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Auburn Gear Logo Auburn Gear Differential
Auburn Gear Differential

Backed By 1 Year Warranty. Covered w/4 Yr Differential-Replacement Exchange. High Performance OEM Type Design. Made In The USA. Smooth Quiet Torque-Sensing Operation.

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Introducing Auburn Gear

According to recent numbers, most American drivers spend about 13.13% of their drive time going at speeds above 70 mph. Because of this fast and furious lifestyle, it's critical that you have performance parts made to sustain safe driving at these speeds.

An Auburn differential gear is one of the best ways to go. Read on to learn all about the parts produced by this brand and why they're a worthwhile investment.

Auburn Gear is an automotive company that has been producing high-quality parts since 1982. For nearly 40 years, their experts have been manufacturing custom-engineered wheel drives, axle-drive components, and differential gears. They have a large portfolio of over 120 products, so you know that they have a good grasp on the ins and outs of the automotive aftermarket.

The brand has many key differentiators that set it apart from its competitors. These differentiators include cutting-edge CNC machining strategies to cut, shape, and heat-treat gear as well as innovative human experts that craft each part.

Each product is also designed and tested on-site to ensure that it works appropriately. The brand's design validation is unmatched and therefore you never need to worry that you will get a faulty differential gear. Competitors do not have the appropriate computer-aided bearing setting procedure or testing requirements and therefore cannot keep up.

Over time, Auburn Gear was given ISO 9001:2015 certification. This is concrete proof of their quality and high standards.

What Is a Differential Gear?

One of the most important parts of your car functioning is power transmission. It's essential that the driving force that the engine generates is able to travel through the tires. This happens via differential gear, which is a larger representation of all the various auto components (bevel gears, etc) between these two areas.

Differential gears take some energy and transmit it to the inner wheel and more to transmit to your outer wheel. It distributes RPMs appropriately. Ultimately, this lets the outer drive wheel to rotate more quickly than the inner drive wheel when your car is turning.

This ensures that the wheel can roll faster and cover a larger distance than it otherwise would be able to. When your vehicle goes around the corner, this is necessary because the wheel gets more power traction and lets them react to resistance. If this weren't the case, you would likely lose control of your vehicle.

Limited Slip Differential

A limited-slip differential (LSD) is one of the top types of differential that Auburn Gear manufactures and distributes. These differentials are characterized by two output shafts that rotate at different speeds but have a limit on what the difference between these speeds can be.

They're less complex than standard differentials, but they also stop wheels from slipping unevenly. If you like to drive off-road, the slipping wheel will get more power than the one that is on the ground. This is much safer for construction workers, commuters who drive on highways often, and off-road vehicle enthusiasts.

You can purchase this part from PartsGeek for the affordable price of $527. When you consider the quality and all-inclusive nature of the product, this is a good deal. Plus, you can have it delivered directly to your doorstep anywhere in the US.

Auburn Gear HP Series Differential

One major differential series offered by Auburn is their high-performance (HP) series.

These limited-slip differentials automatically operate with the correct bias ratios so that you can drive as smoothly and securely as possible. They also provide the most torque transfer possible without compromising on performance requirements since they sense the amount of transfer that is necessary.

Additionally, they are made with an innovative cone-clutch design. This shape transfers greater power to the wheel that needs higher traction so that you can accelerate fast and move smoothly around sharp and tight corners.

The HP series differential that can be purchased on PartsGeek's website comes with many features, including the smoothest torque-sensing operation on the market. It automatically is quiet for this reason. You also will receive a 1-year warranty with purchase as well as a 4-year replacement/exchange contract.

Like all Auburn parts, HP gear is made from American materials. This ensures that you do not need to contend with low-quality imports or mass-produced structures. You can rest assured that each part is made by expert designers and top-notch machines from the best materials on the market.

Auburn Gear Pro Series Differential

Besides the HP series, the main consumer and commercial vehicle differentials offered by Auburn belong to the Pro series.

Pro differentials turn your torque up even higher than their HP counterparts. They sense your movements even faster than the alternative and offer the greatest bias ratio. This means more controlled power transfer and higher performance for you.

It has the same cone clutch design as the HP series does, so you don't need to worry about slipping or torque transfer issues.

To get the best differential for your vehicle, you will want to find the one made for your car's specific make, model, and year. Each car and truck has its own individual needs and specifications, so enter your vehicle's details on our website before you make any purchases.

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12/14/08 02:08 AM - USA

I HATE working on cars but in these tough economic times I LOVE saving $700. I finally got my courage up after reading a bunch of internet pointers on how to replace the brakes myself. My local autopart place did not carry all the required parts so I went hunting on the internet. I spent several evenings going from site to site. In the end not only was PartsGeek one of the simplest websites to use, PartsGeek also had the lowest price. I was very impressed with the quality of service I got on the phone and the thoughtfull answers to my questions. In the end I ended up actually placing the order over the internet but the service representive would have just been just as happy to take my order via the phone. I hate overpaying for shipping and I loved the $14 dollars 2 day shipping of PartsGeek. My guess is that since brake rotors are rather heavy and it took 2 different boxes to send my complete order that PartsGeek lost money on the shipping charges. I have placed 2 orders with them now. - mihugo

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9/18/09 10:31 PM - USA