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ACT Logo ACT Clutch Kit
ACT Clutch Kit

Priced From $377.00
with FREE Shipping
ACT Logo ACT Flywheel
ACT Flywheel

Priced From $189.00
with FREE Shipping
ACT Logo ACT Pressure Plate
ACT Pressure Plate

Priced From $207.00
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ACT Logo ACT Clutch Alignment Tool
ACT Clutch Alignment Tool

Priced From $4.00
ACT Logo
ACT Clutch Friction Disc

Priced From $120.00
with FREE Shipping
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ACT Clutch Kits and Parts

Since the average American spends about an hour per day behind the wheel, it's essential that every automobile is in great shape to ensure safety, comfort, and efficiency. Having an up-to-date and functional clutch system is one of the most critical aspects of this, so you need to choose parts that are of the highest caliber.

Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) is one of the best clutch manufacturers on the market. But why choose ACT clutch parts, specifically? Read on to learn the answer to this question.

ACT has been operating since 1994 and prides itself on creating and distributing the highest performing driveline components on the market.

The automotive industry has recognized them as having high-quality, reliable, and long-lasting clutch parts. Consumers have also noted that they have top-notch customer service and therefore were able to get all information needed to make an informed decision proper to purchase.

ACT also has SFI Certification and therefore meets requirements for operation. Their parts exceed the quality standards set by the SFI, which means that they are completely safe and ready for installation.

Benefits of Purchasing ACT Clutch Parts

The clutch of your vehicle is one of the most essential aspects of making it run. It is a small piece of machinery that connects the engine to the wheels so that your car can move when you hit the ignition and start the engine. The engine generates power constantly despite the fact that the wheels of your automobile are not always running, so it is critical that you have a clutch to control when the connection is sparked.

Therefore, the clutch is constantly at work. You will need to select a durable option to ensure that you can continue to have a vehicle that comes to a complete stop without being turned off. If your clutch breaks, you will be unable to either change speed or park your car.

Durable Materials

ACT clutch parts are among the most long-lasting on the market. Both main parts of the clutch- the clutch plate and the flywheel- are specifically made from materials intended to withstand pressure from the brake and the ignition. The tough ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plates have a higher torque capacity and durability than the alternatives, which leads to an extended clutch life.

However, this isn't even ACT's most durable clutch product. Their Xtreme Pressure Plate has the maximum available holding power for high horsepower vehicles. Whether you're a commuter, a racecar driver who wants performance parts, or a simple DIY installation enthusiast, this is a great option.

Comprehensive Solutions

If you, like many DIY installers, want to get an entirely new clutch for your vehicle, ACT offers a comprehensive solution: the ACT clutch kit. The kit includes a pressure plate, disc, release bearing, and alignment tool for easy and correct installation.

At PartsGeek, you can also find ACT clutches and parts for any vehicle that you may have. Our comprehensive database includes everything from Subaru Imprezas to Honda S2000s of all years. No matter the make, model, or year of your car, you can find parts that will make it run smoothly by fitting perfectly.

Affordable Prices

Full clutch kits tend to be incredibly expensive to replace, and if you skimp out on any costs, you get low-grade materials that have usually already been worn down by previous owners. ACT offers full clutch kits made from new materials at $377. You can get free shipping from PartsGeek on these kits and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

However, you do not need to spend even this low amount of money if you only need to replace a part of your clutch. Pressure plate or flywheel replacement for times that you have a working other half are only around $200. This is completely affordable for most vehicle operators, but feel free to reach out if you have any pricing questions about your individual automobile.

ACT Clutch Heavy Duty Engineering Advantages

One of the main differentiators of ACT clutch products is that they do not reuse parts for pressure plates or other clutch aspects that have already been worn down by other drivers. Many other retailers do this, and as a result, their clutches do not have a long life. They also are more likely to malfunction and weaken over a short period of time.

Instead, one of the main advantages of ACT clutch products is that they utilize exclusively new units. They also put their clutches through extensive testing before selling them. Competitors skimp out on this because they do not see the need to test mass-produced clutches, but ACT is committed to bringing you only high-quality parts to ensure that your car runs smoothly and quickly.

ACT also has a leg up over competitors in that they make a wide variety of products. In addition to the pressure plates and comprehensive clutch kits, you can purchase flywheels, friction discs, and clutch alignment tools on their own. Not only does this make them easy to install and replace, but it also means that ACT professionals have a thorough understanding of all working parts of a clutch.

Shop Your ACT Clutch Kit Today

Now that you know the benefits of purchasing and using ACT clutch parts, it's time to begin reaping the benefits of this brand. Contact PartsGeek for more information about installing the appropriate clutch for your vehicle. Our experts are also happy to give you a quote as to how much it will cost to get parts for your specific vehicle.

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Verified Customer
3/25/09 12:29 PM - USA

Excellent value, and quick shipping. Ordered items on Wednesday morning and got them next day. Best part was that shipping is one standard rate. I would order from them again. - jack97070

Verified Customer
5/2/10 11:53 PM - USA

I would have to say this product was very easy to install, for the most part I think it took me more time to remove the door panel. I would recommand having someone else help as well. Since there a... - gjose

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