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Auto Meter Logo Auto Meter Gauge Pod
Auto Meter Gauge Pod

Black Textured Finish That Can Be Painted. Custom Designed For Best Fit And Finish. For Use w/2-1/16 in. Auto Meter Gauges. Provide Excellent Viewing For Safe Driving.

Priced From $32.95
Auto Meter Logo Auto Meter Gauge Set
Auto Meter Gauge Set

Incl. Bulb And Socket Assembly; Red/Green Bulb Covers.

Priced From $321.98
with FREE Shipping
Auto Meter Logo Auto Meter Auto Trans Oil Temperature Gauge
Auto Meter Auto Trans Oil Temperature Gauge

12 And 16 Volt Compatible. Digital Stepper Motor Provides Unmatched Accuracy. Factory Matched LED Through-The-Dial Lighting. Incl. 1/8 in. NPT Temp Sender. Incl. 3/8 And 1/2 in. NPT Adapters. Incl. Mounting Hardware/Installation Instructions.

Priced From $92.95
with FREE Shipping
Auto Meter Logo Auto Meter Boost / Pyrometer Gauge
Auto Meter Boost / Pyrometer Gauge

12 And 16 Volt Compatible. Digital Stepper Motor Provides Unmatched Accuracy. Factory Matched LED Through-The-Dial Lighting. Incl. Mounting Hardware/Instructions And Spade Connectors. Incl. Thermocouple Mounting Kit. Incl. Type-K Thermocouple; Wiring Harness.

Priced From $227.95
with FREE Shipping
Auto Meter Logo Auto Meter Boost Gauge
Auto Meter Boost Gauge

1 Year Limited Warranty. Factory Matched LED Through-The-Dial Lighting. Incl. 1/4 in. NPT Adapter. Incl. 1/8 in. Nylon Line; 1/8 in. NPT Compression Fitting. Incl. Mounting Hardware/Installation Instructions. Mechanical Movement Provides Accuracy And Durability. No Electrical System Required. OEM Detailed Styling That Blends Seamlessly With Your Dodge. Quality Construction.

Priced From $92.95
with FREE Shipping
Auto Meter Logo Auto Meter Dash Panel
Auto Meter Dash Panel

Built In Mounting Locations Which Accommodate Two. Carling Style Rocker Switches Not Included. Direct Fit Replacement For OEM Instrument Bezel. Fits Two 5 in Instruments And Two 2 1/16 in Gauges. Includes Built In LED Indicator Lamps.

Priced From $173.95
with FREE Shipping
Auto Meter Logo Auto Meter Fuel Pressure Gauge
Auto Meter Fuel Pressure Gauge

12 And 16V Compatible. Digital Stepper Motor Provides Unmatched Accuracy. Incandescent Lighting Illuminates Around Perimeter Of Dial. Incl. Bulb/Socket Assembly/Red And Green Bulb Covers. Incl. Mounting Hardware/Instructions. Incl. Wire Harness Connects To OE Fuel Rail Press. Sensor Wiring. Incl. Wiring Harness.

Priced From $189.95
with FREE Shipping
Auto Meter Logo Auto Meter Gauge Bezel
Auto Meter Gauge Bezel

Custom Designed For Best Fit And Finish. For Use w/2-1/16 in. AutoMeter Gauges. Incl. Required Mounting Hardware. Paint To Match. Provide Excellent Viewing For Safe Driving.

Priced From $92.95
Auto Meter Logo Auto Meter Gauge Cage
Auto Meter Gauge Cage

Custom Designed For Best Fit And Finish. Provide Excellent Viewing For Safe Driving.

Priced From $71.95
with FREE Shipping
Auto Meter Logo
Auto Meter Instrument Panel Control Module

0-60 MPH; 1/4 Mile And Other Performance Measurements. 100 Percent Warranty Friendly. Add Up To 2 Additional Analog Sensor Inputs. Allows Customization Of Pages/Warnings Using A Windows PC. Dash Control Is Completely Reversible. Display Nearly Every Parameter. Great Alternative To Add-On Instruments And Displays. Programmable On Screen Text Messages For Alarm Points. Will Not Affect The Appearance Of The Interior.

Priced From $289.95
with FREE Shipping
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How Do Auto Meter Gauges Work?

If you're among the 83% of American Adults that drive on a regular basis, security while behind the wheel is a top priority. As a car enthusiast, buying performance parts and installing them into your vehicle can make all the difference between being safe and being sorry.

Auto Meter is committed to selling gauges and mounting supplies so that you can monitor your vehicle constantly and comprehensively. Here, we're going to talk about gauges and accessories, their many benefits, and the key differentiators that set AutoMeter gauges apart from the competition. Read on to bring your driving game to the next level!

