA Logo CIPA Towing Mirror Set
CIPA Towing Mirror Set

Custom Design Ensures A Perfect Fit. Does Not Obstruct Existing Mirror. Easy Installation With No Tools Required. Limited 1 Year Warranty. Sleek Custom Design Compliments Existing Mirror. Slides On Existing Mirror With Wedge Lock Security.

Priced From $44.98
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CIPA Mirrors and Lights

When you can’t see, driving becomes infinitely more dangerous. High-quality mirrors and lights extend your line of sight and keep you aware of obstacles in your way. Even if your vehicle is equipped with a fancy blind-spot detection system, you still need these basics to keep you safe.

If your existing mirrors or lights just aren’t cutting it, turn to CIPA, a company that provides safety through visibility. Originally a subsidiary of CIPA-France, CIPA has been a globally renowned pioneer of mirror innovation since 1926. Today, CIPA USA, Inc. operates out of Port Huron, MI near Detroit, America’s automotive hub.

CIPA creates side view and interior mirrors for any application you can think of, including automotive, marine, and recreational vehicles. Whether you need factory mirror replacements, towing mirrors, or a custom aftermarket solution, you’ll find it at CIPA.

Because the company mainly supplies OEM mirror parts and accessories to automakers, you know that CIPA aftermarket parts are all of OEM quality. CIPA’s mirrors are scratch resistant and made with durable ABS plastic and polypropylene plastic, as well as OE-grade glass. Even so, all CIPA products come with a one-year warranty in case anything unexpected happens.

Learn about CIPA mirrors, replacement parts, and more on our CIPA page, and see which CIPA products we have in stock below. We offer free shipping and delivery on many items and outstanding customer service with all purchases.

The Best Replacement Car Mirrors for Your Vehicle

If you need to replace your car’s stock mirrors, CIPA has high-quality replacements for both the driver side and passenger side. Whether you want specific factory mirrors or a universal pair, classic car or for a newer vehicle, CIPA covers it all.

And when you buy a side mirror from PartsGeek, you enjoy unparalleled quality. Since CIPA crafts its mirrors with first-surface, OE-grade glass, your vision will be clearer than ever.

In a mirror with first-surface glass, the reflective silvering is placed on the front rather than behind the glass, which makes the reflected images clearer and brighter. First-surface glass also prevents image distortions such as ghosting (faint, secondary reflections) and multiple images, which can happen in conventional, second-surface mirrors.

Expand Your Field of View with CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors

Changing lanes or parking with a massive travel trailer in tow becomes a lot less cumbersome when you outfit your truck or SUV with CIPA custom towing mirrors. You can find CIPA towing mirrors for any vehicle, such as a Ford F-150 or Dodge Ram truck.

Adding CIPA towing mirrors will help you see beyond the end of your trailer without affecting the quality of your original view points. The tow mirrors won’t obstruct your regular view, and their shape and tight fit maintain your vehicle’s aerodynamics, preventing vibration and wind noise. Plus, you can manually adjust each side to customize your view.

If you don't want to keep the towing style on your truck at all times, don't worry. Since CIPA custom towing mirrors easily slide on and off, they're perfect for occasional towing use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mirrors

Once you buy your mirrors from CIPA, the next step is learning how to properly install, adjust, and maintain them.

How to Install Car Mirrors

CIPA’s products are designed to fit on your factory mirrors’ original mounting points, which makes them easy to install; you won’t need to drill any new holes.

Adding a CIPA custom towing set to your vehicle is also an easy installation process: Simply slide each CIPA custom towing mirror over the existing mirror—no tools required. Then secure the slip-on towing mirrors with the felt strips.

How to Adjust Car Mirrors for Maximum Visibility

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t align your side view mirrors with the side of the vehicle; you’ll just end up reflecting some of what you can already see in your rear view mirror. To minimize your blind spots, you should turn each adjustable mirror until you can only see a sliver of your car.

Experts recommend leaning to the side instead of sitting upright while you make the adjustments to ensure that you turn your mirrors out far enough.

How to Clean Car Mirrors

Mirror quality takes a hit when grime builds up. To make your mirrors sparkle, spray a lint-free cloth with a glass cleaner—not a multipurpose cleaner—and wipe the mirror face in small circles. Make sure you clean your mirror-glass in the shade to avoid streaks from the cleaner drying too quickly in the sun.

CIPA Carries Lighting Products, Too

CIPA recently became the exclusive north American distributor of the Mexico-based EVO Formance line of automotive lighting and accessories. From individual bulbs to full conversion kits for headlights and auxiliary lights, CIPA can fulfill all of your performance lighting needs with EVO Formance.

CIPA's Commitment to Quality

CIPA sticks to an acceptance criteria of zero defects—something you don’t see every day in the automotive industry. Its quality assurance department is OEM-approved, a feat achieved after CIPA completed its ISO 9001 Certification in 2000. Furthermore, CIPA’s dedication to research and development means that the company is always looking to make improvements in quality.

Get Your Best-Priced CIPA Mirrors and Lights from Parts Geek Today

Whether you need to replace your side view mirrors after an accident or you need a towing mirror for added visibility when you're hauling the camper on your next family vacation, CIPA manufactures the highest quality mirror parts you'll find. And if you need new LED lights for navigating dimly-lit roads, CIPA can help you out with that, too.

Read our customer reviews below to see what other buyers have to say about the superb quality of CIPA products. And remember, all products come with a one-year warranty from CIPA and caring customer service from Parts Geek.

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