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Volvo Aftermarket Parts

Are you afraid of using Volvo aftermarket parts rather than OEM ones? Unless your Volvo is fairly new and still under warranty, you don't need to be and even the warranty isn't usually an issue when it comes to aftermarket components. You may be surprised to learn that aftermarket Volvo parts are often just as good and in some cases, better than their OEM equivalents. And, at, you'll find a huge inventory of Volvo wheels and other accessories as well as OEM and aftermarket components at prices that are almost too low to believe.

There are many folks who believe that when it comes to Volvo parts, aftermarket versions should be avoided mainly because of their lower pricing. Now, if you really want or need to have original factory equipment, we at PartsGeek will be happy to accommodate you and you'll definitely pay less but don't dismiss Volvo aftermarket parts out of hand, or you may wind up spending more than you have to.

Consider how the aftermarket industry works. The reason that an aftermarket part is often just as good or better than OEM Volvo parts: aftermarket industry engineers disassemble the OEM part and analyze it for flaws or issues that could be improved upon. This alone can result in some serious upgrades to an OEM component.

There's also the issue of motivation. The aftermarket industry is saturated, and the competition for consumer dollars is fierce and that's all to your advantage. Because there are so many players with their hats in the ring, they are all motivated to bring you the best product at the lowest price (otherwise, they won't be in business for very long). This also means that aftermarket components are often much more readily available than OEM ones that must be shipped in from Europe and that's no bad thing when you need something repaired quickly!

When it comes to a newer Volvo that is still under warranty, as long as the aftermarket component is being used as a direct replacement for one that as worn out or become non-functional (for example, an AC compressor for an AC compressor or a brake rotor for a brake rotor), you won't be voiding the warranty (and trust us, auto insurance companies like this). The only time you need to be concerned about warranty issues is if you are replacing a stock component with an aftermarket part that is designed to alter the manufacturer's original specs. For example, if you are thinking of installing a high-flow custom exhaust system on a newer vehicle still under warranty, you will want to talk to the dealer where you purchased your Volvo and consult with them first, before placing your order at PartsGeek.

Since 1996, Volvo owners who do their own maintenance and repairs have looked to PartsGeek for the parts and components the need to get the job done right. We offer standard as well as overnight and two-day shipping and most purchases are covered by a twelve-month warranty against defects; please contact customer service for details.

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