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AMP Research Logo AMP Research Running Boards
AMP Research Running Boards

Incl. 4 Arms. Provides 2 in. Extra Drop.

Priced From $125.00
with FREE Shipping
AMP Research Logo AMP Research Fuel Filler Door
AMP Research Fuel Filler Door

3 Year Limited Warranty. Corrosion-Resistant Construction. Durable Die-Cast Aluminum Housing. Easy No-Drill Installation. No-Rattle Cam-Action Hinge.

Priced From $139.00
with FREE Shipping
AMP Research Logo AMP Research Tailgate Extender
AMP Research Tailgate Extender

Strap Latch Kit.

Priced From $3.25
AMP Research Logo AMP Research Running Board Hardware Kit
AMP Research Running Board Hardware Kit

Allows Manual Override Of Deployment And Retracting. Toggle Switch Easily Installs On Dash. Wired Directly To PowerStepT Controller.

Priced From $129.00
with FREE Shipping
AMP Research Logo AMP Research Truck Cab Side Step
AMP Research Truck Cab Side Step

3 Year 36000 Mile Warranty. Designed And Built In America. Easy Bolt On Installation. Engineered To Support Loads Up To 300 Pounds. Frame Mounted Tailgate Access Step. High Strength Aluminum Alloy Components. Maintenance Free; Self Lubricating Bushings. Military Spec; Corrosion Resistant; Anodized PTFE Finish. Non Slip; Glass Reinforced Composite Step Pad. Stainless Steel Pivot Pins For Rock Solid Stability.

Priced From $240.00
with FREE Shipping
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AMP Research High Strength Solutions

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your truck?

If so, there are a few modifications you can skip: unnecessarily large exhaust tips, lowered vehicles with gigantic rims, and smoke switches. While you're at it, forgo the way-too-high lift kit and attention-seeking under-glow.

Instead, why don't you opt for something that's tasteful and helpful? An upgrade that provides not just an eye-catching view but also more durability and functionality?

With AMP Research truck accessories, your truck will see the update it's always needed, and you've always wanted. From running boards and bed steps to fuel doors and more—whether your vehicle is for business or for pleasure—these accessories are worth your consideration.

We explain why below.

What's the Deal?

According to AMP, their mission is to provide innovative products for the everyday truck.

If you've ever experienced an annoying nuance in your vehicle, AMP provides a simple yet functional solution. Their focus is problem-solving.

They make accessories for both OEM manufacturers and the aftermarket industry, as well as their consumers. Because of their dedication to excellence, they've been awarded noteworthy certifications.

The high quality of their products isn't only fantastic at the time of purchase, but for years to come. When investing your money, you'll want to consider how long the item lasts. That's why we feel good about recommending AMP Research.

AMP Research Power Step for Trucks

Truck steps are an excellent upgrade for any truck.

They make getting in and out of your vehicle's bed simpler—especially if it's lifted for ground clearance, if it's raining, if you've undergone an injury, if you've got a large load to unpack—the possibilities go on! AMP's high quality bumper steps can flip down when nudged with the foot, so you can 'put them away' when not in use.

Truck steps have major benefits, making the entire driving experience more pleasant (and more slip-resistant). Plus, AMP steps are subtle, easy to install, and inexpensive.

AMP Research Side Steps

Side steps, commonly referred to as running boards, are another smart addition to any vehicle. They serve a similar function as bumper steps but are longer and sometimes wider, providing even more stability. This upgrade benefits more than just the driver—it's also advantageous to all the passengers.

AMP Research running boards are expertly textured to grip the bottom of your foot. AMP provides three different models:

  • Powerstep

  • PowerstepXL

  • PowerstepXTreme

  • The Powerstep running board is one of the sleekest models, displaying a clean design with a tread that provides ample traction for those in any weather conditions.

    The PowerstepXL is a more noticeable, bold design of running board that can go up to three inches lower than the original Powerstep. This flexibility means even more people can enjoy the comforts of a lifted or tall truck.

    Finally, the PowerstepXTreme model is electric-powered, featuring dual motors. This upgrade allows the running board to hold up to the most extreme of conditions, whether in sub-zero temperatures or when caked in mud. For drivers who have to go through challenging environments as a result of work or location, these running boards can seriously hold up.

    These running boards' prices go up based on the model, with XTreme being the most pricey.

    Why Purchase AMP Running Boards?

    It's likely clear by now why running boards are a practical upgrade that any truck driver can enjoy. They're efficient, seamless, and affordable, especially when considering how long they lost. New technology allows AMP Research running boards to last you through it all.

    So, why get running boards?

  • To make getting in and out of your truck easier

  • To make loading and unloading easier

  • To allow for others to get in and out of your vehicle safely and comfortably

  • To upgrade your truck without breaking the bank

  • To invest in a pragmatic upgrade that can make your truck safer and sleeker

  • It's pretty obvious, wouldn't you say?

    Here's Why You Need an Alloy Fuel Door

    AMP does more than steps. They also do bed extenders, switches, LED lights, and more. Another of their offerings is the alloy fuel door.

    This die-cast aluminum alloy seamlessly compliments the body lines of a truck, thanks to its impressive design. If your current fuel door rattles, comes loose, or doesn't seem to 'fit' the rest of your truck's body, you may want to consider an alloy improvement.

    For one, a loose fuel door may come unhinged during higher speeds or bumpier terrains, putting it at risk of falling off and exposing the fuel tank. A secured door is not only convenient, but it's safer.

    Finally, alloy is corrosion-existent, proving itself to be another valuable asset to your vehicle's body. There's no chance of rust.

    Get their alloy fuel door in one of two colors—statement-making black or classic aluminum—and you'll realize a small upgrade like this has the power to pull a whole look together. It's also so easy to install, you could DIY in your garage or driveway!

    Ready to Upgrade?

    If so, AMP Research is a worthy consideration. They provide what truck enthusiasts want: quality, durability, and longevity.

    But what about affordability?

    At Parts Geek, we aim to make your upgrade possible by offering a wide selection of truck accessories from several leading brands. If you need a handful of AMP research parts, consider using our services to get the same parts—at up to 80% off list prices.

    If you have any questions about the low price replacement parts we have for your vehicle, call our customer service team at 1-800-541-9352 between 8AM - 8PM, seven days a week!

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