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Autolite Spark Plug

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Autolite Glow Plug

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Autolite Spark Plugs and Glow Plugs

Whether you're firing up the Hemi or adding more power behind the V8, you want the spark that provides the most power.

Having a reliable, high-quality ignition system is one of many vital parts of a reliable, smooth, and healthy running vehicle. There's a reason specialists try to sell you on the best of the best.

Autolite spark plugs can equip your vehicle with the exact performance needed to explore the open road. No fear of ignition issues, no reservations about traveling a long distance.

This type of product in the automotive market is hard to come by. We've all been there, working with a mechanic or brand that doesn't deliver person-first, compassionate support.

Autolite's blue-ribbon brand is transparent and prepared. Why not treat your car to the sparkplugs to the most reasonable and dependable sparkplugs on the market today.

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Autolite has been in business since 1911.

Their practices grew into the standard automotive world as we know it. In 1935, the president of Autolite and his dedicated staff developed a spark plug that would change the course of ignition systems as we knew them.

Due to its unrivaled growth and success, Autolite Sparkplugs were acquired by Chrysler, Studebaker, Packard, and Willy's. All names that continued to reflect the quality and tenacity of Autolite performance.

Today, these high-performance spark plugs are relied on across the nation. They bring families, individuals, and professionals the safety they need to trek wherever life takes them.

Small business practices set them apart from the corporate world. Their longevity precedes itself. The care for each manufactured piece provides a nurturing, uniform level of performance.

And behind this story is the faces and hands that turned these opportunities into reality. The chance to live the dream, sell it, and tell it is a strategy that are only scribbles in our minds. Meanwhile, Autolite was working quietly and making it happen.

The Right Plugs for the Job

Not only does Autolite carry spark plugs, but they've also curated certain plugs for certain conditions.

Autolite craftmanship is centered around a smooth, safe, and reliable startup for all sorts of vehicles. They take into consideration the needs of industries across the world. Autolite manufactures copper spark plugs, which might be the spark plug you've been looking for.

With its copper core center, it promotes quality thermal conductivity. This provides a stronger, more long-lasting lifespan.

Autolite Iridium XP and Iridium Ultra were designed for high-performance situations. They are technologically sound for iridium-enhanced ignition. This unique spark plug is a progressive choice for various drivers and now comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

Compared to standard copper plugs, Autolite Platinum and Double Platinum stand true on their own. These spark plugs provide quick acceleration and devised fuel conservation. This displays a quicker firing technique for mechanical symmetry.

Autolite Racing spark plugs are developed by engineers with an appreciation of the need for speed. They're perfect for the track and will keep you steady and ready for another run.

The sheer fact that there are varying levels of sparkplugs to serve your specific needs is unparalleled. Rarely do we see this type of devotion to the craft in the automotive world.

Diesel and Beyond

It takes a special amount of specific measures to start a diesel engine perfectly. In the dead of winter, on a cross country trek, no one wants to be stranded.

Those who drive diesel know the implications of cold weather and how it affects engine startup. In fact, it has been such a tough road to navigate that there are now specific spark plugs that provide a clean ignition process.

Diesel engines rely on extreme heat in their combustion chambers to ignite the fuel. This is where Glow plugs step in. Glow plugs warm up a diesel engine's combustion chamber, giving you a quick start-up on the coldest day.

When you turn the ignition switch, the glow plug kicks into gear, warming the chamber enough to start her up. If you're noticing trouble when starting your diesel engine, it may be time to replace your glow plugs.

There's nothing like hopping in the truck to start your workday with a hot coffee in hand and a hot glow plug spark to get you and your day moving. Since its inception, Autolite has made a point to discover efficacy in every product they manufacture.

Product Testimony

The incredible part of the modern age is being able to find tangible word of mouth. When you leave your review on a business's website, it's immortalized on the internet forever.

Among all of the spark plug brands out there, Autolite plugs provide a level of unwavering consistency that is surely impossible to replicate. Using Autolite parts means acknowledging that your vehicle deserves the absolute best system to keep you on the move.

The number of five-star reviews of Autolite sparkplugs is so impressive that you'll just have to look for yourself. Customers from all over the world, in different industries, with varying needs all have the same thing to report.

Autolite created a nest of satisfied customers by delivering the same consistent product and backing its truth with undeniable data.

Connect the Dots

Rarely do we come across a business model that the consumer is directly in the middle of. Folks who carry Autolite sparkplugs know exactly what their customers need to be successful in any industry.

Discover the diversity of uses and reviews that Autolite sparkplugs have created. Give their products the spin they deserve. And when those sparkplugs show up for you 100% of the time, connect your friends and family to its unique design.

Everyone deserves the best of the best when it comes to other areas in our lives, why settle for less than the best when it comes to your vehicle? It's time to cross over to the consistency you've earned all along.

If you're due for new sparkplugs, make sure you check out the Autolite approach to ignition systems. Shop our extensive catalog to get your replacement today.

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11/11/10 11:12 PM - USA

Website is very user friendly. Prices are at the lowest price I've seen compared to competitors. Part was shipped and delivered in less than one week. Item was exactly as described on the websit... - nconrad40

Verified Customer
3/18/10 01:17 PM - USA

received part day after i order it, i will use parts geek in the future..outstanding operation...thank you doc - smudge42