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Access Logo Access Tonneau Cover
Access Tonneau Cover

2 Year Warranty. Compatible With Bed Rails/Bed Caps/Tailgate Protector. Complete Bed Usage When Open. Gives You A Sleek Low Profile Look. Lockable/Protects Your Cargo. No Need To Remove. Quick Clamp On Installation. Tailgate Stays Operational.

Priced From $249.98
with FREE Shipping
Access Logo Access Bed Mat
Access Bed Mat

100 Percent Waterproof. Customizable Fit. High Quality Polyester Fibers. Installs In Minutes. Keeps Cargo From Shifting. Prevents Damage And Adds Durability. Tear And Stain Resistant.

Priced From $93.98
Access Logo Access Bed Rack
Access Bed Rack

Adjustable/Removable And Sturdy. Clean Streamline Look. Compatible With All Access Roll Up Tonneau Covers. Easily carried 500 lb. Loads. Sits Neatly behind Cab. Tie Down Rails Secure Objects. Trouble free Stake Pocket Installation.

Priced From $305.98
with FREE Shipping
Access Logo Access Tailgate Seal
Access Tailgate Seal

Tailgate Seal.

Priced From $26.98
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Introducing Access Truck Bed Covers

When it comes to moving cargo across the US, no vehicle has done as much work as trucks have. In fact, trucks can haul a whopping 10.8 million tons of freight in a single year.

If you work in the $700 billion trucking industry, you know the importance of keeping cargo safe. ACCESS tonneau covers are an ideal solution for ensuring that this happens. Read on to learn what makes these covers stand out and why purchasing them is an essential step toward effective cargo hauling.

ACCESS has been a major player in the truck parts industry since 1991, when they invented and streamlined the first original roll-up cover. While other brands have followed suit and created roll-up opinions, none of them have put their covers through the meticulous testing that ACCESS has.

Each tonneau cover made by ACCESS is made to fit precisely over the make and model of vehicle it's intended to be used by. They also have been tested in many regions across the US to ensure that they are a fitting solution for all climates.

Types of ACCESS Tonneau Truck Bed Covers

Roll-up covers are the product that ACCESS is best known for. These covers use a bed rack and roll up when they aren't in use. This keeps them out of the way when they are not needed. It also is a great security feature because the roll-up cover locks in place. It won't unfurl while you are driving and cause a hassle with your cargo.

The alternative to this is a folding cover, which has multiple panels that fold up on top of each other. The advantage of this is that you can cover a part of the truck bed while not covering others. This is ideal for those who are unloading cargo and want to keep the items that they are not touching covered and secure until it is time to unload that section of the truck.

Hard covers and soft covers are both available from ACCESS. Hard covers are more secure than the alternative, but they appear bulky and are not subtle. They also take up a lot of space, which isn't ideal for those hauling bulkier cargo.

Soft covers, on the other hand, are still secure while taking up less space. They may not be the best option in extreme climates, but most people find them to be the right choice for their needs.

If you like to DIY part installation for fun or to save money, all of these cover types are a great option. All you need to do is fasten it to the truck bed securely with the quick clamp-on installation parts that come with your truck bed. It never needs to be removed or refastened, so you won't need to redo your installation at intervals.

How ACCESS Tonneau Cover Helps Consumers

If you are a truck driver, especially one that hauls precious cargo, you know the importance of keeping cargo safe. Tonneau covers span the back of your pickup truck to limit cargo's exposure to sunlight and water damage due to rain. They can be locked to prevent opening while on the road and keep thieves out.

Secure Tonneau Cover Locking

ACCESS has committed its brand to improve this system and streamlining safety for cargo haulers. They use a patented cab guard and durable nylon straps to keep the cover in place as well as their Autolatch dual locking system. Competitors do not use these same technologies, making the security level an important differentiator that sets ACCESS apart.

Diverse Tonneau Cover Options

Because there are so many options for ACCESS covers, every driver is sure to find an option that is perfect for them. Not only are there a plethora of different cover types, but the brand also manufactures covers specifically for varying vehicle makes and models. You can purchase a tonneau cover that perfectly fits the size and shape of your truck regardless of how and when it was manufactured.

Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing

ACCESS tonneau covers give the user complete access to their truck bed when opened. This lets the user get into the truck bed or onto the tailgate so that they can move cargo into or out of the truck. Since you can also purchase premium polyester ACCESS bed mats, you also will remain comfortable when sitting in the truck bed.

Tonneau covers are also aesthetically pleasing because they roll over and lock over the entirety of your truck bed. They're completely flat, giving them a sleek and no-frills look so that people barely even notice that you are hauling cargo.

Affordable Solutions

You may fear that all this durability and function comes at a high price, but this isn't the case at all. PartsGeek offers many ACCESS products at a low price. In fact, the cover costs about $250, making it affordable for most auto enthusiasts and professionals.

Why Are They Worth Purchasing?

One reason why an Access tonneau cover is worth the money is that they prevent both cargo loss and damage. They are made from non-slip materials that keep cargo from sliding around in the back of their truck. No matter the size and shape of what you are carrying, this prevents them from sliding around and becoming damaged. This is especially important for those who are hauling around more delicate cargo or liquids like oil, fuel, water, and chemicals.

Speaking of liquids that can do damage to your truck and other cargo upon leaking, all ACCESS products are waterproof. They are made from durable vinyl that liquid does not seep through. In the event of a spill, you can simply wipe the fluid off of the tonneau cover and corresponding truck bed mat before moving forward with your day.

Additionally, they prevent cargo damage from weather conditions. Those who use open-back trucks to move things from one location to another constantly worry about rain and snow damaging the items, which is an extremely valid concern. Because the access roll up cover securely fastens over the cargo and do not allow for leakage, they help you to rest assured that your precious cargo remains safe.

Keep Cargo Safe with an Access Truck Bed Cover

Now that you know why you need ACCESS tonneau covers for your vehicle, it's time to find the right one for you.

Contact Parts Geek with any remaining questions that you may have or for help finding the perfect tonneau cover for your truck. Our experts are committed to keeping both your vehicle and your cargo safe, so we look forward to you reaching out.

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