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BAK Industries Bakflip Tonneau Cover

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BAK Industries Logo BAK Industries Tonneau Cover
BAK Industries Tonneau Cover

100% Truck Bed Access. 2-Year Warranty. Automatic Latching Panels. Clamp On-No Drill Installation. Compatible With BAKBox2. Drive With Cover In Closed/Folded Or Flipped Up Position. Durable Solid Core Panels w/Aluminum Skins. Locks With Tailgate. Premium UV Resistance-Will Not Fade Or Chalk. Third Brake Light Visibility For Short And Standard Bed Only. Weather Resistant. Weight Rated Up To 300lbs Of Evenly Distributed Weight.

Priced From $799.88
with FREE Shipping
BAK Industries Logo
BAK Industries Tonneau Cover / Truck Bed Rack Kit

100% Truck Bed Access. 2-Year Warranty. 500 lbs. Rack Capacity. Automatic Latching System. Compatible With BAKBox2. Drive With Cover In Closed/Folded Or Flipped Up Position. Hard Folding Aluminum Bed Cover With Integrated Rack System. Locks With Tailgate. Made In The USA. One Pair Of Sliding Tie-Downs Included. Rack Installs Or Can Be Removed In Minutes. Racks Uprights Slide In The Rails For Multiple Positions.

Priced From $1599.88
with FREE Shipping
BAK Industries Logo BAK Industries Tonneau Cover Tool Box
BAK Industries Tonneau Cover Tool Box

1-Year Warranty. Box Dimensions; 10 in. x 10 in. x Bed Width. Designed For BAKFlip And Revolver X2 Rails. Folds Away For Full Bed Access. Includes Sliding Tray For Small Items. Solid Core 1/2 in. Thick FRP Composite Panels. Sturdy No-Drill Clamp-On Installation.

Priced From $299.00
with FREE Shipping
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Bakflip Tonneau Cover and Accessories

If your pickup is a workhorse truck, you know that there are several accessories you can use to get the most out of it. Rather than treating these add-ons as options, you should consider them an investment into your vehicle that will allow you to do better work, more productively.

Before you decide to shop for these accessories, you should learn which are the most helpful to you.

Keep reading to learn more about truck bed accessories that'll improve your favorite automobile.

1. Bak Industires Truck Step

Installing a truck step is one of the most practical ways to improve the vehicle. There are a number of step styles, and running boards are among the most popular.

Having a running board for your truck will let you get in and out without a problem. This permanent base can be installed by both the passenger and driver's side door jambs and on the rear and rear sides near the bed.

With a truck step, you are guaranteed to make your truck safer, since people won't have to use as much of their upper body strength and balance to get in and out of the vehicle. You will have more stability and will reduce the likelihood of getting hurt.

These truck steps let you get on and off quicker while exerting less energy, which will also make you more productive in the field. These steps are often crafted with water resistance in mind so that you have strong, stable footing, even when it is raining or snowing outside.

You can also purchase a variety of other step types, such as those that pop out and extend when you open the door or hit a button. Other steps are motorized and can guide you on your ascent into the truck or truck bed.

2. A Bakflip Truck Bed Cover

Having a cover for your truck bed is yet another popular addition that truck owners get. It's essential to get a truck bed cover if you regularly make hauls. The cover will protect your hauls from any weather damage or theft.

Some people prefer large Bakflip truck bed covers that act as a dome. Others prefer the tonneau cover, which has emerged as a popular choice for most truck owners today. With this cover, you optimize space, since the cover pulls out flat.

3. Truck Bed Liners

In order to protect your bed, you should invest in some truck bed liners that can protect it. A bed liner provides an excellent layer of protection from damage that could otherwise ruin it.

Today, spray-on bed liners are popular. They are applied as a clear coat that dries and immediately offers your bed protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Your bed's paint job and materials are always subject to the sun's harsh rays when you use it in the field for long stretches of time.

You can also appreciate protection against corrosion when you install a bed liner. Your truck is constantly being subject to precipitation and outdoor conditions. This moisture will eventually begin to cause rust and will eat away at the bed materials. Providing a truck bed liner coating will help you use your truck bed for many years to come while minimizing the damage in the long run.

4. Storage Boxes, Drawers, and Compartments

Check out some truck toolboxes that can help you store all of your important belongings. If you are using this pickup truck as a workhorse, you will always need to choose a system that organizes things for you for quick and easy access and safekeeping.

You can get custom storage systems that fit your truck and allow you to enhance your workflow. For instance, someone that installs cable and information technology (IT) infrastructure will need an organized way to store their tools and heavy wiring. Likewise, someone that works in welding or concrete work may want to outfit their field trucks with some tools that are specific to the job.

Outfit your truck bed however you'd like with the perfect arrangement of storage boxes, drawers, compartments, racks, and specialized equipment.

5. A Trailer Hitch for Towing

One of the primary benefits of having a pickup truck is that you get to use it for towing. Whether you're pulling a camper or another vehicle, there are a number of trailer hitches you can purchase that will attach to the bed.

First off, you will need to know your truck's towing capacity so that you don't install a setup that overloads it. Next, figure out the optimal hitch for your needs, and have a professional test it and install it.

Some options that you can explore include the rear receiver hitch, pintle hitch, 5th-wheel hitch, and gooseneck hitch. Make sure that you learn how to use it and try it out a few times before adding this option to your truck bed.

Going on camping trips is an excellent way to really appreciate nature and the great outdoors. You will love the freedom of hitching a trailer, hauling your camping equipment, or bringing some backup generators or fuel transfer tanks. It all starts with choosing the right towing setup.

Shop Your Bakflip Bed Cover

Consider these points when you are shopping around for truck bed accessories. Your pickup truck will be better off, and you'll be more productive when using it.

We'd be glad to help you find the right setup for your vehicle. Reach out to learn more about us, and give us a call at 1-800-541-9352.

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