Gauges are a functional addition to the interior of any automobile because they keep all of the information necessary for safe driving at eye level. You can see the vital signs of your car at any point while driving. This ensures that you know when there is a problem with your vehicle and can pull over or take it into the shop when necessary.

Choose from the AutoMeter Collection

There are multiple types of gauges on the market, and each showcases a different metric. Fuel gauges are one of the most common types because it shows you the gasoline and oil use on your car. These displays showcase your air/fuel ratio as well as your fuel level and fuel pressure.

Another common gauge variety is an electrical gauge that showcases how much your car is using. Voltmeters and amp current gauges are two classic examples. There are also pressure gauges for blowers, brakes, and water pressure that can keep you informed about your vehicle's performance.

Finally, speed and temperature gauges can show you how hot or cold your car's inner workings are and how fast your vehicle can move. AutoMeter gauges will let you know that everything is functioning as intended.

AutoMeter Mounting Parts: An Essential Solution

To install a gauge into your car, you will need mounting parts to hold it in place. Gauges can be mounted alone or in sets of two or three. In any of these cases, a gauge cage mounting panel will be necessary to prop it up in your vehicle.

AutoMeter Gauge cages are custom designed to fit any circular gauge on the market. You can get one in the appropriate size for your individual needs, so make sure that you measure your gauge before making a purchase. They also are made from high-quality plastics and metals to ensure that they are durable and functional for a long time.

These mounting solutions provide easy access to your gauges so that you can drive as safely as possible. Make sure that you get the appropriate mount for your specific vehicle make and model to ensure that you maximize your gauge's visibility.

AutoMeter Gauges Performance Benefits

At this point, you likely are wondering why you need a gauge kit. Let's take a look not only at this question but also at the benefits AutoMeter products have to offer.

First, you can't overlook the fact that autometer gauges have a sleek and trendy aesthetic. Placing one on your dashboard ultimately amps up the legitimacy of your automobile and makes you feel like a racecar driver. However, this obvious benefit only brushes the tip of the iceberg- the real value of gauge sets lies in their ever-growing practicality.

While all cars come with pre-installed rudimentary gauges in their dashboard, they tend to display very little actual information about what's going on inside the vehicle. You can see your gas, but your fuel pressure won't be visible. You can only see how much air is in your tires when they're about to run flat, at which point you might be miles onto the highway and unable to act.

Installing additional gauges let you monitor your car at all times. You will never have to deal with a surprise 'check engine' light again since you'll know how your engine is doing every time you get behind the wheel. Temperature gauges will show if itís too hot or too cold; electrical gauges will show if the voltage is off; pressure gauges will show if there is too much air around the engine.

Another benefit of gauges and mounting materials is that you can purchase multiple accessories in one kit. Auto Meter sells gauge bezels that include all necessary mounting hardware. These bezels can be placed across your dash for a comprehensive view of all of your vehicle metrics.

Future Evolution of AutoMeter Gauge Kits

It's also critical to note that gauge kits are a technology that is growing rapidly in recent years. Auto Meter, as one of the leading gauge kit sellers, has created innovative technologies to keep up with auto enthusiast's cutting-edge needs. One of the best products that they have come up with, the InVision Digital Dash, is an LCD dashboard with some new and interesting twists.

You can select from 12 different gauge designs and program your unit to inform you when specific key vitals are off. It has sensors that will pick up these problems and immediately inform you of what you ask it to focus on. A selected warning will appear on your dashboard if issues are detected, which makes for a seamless driving experience.

Sending units and a wiring harness so that the car can detect these vitals are included.

Auto Meter also has high-tech gauge supplies in the form of digital two-channel gauges and a modern racing dash. These are built for a multitude of different vehicles, so you never need to worry about finding one that fits your needs.

Key Differentiators of AutoMeter Products

Okay, so instruments gauges are absolutely necessary. But why should you invest in high-quality products? Why not head to the auto store for cheap supplies? AutoMeter gauges never take short cuts, they produce high quality autometer products year after year.

AutoMeter is one of the only instruments gauge companies that engineers products that work in all automobiles. While there are many respectable gauge companies on the market, AutoMeter alone doesn't zero in on a single type of driving or metric to be analyzed. Instead, they strive to be a master of all trades so that all auto enthusiasts can get something from their parts.

Additionally, autometer products offer professional factory-like gauge and mounting solutions at an affordable price. While competitors charge exorbitant fees for high-class products, Auto Meter offers them at a rate that passionate performance enthusiasts and DIYers can afford to install.

Get Started with AutoMeter Products Today

Now that you know the many benefits of AutoMeter gauge use and the mounting parts required for installation, it's time to get started.

Contact Us to learn more about the solutions offered by Auto Meter for your automobile. Our experts are committed to helping you find the perfect autometer gauges for your vehicle, so you can rest assured that you remain safe and comfortable while on the road.

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