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Belltech Street Performance Suspension Components

Truck people are simply a different breed. There's just not a lot of folks who do the opposite when you say, "We shouldn't drive down that road, I don't think we'll make it."

If you're laughing right now, there's a good chance that you're one of those folks. Of all the modifications, a lowering kit might sound like one of the least likely things on your to-do list. After all, we hear a lot about suspension, lift kits, and all sorts of mods in-between.

However, the performance of lowered trucks might actually surprise you. Let's take a look at how to lower your vehicle and what that means for your driving.

While the aesthetics and modifications of your sport truck look great and feel exciting to drive, there are also some incredible tangible results from those modifications.

Street Performance Coil Springs

If youíre looking for a new look, look no further. Lowering your truck can completely change how dynamic your set up is. You can go from partying on the open range to some totally legal drifting at the race track.

If youíre into the style there are tons of modifications and additions you can add to your ride to give it a unique look. You can curate tires, paint style, underbelly lights, and every accessory under the sun.

Some folks use the phrase, "built not bought", and we like to think there's a happy medium. Though building out the exact model is everyone's dream, it's surely not accessible to the masses.

If you bought a truck that has some of the modifications you were favoring, that's okay. What's even more okay is that you can continue to build on those mods for a budget that suits your exact lifestyle.

Remember to set yourself up with some structure and context to make your dreams come to life. Check out some feedback that other enthusiasts have learned the hard way. And finally, know your resources to get low.

Aerodynamics and Handling

Since thereís little to no gap between the vehicles belly and the ground, you achieve better speed and control when youíre cutting corners quickly. This can help during the winter months, especially if you live in a humid climate, where black ice hides in secret.

You can also thank your lowering idea for providing more stability when handling the vehicle. Whether youíre driving up steep terrain or cruising through the windy roads of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The control you have of your vehicle is unmatched.

Belltech Lowering Kit

With a vehicle so low to the ground, the grip of tires and traction you attain improves overall turning and breaking. Plus knowing that even in that off chance scenario, there is little chance of the risk of toppling or rolling.

These increased safety features thanks to physics, and your decision to lower your vehicle, make the transition feel that much sweeter. Among all of your other modifications, knowing you'll be traveling a little bit safer will give you and your passengers the confidence needed to feel at home.

There are a few ways to lower your vehicle. From economic choices to complex but worth it routes, we'll review a few methods so you can curate which call is best for you.

One of the most common ways to lower is by swapping coils and cutting down the spring length. With newer technology, professionals have suggested that you can exchange the springs for a new modification which ends up being more affordable and safer.

Coil swap is a popular option for folks who are looking for a quick and easy fix to lowering. It's an approachable method for most auto enthusiasts.

Belltech Springs and Shackles

You could take the route of lowering your springs and shackles a few inches.

This could require extra hands from your local mechanic. Itís more budget-friendly and if you can find a friend to help you out then a fair trade of some barbecue for some hard labor seems appropriate.

Full Chassis Replacement

The skeleton structure of your vehicle is created with modifications in the future in mind. If you are a fan of going out on a limb to experiment you can replace your truck's casting.

This route won't be a simple one since the chassis is built into the bodywork of the car, but it is an option.

Torsion Keys

A final option for lowering your truck could be to harden torsion keys. Torsion keys are the default suspension system to increase weight and hauling ability. You can adjust these easily from the comfort of your own home in your own hands.

Once you loosen the torsionís bar hardware you can easily lower the transmission by a few inches. The looser you go, the lower you can be. This makes readjustment overtime an easy fix.

Upgrade Your Ride with Belltech Today

If you've made it this far, youíre as much of an auto nerd as any of us - and you know how to lower one properly.

Lowering your ride can be an exciting endeavor filled with tinkering adjustments and a brand new whip by the time youíre finished. Youíll appreciate its stamina, stability, and durability on the open road.

If youíre interested in finding out more about the lowering kits and shock absorbers we offer, search our site! You can always find the suspension kit of your dreams at PartsGeek.

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