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Manufacturer of various high quality automotive parts such as cold air intakes, fuel pressure regulators, and pulleys, AEM has contributed to the industry since 1990. Its parts are known to be durable and manufactured with tough materials allow them to last. The company is also well known in the sports car world for its pioneering high performance cold air intakes and high quality filters. Reliability is combined with prices considered reasonable in the automotive marketplace across the world, affording easy access to such components as superior brake pad sets and bypass valves, cam gears, engine management systems, fuel filters, fuel rails, and gauges.

The company combined its technologies with DC Sports in 2004 and continues its solid brand reputation up to the present day. Mechanics and automotive Do-It-Yourselfers rely on AEM to supply them with excellent parts they can afford. Parts can be purchased online directly from the company's website with secure transactions and its own order tracking service. Low price guarantees, free shipping, and flexible payment options also make purchasing from them convenient. Buyers can find products to spruce up their car's performance or find a quick fix to the problems which vehicle's can face any day.

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AEM Logo AEM Air Filter
AEM Air Filter

Captures Up To 99 Percent Of Harmful Contaminants. Cleanable And Guaranteed For The Life Of Your Vehicle. Designed To Increase Horsepower And Throttle Response. Does Not Require Oil. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Manufactured In The USA. Outstanding Performance Even In Dusty Racing Conditions. Will NOT Void Vehicle Warranty.

Priced From $32.99
AEM Logo AEM Cold Air Intake
AEM Cold Air Intake

AEM Limited Lifetime Warranty. Affordable and Simple Horsepower Upgrade. Easy To Install With Common Hand Tools. Improved Throttle Response and Engine Sound. Lasts Up To 100 000 Miles Before Service Is Required. Low Restriction Aluminum Intake Tube. Washable And Reusable Lifetime Air Filter.

Priced From $131.99
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AEM Performance Cold Air Intake

Are you contemplating ordering a cold air intake and air filter?

There are many benefits to using a cold air intake and air filter. However, with all of the brands on the market, it's easy to accidentally purchase from a low-quality brand. Investing in AEM cold air intakes and air filters are essential, especially if you're looking for high-quality equipment that's going to last you.

That's why today, we've created this complete guide to help you get a better understanding of the top benefits of investing in AEM air filtration parts. Keep reading to learn more!

Why Get a Cold Air Intake?

When you use a cold air intake, you're moving the air filter location. With a cold air intake, you'll be moving the air filter outside of the engine. The purpose behind doing this will allow cool air to be sucked into the engine to be used for combustion.

By using cooler air, there's more oxygen than you would find with hot air. As a result, higher levels of oxygen allow for more fuel to be combusted. This means that your vehicle will have more power while your engine breathes more efficiently.

Investing in a high-quality cold air intakes is important. This is because it'll help me to get the most out of your car's engine as you possibly can.

What do AEM Performance Intakes and Air Filters do?

Many mechanics recommend installing a cold air intake or performance air filter as soon as you can. This is because most new cars and old cars can benefit from using cold air intakes.

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of using AEM cold air intakes and air filters:

More Air Equals More Power

Having an increased amount of cold air entering your engine during the combustion cycle will increase your engine's output. This is because cold air contains higher quantities of oxygen, which makes it more conductive. As a result, this will allow your engine to burn fuel at an increased level of efficiency.

This means that when you use a cold air intake, you'll have increased horsepower. How much horsepower will I gain from a cold air intake? HP increases are usually anywhere from 10 to 20 HP.

Improved Fuel Economy

The combustion of your engine produces power to move your vehicle forward by burning fuel. When you increase the amount of oxygen being delivered to the engine, you'll also improve your vehicle's fuel consumption.

This means that you'll see improved gas mileage out of your vehicle when you switch over to a cold air intake and air filter.

Cut Back on Your Air Filter Budget

A lot of stock air intake systems come equipped with paper air filters. This means that you'll likely need replacement every couple thousand miles that you drive. With an AEM performance air filter, you only have to worry about cleaning your air filter every forty thousand miles or more.

Plus, you only have to worry about washing your air filter. You won't have to throw it away and go out and purchase a new one. This means that you won't have to worry about buying any special tools to replace your air filter.

Better Throttle Response and Acceleration

Another benefit that you can expect to see from using an AEM cold air intake is increased acceleration. Every time you push on your accelerator pedal, you'll likely feel the difference between using a cold air intake versus your old hot air intake.

Using a cold air intake and air filter will increase how responsive your vehicle is. The more cold air that's delivered to your vehicle's engine, the faster your car will speed up. If you're looking to greatly increase your acceleration, you should consider using a cold air intake kit.

Experience the Great "Swoosh"

Do you enjoy the sound of your engine roaring? If so, cold air intakes and an air filter will give you the roaring engine sound that you're looking for.
This is because a stock air filter is designed to muffle the sound of your engine. However, because a cold air intake an air filter will improve your engine's performance, it produces a throaty growl and a coined "swoosh" sound while sucking cold air into your vehicle engine.

This is because there's an increased amount of air that is sucked into your engine via the cold air intake.

Not only does a cold air intake and air filter improve your engine's overall performance, but it will completely transform the sound that your vehicle produces.

Upgrade with AEM Cold Air Intakes and Air Filters Today

As the car owner, you should greatly consider the benefits that cold air intakes and air filters can bring to both your engine and your overall vehicle. Cold air intake kits will make a great addition to your vehicle that will improve your car's driving performance, the gas mileage of your car, and the overall sound that you are vehicle produces.

Are you interested in greatly improving the performance of your car? We are here to help you find the best AEM cold air intake and air filter for your vehicle. Enter your information in the vehicle selector tool at the top of the page to get started shopping today!

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Excellent service. The part I ordered for my car fit exactly as described. I would definitely order through PartsGeek again. - koseckir