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Airrade is an automotive aftermarket parts manufacturer that provides upgrades for cars, trucks, and SUVs. The company was created in 1997 and its AIRRAID® Intakes brand was introduced to the world. It specializes in cold air intakes, throttle body spacers, and air filters in addition to tubes for air intakes. The line of products consisted of kits combining a cotton gauze filter with an intake tube for owners of light trucks and sport utility vehicles who could install them easily. These were designed to increase air flow, torque, and horsepower to maximize the performance of the vehicle and its engine.

By 2002, the popularity of the company's products exploded as they demonstrated a unique blend of technology and state-of-the-art materials. During this time, the AIRAID Premium Filters came out. It was at that time the company became considered as a leader in gasoline and diesel air management systems. Each new product is the outcome of research and development involving the use of CAD modeling software, a portable 3D scanner, and rapid prototyping equipment. It is therefore able to test products to be sure they meet the requirements of customer demands. An all-wheel-drive Mustang chassis dynamometer is used to test each and every product. All products are USA-manufactured.

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Airaid Logo Airaid Air Filter
Airaid Panel Air Filter

Great Filtration With Low Resistance. Simply Takes Only A Few Minutes To Install. Stock Replacement Filter For Better Performance. Washable And Reusable.

Priced From $62.07
Airaid Logo Airaid Air Filter
Airaid Drop In Replacement Premium Filter Air Filter

Great Filtration With Low Resistance. Simply Takes Only A Few Minutes To Install. Stock Replacement Filter For Better Performance. Washable And Reusable.

Priced From $67.99
with FREE Shipping
Airaid Logo Airaid Air Filter
Airaid Conical Air Filter

Clamp On Design For Universal Applications. Designed To Improve Horsepower And Torque. Made In The USA. Multi-Layer Construction. No Hassle Lifetime Warranty. Washable And Reusable.

Priced From $96.39
with FREE Shipping
Airaid Logo Airaid Air Filter
Airaid Air Filter

Great Filtration With Low Resistance. Simply Takes Only A Few Minutes To Install. Stock Replacement Filter For Better Performance. Washable And Reusable.

Priced From $62.07
Airaid Logo Airaid Cold Air Intake
Airaid Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Dam Panels Blocks Out Hot Engine Bay Air. Easy To Install Using Commonly Available Tools. High Airflow Premium Air Filter. Increases Horsepower And Torque. Lifetime No Hassle Warranty. Replaces Stock Air Box/Air Filter/Intake Tubing. Washable And Reusable Air Filter Media.

Priced From $172.87
with FREE Shipping
Airaid Logo Airaid Throttle Body Spacer
Airaid PowerAid(R) Throttle Body Spacer

Aircraft Quality Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum. Gaskets/Hardware/Brackets Are Included. Improves Low End Torque And Throttle Response. Installs In Less Than 1 Hour. No Drilling Or Cutting Required. Provides Stronger Mid-Range Power.

Priced From $99.59
with FREE Shipping
Airaid Logo Airaid Cold Air Intake Tube
Airaid Modular Cold Air Intake Tube

Easy To Follow Instructions. Engineered To Boost Horsepower And Torque. Installs In Minutes With A Few Simple Tools. Low Restriction Free Flowing Intake Tube. No Hassle Lifetime Warranty. Roto-Molded High Density Polyethylene Intake Tube.

Priced From $155.03
with FREE Shipping
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Airaid – Cold Air Incoming

Did you know that having a high-quality cold air intake and filter system can increase your vehicle's horsepower by 5-8%?

Well, it's true. To get this power boost, you'll need to invest in an air filter system that's built with premium parts, expert design, and long-lasting modeling. Airaid is an industry leader in creating air filtration systems made for diverse applications and longevity.

Read on for some information about Airaid and why their offerings are a worthwhile investment.

Airaid is a company that has been manufacturing air filters and intakes since 1997. The first product that their experts innovated was an air filter that replaced restrictive factory components within vehicles. They were sold as intake system kits and immediately gained popularity with car enthusiasts like you.

Since then, their catalog has grown to include a multitude of products intended to block hot air from your engine and filter the air in your vehicle effectively. In 2002, they also became known as an industry leader in diesel air management systems.

Airaid Intake Systems

Airaid intake systems are still the most popular product that they offer. This makes sense when you consider that cold air intake systems are critical in allowing for clean, cool air to reach your engine. They're necessary to prevent your engine from overheating and for upgrading the horsepower level in your vehicle.

Their intake systems are high-quality and long-lasting because of their aerodynamic design. The intake tube is made from durable cross-linked polyethylene that increases horsepower and torque. It also contains a cotton gauze filter that replaces your factory system.

The cold air dam in its design also blocks out hot engine bay air to ensure that your system remains cool and functional. In addition, a mass airflow sensor adapter is included within the kit so that your intake system works whenever it is most needed.

Legal Restrictions

Unfortunately, there are some legal restrictions on their intake systems. Airaid intakes can not be used in the state of California as of 2021.

If you are not in California and only plan to use your intake for everyday driving, however, you're sure to be satisfied with your product. They each come with a lifetime warranty so that you can rest easy about their performance. Drivers everywhere love their easy DIY installation and durable parts, so you shouldn't worry about these legalities unless they directly affect you.

Airaid Air Filters

While Airaid cold air intake systems come with a built-in filter, you can also purchase these accessories separately. In fact, you have many different options when choosing an air filter that best works for your needs.

The standard Airaid air filter has a universal clamp-on design that works well in all vehicles. Its multi-layer construction and conical shape ensure that it can last for a long time in any vehicle. Since it is washable, reusable, and pre-oiled, you don't need to worry about replacing it for a long time.

You can also purchase these filters in other shapes and sizes. Their panel air filter fits easily into the factory air box and is a stock replacement for better performance. You also can select a drop-in replacement premium air filter that lays horizontally within your airbox to get great filtration with low levels of resistance.

Finally, the conical air filter has a slightly larger clamp-on design with multi-layer construction. It is 9in tall while the standard filter is less than 8in, and it has a larger body design that is more flat and wide than cylindrical. Which option you select should depend on what fits best in your vehicle.

In fact, one of the overall biggest brand differentiators that sets Airaid apart is its diverse portfolio. You can select any make, model, and year of your everyday car on our website to see the products that were custom-made to be its factory-filter replacement. This ensures that you will find the perfect fit for your needs.

Airaid Throttle Body Spacer

Throttle body spacers are essential to your vehicle to create spinning action of incoming air. Airaid creates its spacers with a unique helical design that lets air molecules to organize more easily and move at the highest possible velocity.

This helps to get the best possible atomized mixture of fuel and air to the combustion chamber, thereby increasing your vehicle's horsepower and mileage. Since they provide low-end torque and throttle response, these spacers are ideal for providing stronger mid-range power to all vehicles.

Note that Airaid throttle body spacers are also made with the most durable aluminum on the market. The 4-barrel open structure is made from aircraft quality billet 6061-T6 aluminum to ensure that it lasts for a long time.

If you're a DIY enthusiast, this performance part is also a fun project for you. No cutting and drilling will be required for installation and all gaskets, hardware, and brackets are included within the kit. You will need no more than an hour to get this high-level performance part ready and working.

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You won’t go disappointed when choosing Airaid for your air filter and cold air intake needs. Their footprint in the industry and constant innovation in new products should leave you feeling utterly confident in any products you choose. And you can enjoy free shipping on select products!

Contact our customer service team at 1-800-541-9352 with any lingering questions that you might have about Airaid performance parts. Our experts are also happy to help you select the perfect custom part for your vehicle so that you can keep your engine cool and your air clean.

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