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B&M Logo B&M Automatic Transmission Filter
B&M Automatic Transmission Filter

Cast Aluminum. For Most B and M Deep Pans. Replacement Filter.

Priced From $16.55
B&M Logo B&M Speedometer Cable
B&M Speedometer Cable

Speedo Cable.

Priced From $31.04
B&M Logo B&M Automatic Transmission Pan
B&M Automatic Transmission Pan

Additional Oil Capacity. Built-In Drain Plugs. Chrome Plated Steel. More Cooling Ability. No Dipstick Modification. Some Include Fluid Pickup Extension.

Priced From $62.09
B&M Logo B&M Differential Cover
B&M Differential Cover

Fill Plug And Magnetic Drain Plug. Made In The USA. Magnetic Dipstick. Nodular Iron Construction.

Priced From $165.95
with FREE Shipping
B&M Logo
B&M Gear Selector Lever

Shifter Service Parts.

Priced From $15.80
B&M Logo B&M Automatic Transmission Overhaul Kit
B&M Automatic Transmission Overhaul Kit

Complete High Perf. Or Racing Trans. Overhaul. Includes Only OEM Valvebody Gaskets. Instructions Not Included.

Priced From $228.95
with FREE Shipping
B&M Logo B&M Flex Plate
B&M Flex Plate

Ideal For Street Applications. Includes SFI Certification Sticker. NHRA/IHRA Legal For All Classes. To Extreme Duty Racing. To High RPM Use.

Priced From $92.10
with FREE Shipping
B&M Logo B&M Automatic Transmission Kickdown Cable
B&M Automatic Transmission Kickdown Cable

Ease Trans. Swap Installation. Less Expensive Than OE Models. Universal Fit Adjustable.

Priced From $41.39
B&M Logo B&M Kickdown Switch
B&M Kickdown Switch

Allows High Speed Cruise. Cruise In Overdrive. Prevents Part Throttle Kickdown. Quick Installation.

Priced From $58.98
B&M Logo B&M Auto Trans Shift Kit
B&M Auto Trans Shift Kit

Eliminate Clutch and Band Wear. Eliminates Shift Overlap. Eliminates Soft/Sluggish Shift. Improves Transmission Life. On Any Stock Automatic Transmission. Provides Crisp Shifts. Transmission Removal Not Required.

Priced From $43.85
B&M Logo B&M Auto Trans Torque Converter
B&M Auto Trans Torque Converter

Fully Balanced. Needle Thrust Bearing. New Precision Pump Drive Tube. New Thrust Washer. Pressure Tested. Washer Between Turbine and Cover.

Priced From $170.95
B&M Logo B&M Auto Trans Lock-Up Torque Converter Control
B&M Auto Trans Lock-Up Torque Converter Control

Dash Mounted. Lighted Switch.

Priced From $61.05
B&M Logo B&M Auto Trans Shift Lever Kit
B&M Auto Trans Shift Lever Kit

Backup Light Not Available. Ideal As Column Shift Replacement. Includes 5 ft. Cable and Hardware. Includes Black T-Handle. Includes Boot and Plate. Includes Neutral Safety Switch.

Priced From $188.95
with FREE Shipping
B&M Logo B&M Auto Trans Shift Lever Knob
B&M Auto Trans Shift Lever Knob

CNC Machined Billet Aluminum. Easy Installation. Rugged Industrial Look.

Priced From $51.72
B&M Logo B&M Auto Trans Vacuum Modulator
B&M Auto Trans Vacuum Modulator

1 Year Limited Warranty. Allows You To Tailor Shift Points. Comes Supplied Pre-Adjusted. Fully Adjustable.

Priced From $31.04
B&M Logo B&M Automatic Transmission Governor
B&M Automatic Transmission Governor

Adjust Shift Points Of Transmission. For Low Rear End Gear Ratio. Or Useful If It Is Conversion. Useful For Light Vehicles.

Priced From $78.65
B&M Logo B&M Fuel Pressure Gauge
B&M Fuel Pressure Gauge

Accurate Fuel Pressure Measurement. Prevents Lean Conditions.

Priced From $43.46
B&M Logo B&M Manual Trans Shift Lever
B&M Manual Trans Shift Lever

Heavy Duty Nickel Chromoly Alloy Stick. New Ergonomic Bends For Improved Shift Comfort.

Priced From $175.95
with FREE Shipping
B&M Logo B&M Manual Trans Shifter Assembly
B&M Manual Trans Shifter Assembly

6061-T6 Aluminum. Bearing Assembly In Aluminum Housing. Billet 303 Stain. Steel Sticks. CNC Machined-303 Stainless Steel. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Shortens Shifter Throw.

