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Carr Logo Carr Light Bar
Carr Light Bar

All CARR Light Bars Come w/Keyed Bolts To Protect Investment. Available In XM3 XP3 And XP4 Finishes. Can Be Mounted To Many Vehicles Using Our Gutter-Less Mount Kit. Cast End Brackets/Heavy Gauge Steel. Cross Bar Rotates 180 Degrees. Designed To Securely Mount To The Roof Gutter. Easy Installation. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Made In The USA. Stylish With Rugged Durability.

Priced From $151.40
with FREE Shipping
Carr Logo Carr Light Bar Mounting Kit
Carr Light Bar Mounting Kit

Made In The USA. Stainless Steel Or Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel. Used To Mount Light Bars To Vehicles With Internal Gutters.

Priced From $25.34
Carr Logo Carr Off-Road Light
Carr Off-Road Light

Accommodates 3 in. Lights. Antenna Cut Out. Durable Powder Coat For Corrosion Protection/Rugged Use. On The Fly 180 Degree Rotating Feature. Precise Fit Using Factory Holes. Solid Mount With Virtually No Vibration. Super Easy Install.

Priced From $179.99
with FREE Shipping
Carr Logo
Carr Truck Cab Side Step

Available In XM3 XP3 And XP4 Finishes. Exclusive New Multi Mount System. Limited Lifetime Warranty On Materials/Craftsmanship. Made Of Corrosion Resistant Durable Cast Aluminum Alloy. Mounting Heads Designed To Rotate For A Precise Fit. Multi Mount System Is Manufactured From Zinc Plated Steel. Rocker Panel Installation Provides Strong/Easy Installation. Rugged Tread Pattern For Safe And Attractive Non Slip Surface. Unique Design Gives The Vehicle A Rugged Off Road Look. Will Not Rust/Crack Or Peel; Requires Little Maintenance.

Priced From $36.16
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Overview - Carr

If you're involved with the $700 billion American trucking industry, you likely are constantly looking for ways to improve your vehicle's design and boost its overall performance. Choosing a reputable brand to purchase parts from is a huge factor in performing renovations that make a difference to your daily driving.

As someone who drives a truck or semi such as a Jeep or SUV, Carr steps and light bars are one of the best renovations that you can install on your vehicle. Read on to learn why this is the case with a comprehensive overview of these parts, how they enhance performance, and their aesthetic merits.

Carr Light Bars and Truck Steps

Carr is a company that has been in operation for over 75 years. They began manufacturing metal in 1945 long before they switched gears and moved into the automotive industry. In 1983, they discovered that the automotive aftermarket had more demand and gathered investment money to expand into this market.

Because of their experience with metalworking, Carr was able to develop corrosion resistant durable cast light bars and truck steps after performing extensive research and developing a sustainable design. These products were introduced first at SEMA and met with acclaim, winning second place overall.

Product Advantages and Differentiators

As of 2020, Carr parts are sold in most automotive warehouses across America and Canada. Because they have such a high level of experience in the automotive industry, they can design a multitude of different parts made from high-quality materials.

This means that you can choose the most innovative light bars and truck steps on the market specially tailored to your car make and model. Carr has an extremely diverse catalog that includes light bars, steps, and mounting kits for all different types of trucks. Whether you drive a 2007 Jeep or a 2020 SUV, there is something made to perfectly fit your car.

One key differentiator that sets Carr apart from other brands is that it uses all American materials in constructing its parts. You can rest assured that they were made 100% ethically and do not use any low-quality imported goods or manufacturing methods.

Why Performance Is Made Easy With Carr

Truck steps and light bars, the primary products offered by Carr, are essential to the performance of trucks. They make the life of the driver easier in that they will have easier access to the truck bed and cargo contained within it. They also are among the most functional and attractive on the market, boosting vehicle performance.

High-Quality Side Steps

Side steps provide drivers with an easier way to get into the truck bed. A driver can use this as a simple and safer way to haul and unhaul cargo. This makes the user less likely to fall from the truck bed and sustain injuries.

Carr side steps are unique in that they include an exclusive new multi-mount system. The mounting heads here are designed to rotate for a precise fit, which makes rocker panel installation as strong and easy as possible.

As great as that is, the main appeal of Carr's side steps lies in their durability. They are made from a corrosion resistant durable cast aluminum alloy and have a multi-mount system made from zinc-plated steel. This makes sure that the side step resists scratching, peeling, and fading as well as rust that would otherwise occur during rainy weather conditions.

Durable Lighting Solutions

LED light bars give trucks better visibility while on highways in the dark. Not only does it let the driver see more easily, but it alerts others to the truck's presence if it is difficult to see outside. This means fewer accidents and safer roads for all drivers.

Carr's light bars are the best on the market because they are designed with cast end brackets and heavy gauge steel. They come with keyed bolts to protect the light as well, which means that they will last for a long time. Additionally, they come with a limited lifetime warranty so you can feel secure in your investment.

Carr also offers off-road lights for those who need them. They fit precisely in factory holes that come pre-installed in trucks and accommodate lights up to 3 inches. Additionally, they have a durable powder coat to protect against the corrosion that is inevitable for many off-road drivers.

DIY Installation

You may worry that performance parts are difficult to install, but this is far from the case with Carr. The company prides itself on making setup easy so that you can experience the many benefits of their products as a DIY enthusiast.

Light bar mounting kits are made from stainless steel and may come pre-coated in black powder for a sleek aesthetic. These kits are used to mount Carr light bars to vehicles with internal gutters to ensure that they remain securely in place. They come new from PartsGeek and are incredibly easy to install to any truck for only $26.


Speaking of prices, PartsGeek offers a wide variety of truck steps and light bars for the lowest prices. High-quality light bars come at only about $150 and side steps are only $36. This makes Carr an affordable solution for most auto enthusiasts.

Because of the high quality that we have previously talked about, these parts also will not need to be replaced frequently. This saves a lot of money on maintenance and means that you will not need to purchase the same parts over and over again.

Adding Aesthetic Appeal With Carr Products

Carr products are made to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. They are available in XM3, XP3, and XP4 finishes, so you can choose the one that is best for you.

All Carr side steps and light bars come with a durable black powder-coat that is resistant to corrosion. The black surface of these parts is sleek and modern so that you can feel confident and professional as you drive your truck.

When it comes to side steps, they have a unique design that gives the vehicle a rugged off-road appearance. Their rugged tread pattern makes the surface non-slip, but it also gives them an interesting and rebellious look.

Get a Leg Up with Carr

Now that you know why Carr products are the perfect choice for any performance part buyer, it's time to begin revamping your vehicle.

Contact us with any remaining questions that you may have on Carr products or to learn how to place an order with us at 1-800-541-9352. Simply enter your information in the vehicle selector tool at the top of the page to search our extensive catalog. We look forward to offering the highest-quality parts to you at the lowest possible price, so don't hesitate to reach out.

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