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Airtex Fuel Pump

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Airtex Electric Fuel Pump

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Airtex Fuel Screen

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Airtex Fuel Pump Assemblies

Since driving 12,427 miles a year can cost less than $500 or span to more than $4,000, it's critical that you have a fuel pump that lessens the cost as much as possible. This means looking into your options to find a pump that is durable, long-lasting, and functional.

Airtex is a manufacturer that prides itself on selling products that meet these specifications and more. Read on to learn about the brand, why you need to install one of their pumps, and the major differentiators that set these products apart from the competition.

Superior Fuel Pump Technology

Airtex-ASC is an all-American manufacturer of fuel pumps and similar auto parts. Their headquarters and call center are in Ohio rather than across the world, which means that Airtex understands exactly how all makes and models of vehicles sold in the US work.

They have been in business for over 80 years, so you can rest assured that their experts are well-versed in the needs of car owners like yourself. In addition to their experience, Airtex professionals pride themselves on testing each and every pump that they sell. This ensures that you only are delivered top-notch products that make your car run smoothly.

Airtex is also a well-certified company. From their home in America to Spain to China, people have been trusting Airtex to manufacture auto parts for commuter vehicles.

Benefits of Purchasing an Airtex Pump Assembly

It's critical that an automobile has an appropriate fuel pump to ensure that fuel can be delivered from the storage tank to the engine. If this process is not allowed to take place, the engine will not start and the car will not run. It also may destroy your vehicle because it will be working hard to try to run and cause excessive engine wear and tear.

Quality is therefore essential when choosing a fuel pump. Airtex pumps are built to strict OE (original equipment) specifications so that they match or surpass the parts that your vehicle was fitted with while being created.

Bearings are precise and permanently lubricated and there are modern impeller upgrades to make the most of the coolant flow throughout your vehicle. Additionally, hubs are pressed on with precise tools and have filter protection against leakage.

Durable Fuel Pumps

If you do not have a durable fuel pump, you will need to replace it often. This can cost an exorbitant amount of money even when selecting the most affordable pumps. Therefore, you need to make sure that the parts you are purchasing are long-lasting.

Any Airtex fuel pump features the most durable casing on the market. The housings of each pump are durable and machine-mounted, which ensures that they are sealed appropriately.

They also have unitized seals, which provide high levels of protection against both pump leakage and the contamination of the fuel inside from external debris. Additionally, their finish made specifically to protect against rusting. Even in the unlikely event of a leak, the damage will be minimized by this coating.

If you commute to work or travel by car often, you will run your pump more often. Therefore, it is critical that you invest in a pump that can function for long periods of time without worrying about failure.

Affordable and Accessible

At PartsGeek, we offer Airtex pumps and parts at a price that is affordable for most vehicle enthusiasts, mechanics, and DIY repair lovers. In fact, you can purchase the pump itself for under $30 and install it on your own. Because of the quality, you also will not need to worry about paying for a replacement part anytime soon.

If you are new to DIY part repair or do not have professional installation parts at your disposal, you can also choose a fuel pump with sender assembly. It will perform from the moment that it arrives on your doorstep.

Diverse Product Offerings

Airtex offers fuel pumps for every make and model of vehicle. Since each automobile has individual specifications, it's critical that you choose a pump that fits your specific car. Whether you have a 2008 Subaru or a 2014 Honda, there is an option specifically fitted to the inner workings of your vehicle that has undergone and passed rigorous testing.

You also can get both mechanical and electric fuel pumps from Airtex. Mechanical fuel pumps are an earlier technology that operates using a lever placed on the pump. The lever moves to operate a diaphragm that encloses the desired amount of fuel on one side of the pump.

These technologies have been rapidly replaced by electric alternatives, however, and Airtex has changed with the industry.

Each Airtex electric fuel pump injects fuel directly into your engine automatically, which lets it operate more quickly and efficiently than ever before. They come with a gasket, tank seals, and a wiring harness so that you do not need to worry about purchasing other parts that fit your pump.

In addition to the fuel pumps that constitute their primary products, the Airtex catalog includes accessories to keep these pumps running smoothly. This includes lock rings that seal and restrain the pump in its proper position within the tank. It also includes filters and strainers to keep the air, water, and fuel in your car free of debris and other contaminants.

Why the Airtex ASC Product Line?

One of the main differentiators of Airtex from other brands is the extensive testing that their pumps go through prior to sale. Other companies tend to mass-manufacture fuel pumps and sell them without a human being ever touching them. On the flip side, Airtex has car experts that perform real-life testing on each and every pump.

Airtex also provides coverage on all applications to ensure employee satisfaction. Unlike pumps sold by other companies, you can get complete coverage on modular reservoir assemblies, mechanical fuel pumps, electric fuel pumps, in-tank senders, and hanger assemblies.

Shop Airtex Fuel Delivery Products with PartsGeek

Now that you know why Airtex auto parts are the best on the market, it's time to begin improving your vehicle.

Retrieve a quote from PartsGeek to learn how much your affordable fuel pump replacement will cost. We also are happy to answer any remaining questions that you have about Airtex pumps, so feel free to reach out at any time.

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