Priced From $66.49
B&M Logo B&M Manual Trans Shifter Lever Kit
B&M Manual Trans Shifter Lever Kit

CNC Machined. Heavy Duty Detent Springs. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Reduces Shift Throw By 35 Percent.

Priced From $501.95
with FREE Shipping
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B&M Shifters, Transmission Parts, Filters, and More

Are you a car or truck enthusiast with a passion for performance parts? If so, you're one of many!

When it comes to performance racing parts, what brand should you consider buying from? Are there any names that stand out from the crowd, the way you want your car to stand out?

We're glad you asked. Keep reading for everything you need to know about B&M performance parts—known to deliver some of the most high-quality parts in existence.

A Brief History of B&M Transmission Parts

Racing enthusiasts usually have a singular mission—to make their vehicle push the limits of speed and go faster than their stock model counterparts. So, if your quest is to go fast, it's only natural to choose a company that has a similar need for speed.

B&M Transmissions Racing Legacy

B&M got its start in the racing world, and it's continued to push the boundaries, becoming a company that's almost singlehandedly responsible for many of the improvements you currently see in the automatic transmission world.

Bob Spar (the 'B' in 'B&M') was originally hired as a mechanic by Earl 'Madman' Muntz. During his employment stint, he was introduced to a world of individuals that helped influence Spar to ultimately create his own business model—the B&M we know and love today.

Spar was both a mechanic and a lover of speed himself, known to cruise the streets of LA at night. He modded his car over and over to enhance its performance. As he achieved these goals, he alerted himself to his own hidden talents.

With skills like that, couldn't he stand to make some money off of them?

Since he modified automatic transmissions, he was a unique entity at that time. Most people were modifying engines, and that was it. This allowed Spar to carve out a niche in the auto parts market.

He ultimately partnered with Mort Schuman to create B&M, a company that's still in existence. When it came to muscle cars, everyone knew the moniker. In fact, they went on to hold several patents, including the B&M Hydro Stick and the only 4-speed automatic racing transmission ever created.

B&M is currently the largest supplier of performance shifters in the world!

B&M Is Power Made for You

When it comes to performance —and increasing your vehicle's ability to go fast—upgrading your transmission with performance aftermarket parts is one of the top speed hacks. And, as you know by now, B&M spearheaded much of the work on automatic transmissions that we see today.

When you alter your gearing, you give yourself the option to go faster or have that quicker acceleration (i.e., the 0 to 60 craze). You can do one or the other, or better yet, both!

Of course, most parts lovers crave that acceleration ability.

Not many things feel better than your back being slammed against the driver's seat because of your fast take-off. To do this, lower the gearing with low-ratio diffs or a close-ratio gearbox. Your top speed might be a little slower, but you'll be able to get there much faster.

A short-throw shifter can help you change gears faster and is an easy install with an affordable part. You won't have to break your bank (especially if you buy from a dealer alternative).

Other performance transmission parts, coming from the one-and-only B&M, include:

  • An automatic transmission filter

  • An automatic transmission pan

  • A gear selector lever

  • A transmission overhaul kit

  • A transmission kick-down cable

  • A shift lever kit and knob

  • An automatic transmission governor

  • All these parts are available through the above-mentioned racing company, the one that arguably beats out the competition. When you're looking for high-quality products, you want a company that can supply you with a little bit of everything. This list is not all-inclusive, proving that B&M is your one-stop-shop for all things performance- and transmission-related.

    Need B&M Shifter Parts? Look No Further

    After reading this tell-all guide to B&M, we bet you're finding it hard not to zoom right to your local part store and pick up some upgrades. When it comes to going faster, you now have the recipe for success. We understand the excitement, but we have a favor to ask of you.

    We implore you to stay seated instead of getting right behind the wheel. Why?

    Because the best performance parts dealer is right at your fingertips—it's Parts Geek, the dealer alternative.

    We supply parts lovers with all the bells and whistles they need at a fraction of the cost. From transmission filters and pans to flex plates, differential covers, and everything between, we have what you want (and for 80% off product list prices, too).

    Shop our extensive B&M options, which come with a 30-day return policy in case something isn't absolutely perfect. If there's a part you can't find, let us know! Simply enter your information in our vehicle selector tool at the top of the page and shop some of the hardest parts to find online in abundance at the lowest prices.

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    Verified Customer
    12/8/08 06:53 AM - USA had the best prices on the web... I am very satisfied with my purchase and will be returning! - aeelseman

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    Received in timely manner, and good condition. No complaints :) - janiebeth