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Billy Boat Performance Exhaust Logo Billy Boat Performance Exhaust Exhaust System
Billy Boat Performance Exhaust Exhaust System

Constructed Of High Quality Grade T304 Stainless Steel. Eliminates In-Carbon/Low Frequency Resonator. Greats Looks w/Lifetime Performance. Simple Installation. Unparalleled Performance And Style. Uses Proprietary Technology.

Priced From $977.08
with FREE Shipping
Billy Boat Performance Exhaust Logo Billy Boat Performance Exhaust Crossover Pipe
Billy Boat Performance Exhaust Crossover Pipe

Allows For A Cleaner Exhaust Note/Additional Horsepower. Hand Fabricated. Smooths Out The Exhaust Pulses Of Your Engine.

Priced From $417.48
with FREE Shipping
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Billy Boat Exhaust Systems

A loud, growling exhaust creates an emotional response—the deeper the sound, the greater the thrill.

When it comes to exhaust systems, most vehicle manufacturers will choose the least expensive options for horsepower and torque.

This isn't to say that these cars and trucks are poorly made, but there is room for improvement. Luckily, aftermarket performance exhaust manufacturers, like Billy Boat, design systems to free some of the power in your engine.

If you're considering an aftermarket exhaust, keep reading to learn more about Billy Boat Performance Exhaust systems. Billy Boat exhaust systems are made of 304 stainless steel piping to ensure longevity and boosted functionality.

Why Add a Billy Boat Performance Exhaust System?

The exhaust system that comes with your car will get the job done, but a performance exhaust system can unleash your vehicle's full potential. As the system improves your engine's breathing, burnt combustion gases are expulsed faster, which increases horsepower and torque.

Your car's exhaust works to extract dirty air from your engine, and an aftermarket system speeds this process up. Less dirty air means more clean air drawn with each cycle, which increases your engine's power.

There are several other reasons you might choose to add an aftermarket exhaust system, including improved style, sound, and fuel economy.

Better Fuel Economy

As your exhaust system ups the amount of clean air drawn into your engine, your engine doesn't need to consume as much fuel.

After installing an aftermarket exhaust system, your vehicle's fuel economy can increase by around 1-2% using the right exhaust products.

Renewed Style

The most significant difference between a stock and aftermarket exhaust is the diameter of the pipes. Next, a stock exhaust pipe is typically crush-bent, a quick, easy technique, but causes performance restrictions.

Aftermarket systems are mandrel-bent, which utilizes a flexible rod that prevents kinking or collapsing.

Your car's stock exhaust system may do a fine job, but it won't look as cool as an aftermarket one. Whether you choose aluminum, steel, or another metal, an aftermarket exhaust will add personality and style to your vehicle.

Aggressive Sound

You know the sound of an aftermarket exhaust system—they're deep, rumbling, and aggressive. The sound will vary depending on the system you choose, but all aftermarket systems will sound stronger than most stock ones.

Typically, the larger the pipes, the more thunderous sound the exhaust system makes.

Which Exhaust System Is Right for You?

Before you decide on an aftermarket exhaust, you must choose the type of system for your vehicle. Each type offers varying levels of added performance.

Cat Back Exhaust

A cat-back exhaust system begins at the catalytic converter. This type of system replaces your vehicle's pipes, mufflers, and tailpipes.

Cat-back systems can free horsepower and add torque to your motor, ideal for street-driven performance cars.

Header Back Exhaust

A header-back exhaust system replaces the vehicle's entire exhaust system, starting at the headers or manifolds. It replaces the pipes, converters, mufflers, and tailpipes.

Header-back systems offer a significant increase in power with free-flowing mufflers and larger diameter pipes.

Custom Exhaust

If you're looking for the best possible performance increase, choose a full custom exhaust. A custom exhaust system adds high-flow mufflers and larger diameter pipes, which are bent to fit your vehicle.

Why Choose a Billy Boat Exhaust?

Billy Boat Exhaust systems are some of the best systems on the market. If your vehicle's sound is equally important to you as performance, check out these other reasons to choose Billy Boat Exhaust.

Muffler Design

In contrast to a typical round tube design, Bill Boat Performance Exhaust introduces a square tube design. This design enables more perforated surface area and more volume in the muffler tube—which means less restriction and better flow.

Billy Boat also introduces perforated arrows inside the muffler tubes, directing the exhaust flow in an S pattern, which increases the efficiency of the muffler's absorption side.

Billy Boat's packing material has different acoustic properties, which emits a deep, signature tone. They use stainless steel mesh and high-temperature ceramic, which adds durability to the muffler. The ceramic material adds a void fill inside of the chamber, which creates a unique sound in the exhaust industry.

By using only 18 or 20 gauge stainless steel, Billy Boat's muffler cases and endplates are built to strict design specifications. Their mufflers are welded in a special robotic welding cell to create the highest-quality, best-sounding exhaust systems.

Manufacturing Process

Billy Boat constructs each exhaust system with a process that incorporates three generations of fabrication and racing skill.

The T-304 stainless steel used to create after-cat exhaust applications is known throughout the exhaust industry as the best. Billy Boat bends all of their exhaust tubing with mandrels and sophisticated CNC machinery. This perfect fit offers uninterrupted exhaust flow.

The stainless-steel flanges, hangers, tips, and resonators give your vehicle complete resistance to rigid elements.

PRT No-Drone Technology

Billy Boat's PRT exhaust uses unique technology—it doesn't even incorporate a muffler. This PRT system is complex in theory yet simple in design. This system offers a mellow sound at cruising speeds that kicks it up a notch when driving the streets.

Shop for a Billy Boat Exhaust Today

If you're searching for that deep, rumbling sound that spikes your adrenaline, choose Billy Boat Performance Exhaust.

Billy Boat first opened his doors almost 30 years ago, shedding light on racing in the Indy series. The proven race technology, mixed with strict street performance criteria, creates a premium industry standard. The style and tone of a Billy Boat exhaust are unique to its name.

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