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Bosch Logo Bosch Wiper Blade
Bosch Wiper Blade

Priced From $5.98
Bosch Logo Bosch Oxygen Sensor
Bosch Oxygen Sensor

Priced From $15.98
Bosch Logo Bosch Fuel Pump
Bosch Fuel Pump

Priced From $148.98
Bosch Logo Bosch Wiper Blade Set
Bosch Wiper Blade Set

Priced From $21.98
Bosch Logo Bosch Starter
Bosch Starter

Priced From $89.98
Bosch Logo Bosch Distributor Cap
Bosch Distributor Cap

Priced From $15.98
Bosch Logo Bosch Glow Plug
Bosch Glow Plug

Priced From $10.98
Bosch Logo Bosch Electric Fuel Pump
Bosch Electric Fuel Pump

Priced From $108.98
Bosch Logo Bosch Fuel Screen
Bosch Fuel Screen

Priced From $10.98
Bosch Logo Bosch Fuel Pump Hanger Assembly
Bosch Fuel Pump Hanger Assembly

Priced From $168.98
Bosch Logo Bosch Fuel Pump and Strainer Set
Bosch Fuel Pump and Strainer Set

Priced From $197.98
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Bosch Fuel Injectors

It's hard to believe that Bosch fuel injectors have become as commonplace on today's vehicles as the Quadrajet carburetor was on the land yachts of the 1970s. But that's progress for you, and Bosch fuel injectors are as popular as they are because they have a proven record of reliability and performance. Your Bosch fuel injectors aren't simple devices--inside each one is a tiny valve and a solenoid to operate it. Those two parts have to work together and fire a precise amount of gasoline into your manifold hundreds of times per minute. Sounds like a recipe for trouble, doesn't it? Yet the engineers at Bosch have made Bosch fuel injectors more reliable than our old carburetors ever were. If you're facing a fuel injector replacement because of wear or bad gasoline, make sure you choose Bosch fuel injectors for your vehicle. Chances are you had Bosch fuel injectors from the factory, so replacing them with Bosch fuel injectors will ensure you get OE performance from your car, truck, van, or SUV. Planning a fuel injector upgrade? Let Bosch fuel injectors supply your needs. Turbocharged, supercharged, and nitrous applications require a lot more gasoline than a stock engine, so high-flow Bosch fuel injectors are the ideal solution to prevent a dangerous lean-running condition.

Bosch Oxygen Sensor

One of the most important parts of your car is also one of the newest: The Bosch oxygen sensor. When fuel injection car parts became standard-issue during the 1980s, a variety of new electronics had to become standardized across vehicle lines. The older carburetor-based induction systems used simple vacuum signals to determine how much air and fuel was allowed into the cylinders, but the new fuel injection systems had to have input from dozens of sensors, one of which is the Bosch oxygen sensor. Is it all more complex? Undoubtedly. But the new systems are also vastly more efficient than carburetors, and they've become more reliable as well. All that is thanks to engineers at places like Bosch working hard to develop parts like the Bosch oxygen sensor into a long-lived, low maintenance marvel. If you're suspicious that you have a bad O2 sensor, or you've been told that you need to replace yours, first order a new Bosch oxygen sensor. There's a Bosch oxygen sensor made for nearly any vehicle on the road, and you'll get legendary Bosch quality too. Once you have your part, replacing the Bosch oxygen sensor is a relatively simple affair—the unit usually just screws in to the exhaust pipe and attaches with one or two wires. You'll be back enjoying the benefits of your modern fuel injected vehicle thanks to your new Bosch oxygen sensor

Bosch Alternator

How many power accessories does your car or truck have? If you can count them on both hands, you've got a stripped-down model! These days, power everything is commonplace even on the least expensive cars, which is why you count on your car alternator more than ever. Don't get left in the dark: Specify a Bosch alternator for your vehicle at replacement time. Your alternator spins at high rpm when your car is running—that's how it generates electricity to power your accessories. High rpm operation means that the bearings, shafts, and electrical parts in your Bosch alternator are under a lot of stress. If substandard parts are used, or you install a poor-quality rebuild, you're going to be swapping that alternator out multiple times. In contrast, a Bosch alternator is constructed from the finest components in the business; after all, Bosch has a reputation to protect. Dozens of automakers around the world insist on a Bosch alternator for their new vehicles; they don't want to pay for warranty work, and they know a Bosch alternator won't let them down. So keep your heated seats warm, your lights bright, and your stereo thumping: Install a Bosch alternator in your car, truck, van, or SUV.

Bosch Fuel Pump

To the old-school car guys out there, a Bosch fuel pump isn't going to look like any fuel pump they're accustomed to. That's because an electric Bosch fuel pump is engineered for today's ultra high-pressure fuel injection systems. A mechanical, cam-operated fuel pump just won't cut it anymore; not when hundreds of psi worth of fuel pressure is required to properly atomize gasoline at the injectors. A Bosch fuel pump is designed to deliver that pressure as well as the volume needed, and it's designed to do it day in and day out. They key to long life for your Bosch fuel pump lies in the innovative cooling system it uses. See, the Bosch fuel pump is just a small electric pump at its heart, and an electric pump generates lots of heat. Since heat is what kills electrical components, the Bosch fuel pump uses an incredibly obvious coolant: The fuel itself! This cooling mechanism is one of the reasons you should never run a fuel injected car out of gas—your Bosch fuel pump may suffer as a result. But if it's too late, don't worry: You can get a brand new Bosch fuel pump for your vehicle right here. Oh, and when you're replacing your Bosch fuel pump, don't forget to change the fuel filter too. Your Bosch fuel pump has to have clean gasoline to work correctly, and installing a new fuel filter is the best way to get things off to a good start.

In the automotive parts area, Bosch is the world's original equipment and innovation leader.

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