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Air Lift Logo Air Lift Air Lift Leveling Kit
Air Lift Air Lift Leveling Kit

Easy To Install w/Included Instructions. Fully Adjustable; Level Vehicles When Towing/Hauling. Includes Air Springs And All Hardware. Installs Inside Coil Spring; Eliminates Bottoming Out. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Provides A Safe Comfortable Ride. Rugged Durable Component. Tough Molded Polyurethane. Up to 1000 lbs. of Leveling Capacity.

Priced From $86.98
Air Lift Logo Air Lift Air Compressor
Air Lift Air Compressor

12 Volt Compressor. CFM 0.6. Duty Cycle 15 PCT. Max Pressure 130 PSI.

Priced From $103.98
Air Lift Logo Air Lift Suspension Air Compressor Kit
Air Lift Suspension Air Compressor Kit

Controls Your Air Shocks From The Drivers Seat. Convenience Adjustment From The Drivers Seat. Works With Most Air Shocks.

Priced From $139.98
Air Lift Logo Air Lift Suspension Air Helper Spring
Air Lift Suspension Air Helper Spring

Exact Replacement For Original Air Lift Air Spring. High-Burst Strength. Includes Protectors When Needed. Molded Air Fitting. Sturdy Urethane Construction.

Priced From $46.98
Air Lift Logo Air Lift Suspension Air Helper Spring Kit
Air Lift Suspension Air Helper Spring Kit

60-Day Industry-Exclusive No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. Air Adjustable from 5 to 100 psi. Best Lifetime Warranty In Industry; Covers All Kit Contents. Easy To Install In Less Than 2 Hours. Eliminates Harsh Jarring On Rough Roads. Exclusive Internal Jounce Bumper Inside Springs Absorbs Shock. Maintenance Free; Run Safely w/Zero Air Pressure. Up To 5000lbs Of Load Leveling Capacity.

Priced From $326.98
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About Air Lift Suspension Systems

Air suspension systems were first developed in the United States during WWII - specifically for heavy aircraft.

Initially, their purpose was to save weight by offering compact construction. We used air suspension kits in heavy trucks and other aircraft to accomplish self-leveling suspension during those days. Vehicles equipped with air suspension suddenly had axle heights independent of their cargo's weight.

Today, air spring kits and parts offer several benefits for drivers who rely on vehicles to carry heavy loads and still want a smooth ride.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of air suspension and why you should choose an air lift suspension system for your ride.

Air lift suspension kits work with any existing coil or leaf springs to solve issues caused by stiff steel suspensions. While air lift suspension systems were initially developed for big trucks and buses, they're now more advanced.

Now customers hauling and towing heavy loads or those looking to up their vehicle's street performance can also benefit from these systems.

The Air Lift company suspension systems consist of air springs and an airline system, which is sometimes connected to an on-board air compressor system. The chassis raises from the axle as air pressurizes the air springs kits. Air springs help make your vehicle work for you.

Why Choose an Air Lift Suspension System for Your Vehicle?

Typically you add air lift suspension to produce smooth driving quality, but sometimes sport suspensions include air lift suspension systems from the factory.

In heavier vehicle applications, such as passenger buses, tractor-trailers, trucks, and trains, air spring suspension products replace conventional steel springs.

Choosing to add steel springs to a vehicle's suspension adds load support and stiffness to your suspension. This stiffness decreases your ride comfort compared to air lift suspension, especially when driving without hauling or towing. Another option is to install a jounce bumper for added load support. Jounce bumpers, however, are often uncomfortable and jarring when riding on rough terrain. That's why the majority of drivers prefer air lift and their superior air spring suspension products and kits.

Common Problems Solved by Air Lift Suspension

What's so great about air lift springs is that you can adjust your load support specific to what you're hauling. When riding loaded, you can add air to produce a more comfortable and safer ride. When riding unloaded, simply deflate the springs for optimal ride quality.

Driving quality suffers when weight isn't properly distributed across all four tires. Air lift products help solve the following issues associated with traditional towing and hauling systems:

Poor Headlight Aim

Your headlights are useless if their aiming up at the trees. Air lift suspension evenly distributes loads so that your vehicle stays stable and level. When it's level you'll enjoy proper headlight aiming which is crucial for driving at night.

Rear End “Squat”

Have you ever noticed the rear end of your vehicle dragging or sitting low when hauling something heavy? We call this vehicle squat or sag. Air lift suspension raises your vehicle's rear up to where it belongs which is essential when towing. Towing will always be easier when using air lift air spring suspension products.

Poor Braking and Steering

Braking and steering when hauling with your vehicle relies most on its front tires. When weight is appropriately distributed to each tire, you'll experience optimal steering and braking. Air lift helps distribute this weight evenly with the help of air lift suspension kits. This is very important when hauling or towing in hazardous road conditions.

Curing the Rough Ride

Air lift suspension increases the ride quality and transport capabilities of trailers and trucks by providing a grip that levels the suspension. You can then adjust your air lift system for feel. Do you want a softer ride for the highway or a harder ride for better handling on rough roads? You can switch back and forth if needed.

Trailer Sway

Nothing is more terrifying than feeling your trailer sway in heavy wind. Air lift springs allow precise tow-vehicle-to-trailer-height adjustment, providing exact alignment. This system prevents your trailer from swaying—in any weather.

Body Roll

While the other issues we've discussed thus far are annoying, this one is life-threatening.

When hauling heavy loads you must watch for inconsistency. Air lift suspension keeps all wheels even, especially when carrying cargo that's not easy to level. This means less body roll when riding around corners and curves.

Less body roll will increase your confidence, primarily when operating a vehicle with a higher center of gravity in choppy conditions.

Bottoming Out

Riding on rough roads and worried about hitting bumps and bottoming out? Restore proper ride height when towing or heavily loaded with low price air springs. With the right air lift suspension system, you can reduce suspension wear and eliminate crashing on road bumps. Air Lift kits help eliminate fender damage to your vehicle when towing heavy loads.

Why Choose Air Lift Performance?

When considering air suspension systems, keep in mind that Air Lift invented their first suspension products in 1949. They patented their original rubber air springs in 1950. Today, their air spring kits fit over 540 vehicles.

Air Lift company offers an extensive product line for RVs, trucks, SUVs, vans, and CUVs. There are advanced on-board air compressor systems for optimal air spring control.

Plus, Air Lift air spring kits feature no-drill applications. Simply bolt the parts onto your vehicle's frame for a speedy installation process. The systems are continually updated so you can trust you're getting the latest and greatest technology.

Get Started with Air Lift Truck Air Spring Kits

Consider an Air Lift suspension system if you're consistently hauling or towing heavy loads or just want to up your street cred. You'll get ride and handling capabilities like none other and the ability to lower your vehicle to the lowest stance on the market by choosing air lift.

The right air lift suspension system allows you the versatility of adjustable ride height, which you can't achieve with traditional coil-over suspension.

If you're looking for a high-quality air lift suspension systems to tow heavy trailers or haul heavy loads, you can't go wrong with Air Lift air springs and compressor kits. Luckily, you'll find plenty of options across our catalog of over 10 million auto parts.

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